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Padre Pio      June 30, 2007

Beloved Padre Pio

David C. Lewis

June 30, 2007   9:00-9:16 pm  MDT

Hilton Garden Inn

Bozeman, Montana




How You Share Your Light Is Key to Your Own Divinity


With the sign of the ruby cross I bless each one of you. And I serve you the holiest communion through your own God Self, the true priest of your own being, the source of life for you, blessed hearts. My mission has continued beyond the limits of the Catholic Church, and I have joined the company of saints East and West. And I must say that my own awareness has expanded in the heaven world in understanding the nature of truth wherever it is found in all cultures, in all peoples, in all religions. For the virtuous ones are here and there scattered across the globe. And this night we have brought the cream of the crop to Bozeman.

            O devotion to the Mother Mary—I know it well, for I spent long hours on my knees in prayer to her immaculate heart. And I thank my son for bringing this most beautiful rendition of her presence and heart here.¹

 This slide meditation that you have experienced is one that you may choose to re-experience often and in the process have the blessing and the grace of the Presence of ascended beings in your midst as you focus the light through your heart into an accelerated action of cosmic radiance to bless and heal a world.²  To what purpose have you come to this earth, I ask? Is it not to grace sentient beings with that which you have within you to manifest God's awareness of himself as you?

            I say it is and many of you are doing a tremendous job. For we, the ascended masters, see all that transpires within your world. We see your love, we see the motive of your heart, first and foremost, and of the great presence that you bring into the lives of many—whether through counseling, teaching, serving in the kitchens of the world or in simply emanating love-wisdom's fires in silence.

We honor all paths through this movement of light. We decry none for their efforts, even when they have fallen at times through the best of intention through a temporary lapse of consciousness. We never condemn, but at times we do spur you on, do we not? But preferably through your own Higher Self, the true guru of your being.

The presence of love is here and you are that love. The presence of the sunlight of the one God is here and you are that light. What will your world look like on the tomorrow? It is up to you to determine exactly what your world, our world will be by intention, by devotion and by the very present reality of the light from your Source that you are becoming.

We, the ascended masters, speak with one voice though that voice may have many aspects, many nuances, many characteristics in its representation. This is the glory of God. How you share your light is key to your own divinity. How you express that which wells up within you as the fervor of the fiery spirit that you are will determine the course of civilization and of whether this world will truly become a solar world of radiance or whether it will not.

            The earth is at a crossroads, and we, the ascended masters, require the fiery ones who understand the importance of our missives, of our every word—to take them to heart, to become them through full assimilation and to then go forth to fulfill all. Alpha could not come again unless there were hearts who had determined to be the ones to receive him. You are those hearts, my friends. By your awareness of the presence of God within you, you light a world. And you light the pathway for divine spirits to be within this earth day by day.

            You have an angel on your shoulder, before, behind, to the right, to the left if you choose to allow the angels to be where you are. Commune now as we listen to this song prepared by another heartfriend, “I Have an Angel on My Shoulder.” [Three-minute recording of the Charlie Thweatt song is played.]³

            Now that you have more than one angel on each shoulder, you can shoulder more of the density of this world for us, bear the burdens of your brothers and sisters in all nations and fulfill your reason for being here, which is to be God, God, God.

I am Padre Pio, your father, your brother, your friend. And I seal this evening's session with a personal word of encouragement which I will speak to your soul this night as you take flight in Spirit with your angel. God bless you.



¹Padre Pio is referring to a beautiful statue of Mother Mary with a prominent, colorful heart shown protruding from her chest that is normally positioned on the altar at the Wellspring Retreat, south of Emigrant, Montana but was on the altar for the Freedom conference.
²The slide show, created by Lisa Delaney, was a meditation on the heart chakra and the threefold flame and its expansion in light such that one may experience cosmic consciousness.  Lisa took images from Tom Miller's Buddha Nature chart and enhanced them with her own artistic talents to create a 33-image alchemical meditation on divine love.
³Angel On My Shoulder is the sixth song on the music CD by the same title by Charley Thweatt. © 2001 Angelight Music P.O. Box 1444 Santa Cruz, CA 95061  800-549-9986  www.  Used during our Freedom Class with permission by Charley.

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