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Charity      June 25, 2007

Beloved Charity
David C. Lewis
June 25, 2007 5:05-5:45 am MDT
Broadcast via telephone through Wellspring Retreat from 8:00 to 8:13 am
Emigrant, Montana

Extending a Higher Form of Charity to Souls Ready for Our Teaching
A Challenge to Become Charity in Action through True Givingness

Most Precious Hearts,
            Compassion is the mother of world transmutation. Forgiveness and mercy are the lodestone of light from which flow the graces of the Spirit that mankind needs to change a world from one of misery and suffering to one of joy and cosmic delight. And charity is the mortar that moves love into the domain of need through practical works so that it becomes active in the lives of real people and situations.
            I am Charity. How often have I mused upon the blessings that flow through those who extend the light of charity through the work of heart, head and hands. If you could see how light rays of energy from your Presence flow through you when you give without any expectation of reward or recompense, then you would give more often, beloved ones. For in the process of giving there is an action of transmutation and change that is translated into and through your consciousness that is as important to you as that which is bestowed upon the one to whom you give.
            Charity is the oil of the Spirit that I extend unto and through your chakras when you love real people while giving of and from your Real Self selflessly. It shines through the chrism of the virtues and graces that always augment the light of love that you share. And when you extend these through compassion and not with human sympathy or pity, you ennoble the one you serve as well as yourself in the process.
            Some give solely to be thought well of others or to promote their own egoic self. This is not the charity that we honor by blessing the giver. Others give charity through a sense of obligation that colors their offering to a greater or to a lesser degree. But for those for whom a true spirit of love is present at the core of their motives and through a pure desire to serve, there are released ampoules of charity that bless them in the very process of extending the gifts that they convey.
            We would see greater charity upon earth. We would see greater compassion extended to the downtrodden, to the lowly in heart, to those who, through no fault of their own in their current life, are living in squalor and fear without the necessities to sustain a life of even a base level of comfort and hope. There are many organizations which fill these needs, and today we honor them for their efforts to relieve human suffering at the level at which they serve life. But we would see an even greater outpouring of sacrificial giving on the part of those who have the riches of this earth to offer, for it is just and righteous that they do so.
            O mankind, there is enough abundance and light energy to go around so that all upon this earth may live without fear of knowing from where the next meal is coming or that they will have a home or bed on which to rest their head or clothing to cover their nakedness or the resources to meet the needs of their bodies as they prepare for their transition from this world. Those who offer charity in these ways are often embodied angels of our bands whose daily joy is extending love to those in need in a very physical way.
            And yet, I say that there must also now be a new form of charity extended by heartfriends of the Spirit to the souls of mankind whereby the teachings of the ascended masters will ring forth across the earth through those who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to act and to be the instruments for healing at the very core of being of the many, including the youth. This is an even higher form of charity that each of you may extend as you teach people the importance of the spiritual path and of how they may raise themselves out of human misery through the teachings of the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path by the light of their own Buddha Nature.
            Lao Tse said: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.1 Extend this analogy to the spiritual path and consider with me this day how you can extend the light of charity to greater numbers among mankind through delivering the teachings of the archangels and archeiai through books and CDs and DVDs that some among you will help create and that will convey our compassionate understanding to their souls and spirits.
            You will see at your upcoming Freedom Class how the work of many has resulted in some very tangible means of conveying the higher truths that we deliver in practical ways to heartfriends who currently know not of this movement. And I call each one of you this day to consider how you may be the instrument of charity to those who must have this teaching in order to win their ascension in this or the next lifetime.
            We, the archangels and archeiai, will sponsor the workshops that are being created even now to produce those modules for heartfriends to use to contact souls about our teachings. We will be there to work with you in practical ways to prick the hearts of those who have been waiting in the wings for just the right message of the Spirit to come their way to take up this path of joy and of resonance with the angels and the presence of the masters in their midst. For we are very practical in our approach to winning hearts back to God through the law of living love, which is charity.
            I am the arbiter of compassion for the Lord through the givingness of hearts in charitable acts-acts of mercy and kindness, sacrificial acts of love for all of God's creatures. And with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray I move the stone of selfishness away from the hearts of some who have been lax in giving all that they can to our cause of light. Only you, in communion with your own Higher Self, blessed ones, will know what level of givingness is sufficient for your own victory. In some cases you have surrendered all already and your cup will receive to overflowing the returning bounty of your love. In other cases, you still have much to offer, so long as you give it with a cheerful heart and from a core of love. Yes, God loves the cheerful giver!2
            I am compassion in action through you if you will accept me into your heart today! I thank you.

1Chinese proverb attributed to Lao Tse.
2II Corinthians 9: 6-15

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