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Babaji      June 30, 2007

Beloved Babaji
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2007   8:08–8:19 am  MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Become the Light of the Mother Where You Are

           Gracious fiery ones, I come from the East. And I appear in your midst, speaking through this messenger, in whom the Mother is well pleased, and telling you each one that the Lord Krishna is pleased with your progress in becoming the Word to a certain level. But now, blessed fiery hearts, it is imperative that you become the light of the Mother where you are.
           I am Babaji! And I magnify the presence of the Mother Light here. For you have consecrated this sacred space, dedicated to the light of Mother East and West, through your daily recitation of the praises to her name. And thus we the unascended masters also come to radiate our fire at the level that we are allowed to by cosmic law from our station in the etheric octave at the highest levels in that world, [which] we are ever transcending [to] within time and space—and yet, having taken the bodhisattva vow, also remaining within your dimension to be witnesses to the light of the Mother in the Earth.
        Many of you are transcending cyclespast, present and futureand coming to the point of God-realization whereby all that transpires within your being and world is en[fired by] the action of the [crystal] (secret) rays, [which] you have access to in the highest dimensions of your own being. This is an aspect of the light of the Mother that many of us have known for eons in the East and which various of my disciples have brought to the West. Thus there is the interplay of cosmic energies now, both here and in Bozeman, for the preparation of the coming of Alpha to the Earth.
           For you see, the receptacle of the light of the Mother must be present for this great one to alight upon Earth in a certain level of comfortability that will not cause the great shaking within the planetary body that would normally be so if the full magnification of his light body were to be within your plane. Thus the fiery ones of [the] East come to prepare you and to strip from you certain vestiges of ancient karmas of the misuse of the light of the Mother.
           Therefore kneel at the conclusion of my message and surrender everything that you can. Mindfully consider that [which] you would offer to the heart of the Mother as those last vestiges of nonreality that you have allowed to reside in your being, blessed ones. Only through cosmic surrender may you gain entrée to cosmic consciousness. Thus the one, Job, who did surrender all has entered into the highest nirvanic planes in cosmic consciousness. But it was required of him to surrender all unconsciousness and all lack of beingness in order to enter these dimensions, dear hearts.
           Thus the light of the Sun has come, and one anointed to deliver the message of sungazing is near[ly in] your midst.¹ Hear him, and hear the message of Omraam and of Ikhnaton, who long ago knew of the light of the Sun behind the sun, which is what we worship as we continuously gaze upon the Sun of the Presence of light and thereby drink in the light of the Father-Mother of all creation.
           You may be where God is even as you continue to remain in these dimensional levels of being, so long as you attune to the very heartbeat of God and allow the streams of immortality and the effulgent light of the full magnification of the energies of Spirit to enter your world. It is truly a simple equation of light. And you must discern what level of this cosmic energy you are willing and able to allow to be within your aura as fiery spirits.
           Would you have the heat turned up? Well, then, match that heat of spiritual energy through inner fervor—the fervor of God! Blessed ones, East and West, West and East we fly; and through our cosmic awareness we deliver to those who are ready the true teaching of the Great White Brotherhood. And whether you know Morya or Krishna or Issa or Gautama, Maitreya, Kuan Yin or Joviel, we are one. Our Spirit is one where you are, where we are, when all abide in the light of the Mother, who has come.
           O Kali! O Durga! O Ma-Ray, Guan Shi Yin, bless these, your disciples, unto the day of the full appearing of the Shekhinah glory within them forevermore.
           I am Babaji! And I raise you with my own Z-ray to the zenith of the star of your own God Being this day. And I thank you.

1. Babaji is referring to H.R.M., Hira Ratan Manek. See  H.R.M. gave a presentation on solar gazing during the 2007 World Freedom Conference in Bozeman, Montana. It was also during this conference that Alpha came to deliver an important HeartStream, also mentioned in Babaji's message.

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