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Jophiel      June 17, 2007

Beloved Archangel Jophiel

David C. Lewis

June 17, 2007   7:40-8:00 am  MDT

Wellspring Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana



A Plan for a Greater Enlightenment of Mankind

Blessed Hearts of Illumination's Fire,

            I come from the Royal Teton Retreat where the seven archangels have appeared. And through a communion with many ascended masters, including Confucius and Lanto and the masters of wisdom, we have devised a plan for a greater enlightenment of mankind beginning at the foundation of society and moving through many spiritual communities, devotees who are determined to bring about a golden-age civilization and those in whom there burns the light of God, no matter what their religious persuasion, affiliation or walkway upon the path of life.

            God is a universal God, and in his great understanding is not so particularly interested in those human affairs, embroilments and limited perceptions whereby great numbers of those living upon this planet have a partial view of the reality of the heaven world. For God sees all, and in his great compassion would emanate the love-wisdom fires of illumination to all of life in such a way that all are brought forward on the great pathway, the middle way, without dissimulation, without human judgment but with the divine discernment of what is necessary at each level for a soul and for society to move forward.

            The brakes have been set upon the advancement of civilizations, blessed ones, because of the impetuous ones who will not let go of the human-ego mind and of their own jaded attempts to control civilization, the minds and hearts of the people, the resources of this great planet, but especially that which is brought forth through the educational systems beginning at the earliest levels and even that which is taken in by mothers-to-be before their children are born.

            Even the thought that the life within the womb is not a life until it emerges from the mother is a most jaded concept—unthinkable to the Godhead. For the conception of life occurs when hearts united come into that awareness of love and there is the sparking of the divine betwixt these hearts toward the holy day of the appearing of the soul which is attached to the identity within the womb long before the child is born, as you know.

            Consciousness is a stream. And where men do not give credit to the natal genius within the unborn, we the ascended masters and archangelic hosts do give credit to that which God has created within all life. Thus if a society is to change that which mothers-to-be take in and imbibe and place their attention on, [it] must be greater, must have an understanding of the divine science of the spirit and of the movement of the cosmic streams that flow endlessly, even as a bubbling fountain of that cosmic wisdom that comes to each one if they are able to attune to the source of its issue.

            Think on your own enlightenment now and what it will mean for you and for the planetary home when the golden light of wisdom is fully blazing within your crown as a Buddha, a fully-realized one, blessed hearts. Through cosmic awareness, through divine gnosis you are aware of all that transpires within yourself and within the world. You can hear the voice of divine reason within and within all. You can teach by the Spirit to all who come to the fount of this wisdom who you are. For you are only a vessel [from which] the greater wisdom of the Godhead [can] emanate.

            The legions of the yellow ray, who this day have streamed forth their essence through your consciousness and out into the world, are here for those who desire to enter the universities of the spirit, not only nightly, but in their meditations. For this love-wisdom teaching must go forth through many of you and it will only be real and have the power to transform and change others if first the essence of that teaching is fully within you as realization, as understanding, as gnosis.

            As you study our words and read between the lines and behind the fire that we convey, you will discern greater and greater understandings of what can be contributed to the great body of cosmic wisdom to this Earth. And thus some of you have set forth in divine harmony through attunement with the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of heaven this wisdom teaching which we, blessed ones, are so eager to share with you during your class coming soon in Bozeman.

            The Mother now smiles, with her great countenance of love for every soul, upon the efforts of those who have been the instrument for the release of this new wisdom teaching. And when the light of the God and Goddess Meru comes to seal this revelation and this divine offering it will be, within the greater context of the enlightenment of an entire civilization, a great boon and blessing especially for the children but also for all adults who would become as little children again.

            Therefore take heart in knowing that God is real where you are and that the light of the Sun Presence can be where you are always when you claim that light by saying “I am the Sun of golden liquid illumination light this day where I am. I am the light of cosmic reason to raise a planet and her people into a new era of love-wisdom. I am a focus of the Central Sun for Gautama and Maitreya and the masters of wisdom. And I emanate the fullness of that Sun Presence always, where I am, here and now.”

            These fiats of light you may say with me, day by day. And I will be there with my legions to dispel the lies of those who have plighted their troth with Mara to keep mankind ignorant of the true wisdom of the divine right where you are, right within your heart-mind connection, right within the center of your being, who is God.

            I am Jophiel. Let that mind be in you which is in Christ Jesus,¹ which is in Buddha Gautama, which is in the heart of the Buddha Mother who loves you so and would teach you, hour by hour, her new wisdom. Yes, even the archangels take time to abide in the presence of the great starry Mother, to hear her words. For when we take flight again, emboldened by this magnificent auriel of fire that emanates from her Presence and that all can glean through acceptance of the Word within, we go forth to do our perfect work for God in illumining the minds of all through love, which is the key.

            I seal you in a corona of fire. I seal the Earth in the radiance of the crown of the Starry Mother who awaits with joy the day of the full appearing of your own Buddha nature where you are. In the name of Ahura Mazda, the illustrious one, we serve to set life free in golden-wisdom fire.

1. Philippians 2:5

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