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Aurora      June 21, 2007

Beloved Aurora
David C. Lewis
June 21, 2007   6:02-6:13 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A New Thrust of Light Comes to Earth at Summer Solstice

       In the morning light of the dawn, I come. I am Aurora. And I place a halo of sanctity around each of you. For blessed hearts, for many of you it is already shimmering in the light of your Presence. And we the archangels and archeiai come simply to augment and to accelerate that which you have invoked and become.
            The Mother Light raised within you is the key to your victory at the turning of cycles whereby the torch is passed from Alpha to Omega and a new thrust of light comes to Earth for the fulfillment of cycles within and without. The archeiai are here for you. And when at times the burdens of living upon a darkened star weigh you down, blessed ones, we enter the scene and give unto you the radiance dispensed from those angelic frequencies which are a great boon to your soul if you would receive them graciously from the hands of us who attend the Lord God in all of our ministrations.
            The flame of peace that many upon Earth seek may only be theirs when peace fully resides within the solar plexus, the Sun Presence within. Many of you are gaining a new understanding of the import of this Solar Presence within you, and having come to the point of perfect peace within, you are then able to be for the Earth focal points for the release of Cosmic Christ peace to the evolutions upon Earth. My beloved Uriel has come with a sword of peace to cleave asunder that which stands in the way of perfect peace upon Earth. And with the Lord Jesus the Christ there is the continual dividing of the way. There is the separation of the wheat from the chaff,¹ first within you and then within the planetary body itself. This process is ongoing and many of you have understood the sacred science of this alchemical equation whereby the balance scales are before you and that which is weighed upon those balances² must come to resolution, such that the divine equation may manifest within your aura, within your life.
            When certain cycles come to fruition and there is the final paying of the debt to life, to another or to your God Self for the past misuses of the sacred fire, then blessed ones, you have a new energy of light to bear in your service and you may rise higher in your ministrations to the evolutions upon this planet. So you see that every farthing that is paid,³ every liability that is wiped clean from your ledger allows you greater entrée through the frequencies of heaven to the divine impetus which moves you ever onward toward your own victory and unto the holy purpose of your union with God, which was the goal from the beginning.
            We the archeiai come and spread our wings across the Earth protecting the innocent ones, the meek, the humble of heart4 whom God raises up in this hour even as the light of summer solstice dawns across the horizon from east to west. So take heart O souls of light, and know that the hour is come for the full appearing of that Christic manifestation within you. For the days are shortened for the elect.5 And you will not always dwell in these veils of flesh but will see the glory of the Lord and the aureole of sacred fire of the saints and the heavenly hosts coming unto you even as you merge in consciousness and in Spirit with higher dimensions of being while living in physicality upon this Earth. It may be so for you as you see yourselves as the shining ones, truly lightbearers, truly the blessed sons and daughters and children of the Most High.
            We prepare again and again your consciousness for the coming of the Father. And now as he is come through the Alpha thrust of this year fully, we raise up that Mother Light within for the fulfillment of her cyclings, her love, her ministration unto her children everywhere. Thus, it is so that peace will reign upon this Earth, but according to God's timetable and not man's. Be at peace O souls, and dwell in the eternality of the Spirit where you are this day, a most holy one if you would have it be so, beloved hearts.
            I seal you in the sacred circle of fire of the archeiai. And I thank you.

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