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Peace      June 29, 2007

Beloved Elohim Peace
David C. Lewis
June 29, 2007 8:00-8:10 am MDT
Emigrant, Montana
Broadcast through The Wellspring Retreat

Planting the Staff of Peace in the Earth

            Peace! Peace! Peace! I release peace to the earth.
            Peace! Peace! Peace! I release peace within you.
            The quelling of the forces that assail the sons and daughters of God in their attempt to bring peace to the earth is manifest this day. But there must be peace within you, blessed ones, for this action of light to occur.
            Peace! Peace! Peace!
            I speak the word within all life. I release the word and the action of peace within the earth.
            Peace! Peace! Peace!
            Where there is no peace within the emotional bodies of our devotees because of ego then only the action of the divine ego may offset the misqualification of that peace.
Therefore I release Peace! Peace! Peace!
            Be still O carnal mind that does not live in the peace of God. Be still O dweller on the threshold of these, your servants. Be still! And know the I AM THAT I AM within you that is God always, ever in peace. If you would speak of peace then become that peace. If you would speak for peace then transmute the anger and the inner violence especially between thyself and others that is not honorable.
            Peace! Peace! Peace! I release waves of peace into the ethers, into the four quadrants of being, into the seven bodies of beingness.
            Peace be still! Peace be still! Peace be still.
            I garner cosmic Christ peace. I garner cosmic Buddhic peace and release the bonds that have been put around the flame of peace in the earth. Bind now the interloper of anti-peace in the minds of mankind. Bind the interloper of death and hell within the subconscious of mankind. Bind the interloper of anti-love within the hearts of all.
            Stand now, blessed ones, and plant the staff of peace in the earth with your right hand where you are with me and say:

Peace be still. Peace be still. Peace be still and know the I AM THAT I AM
of all that is real this day. Amen.

            This light is now anchored in the Middle East. This light is now anchored East and West through the four winds and in the four quadrants of being of all evolutions upon earth. When you can maintain peace within thyself, O children of man and woman, then and only then may peace reign upon the earth.
            Peace! Peace! Peace!

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