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Bob      June 17, 2007

Beloved Bob and Pearl

David C. Lewis

June 17, 2007 10:00-10:33 am  MDT

Wellspring Retreat
Broadcast through Dallas, Texas



Transforming Society—Family by Family

Bringing a Divine World Order through a New Educational System Around the World

Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen and All Noble Hearts,

            I greet you on this Father's Day, truly a day to remember in the annals of cosmic history, as we, the ascended masters, and you, not quite ascended yet upon earth, prepare for the coming of the Father Alpha. What greater gift of God could we have, blessed hearts, than the appearance unto the earth of this great being, truly the cosmic Bapu who will bring many gifts in his great bag of light to all of his children upon earth. He is, if you could realize it, a most magnificent Santa Claus figure. For do not all children love the one who comes bearing personal gifts unto them? And this Alpha will do. And so we prepare.

            I am Bob—a short name indeed! And Pearl, my sister, is here. And we spread our radiance across this planet, especially over all families, fathers, dads. We have had the honor of knowing and working with beloved Saint Germain, truly, also, a father of many hearts the world 'round—a Father of the Seventh Age, one who sires magnificently through his mind and heart that which, through a perfect attunement with the Father's will, may come to this earth in the way of noblesse oblige to be shared with all as the gifts and graces of the Spirit that the Father-Mother God always offer[s] to their children.

            Yes, the children. Without them there would be no father. And we honor the child this day even as we honor the father. It is the father's great pleasure to dote upon his children, to have them upon his lap, his knee, to tell them stories of heroism and valor, to share something that will spark the fire within the eye and the heart and mind of the child of an imagination of wonder, of thoughts of the heaven world and of how each one, so important, has the wherewithal, the talents and graces to grow into manhood and womanhood and to fulfill that one's reason for being.

            The Father comes, carving a pathway of light for children to walk safely, surely and swiftly unto the mount of attainment. The father, as the breadwinner often, is he who strives to not only bring home the bacon, though we are vegetarian, but through the light of Bacon, the seventh-ray master himself, bring unto all an awareness of freedom to pursue divine destiny, oneness, joy.¹

            You see, blessed hearts, the twinkle of mirth that we always perceived in the eyes of the Aquarian master, truly as a father figure unto us, inspired us always to be obedient to the divine will, to fulfill the alchemies that we were sent to accomplish and to be instruments for the raising of the consciousness of mankind during the hours of our service together unto life.

            Fathers are those who speak with and understand their children, not relegating them to the schools to raise them but truly to bring into the life of the child many opportunities for self-transcendence, many lessons laid out in a practical way—both for the young, the teen and even those moving into adulthood—such that each one, having the keys to the increase in conscious awareness at each level of the stages of their development, will become truly a full-blown God-individual from the seed ideation of God's awareness of himself as consciousness in form for that one to evolve. And though the mother is often the one who, through the early years nourishes the child, the father, as the exemplar of the law of one's being, is there as the sure and practical one who can give unto the child many keys toward the development of their solar awareness beyond childhood.

            When father and mother work in harmony there is a natural flow of the Alpha and Omega polarities unto the child. And this may occur and begin even before conception as the soul is communicated with and then within the womb as the comfort flame is offered from father to mother as she undergoes the great changes within herself and the father-to-be preparing his own consciousness to be a strong support for the wife and for the child at all levels.

            Recently it has been recommended that classes in pre-natal development and in parenting be brought forth in the school systems. For if a society based upon the family unit is to not only survive but flourish, it must have the strong foundation of education and understanding of this science, blessed hearts. Therefore we come once more to recommend that a number of you consider how you can make inroads into society through the public school systems and in the universities and institutions of higher learning to present this most important material on soul development though you may call it by another name so as not to instill a reaction from those forces that see the separation of church and state as necessary for a proper education.

There must be brought to bear the understanding of consciousness in the development even in utero of the soul and not simply the development of the physical vehicle but of the interplay between the mind, the emotional intelligence, the body and the consciousness which expands beyond the mind in a field of cosmic receptivity that, depending on the preparation of the environment, may be more greatly or less developed through the processes of stimulation and education that are involved and that are utilized by teachers, parents and guides.

            Blessed hearts, we see great opportunities for change at the foundational level of society when those who understand this science come into the fore of presenting to mankind the very beauty and wonder of creation as it unfolds in these natural cycles. And when those of you who have first experimented with and developed the secret ray qualities through your own alchemy are then able to extend this instruction to others, truly understanding what it is that is taking place within the consciousness of children as they move through the various stages of development, then there can be a great shift in higher awareness at many levels. And when there are great successes in bringing about the natural unfoldment of the creative genius of children through these schools, classes and trainings and there is documented how these children are exceptional in their brightness and in their development, then you will have greater fuel for continuing this revolution of the Spirit at many levels of society, moving forward our plans for world transmutation and the enlightenment of mankind en masse.

            Blessed hearts, it begins within the family, moves through the educational system, and then out into the workplace, industry and society as a whole. If there is not the holy framework of protection within the home for the child to feel safe, to feel assured with certain boundaries of protection, comfort and the healing light of the hearth within that home, then there is not the strong aura around the child of a matrix of light such that when that one moves through the school systems, he or she will have the divine wherewithal to accomplish the full mission to which that soul has come to earth within the society after graduation.

            Therefore, there is built in stages of development each new secret ray foundation that builds upon the previous. And when the science is understood fully by conscious teachers, instructors and aides, then communities, cities, states and nations will have the protective framework for the ongoing evolution of society as a whole that Saint Germain saw long, long ago as necessary for a golden age civilization to manifest upon earth. 
            If you study the life of Francis Bacon, you will see how his treatises on The New Atlantis and The Advancement of Learning as well as the life lessons learned in the Shakespearean plays are key for higher education at all levels, moving into a new divine world order rather than the order of homo sapiens, blessed hearts.

            Take these key lessons gleaned from the Master of Aquarius and work them into your lesson plans in some way, even into your “funshops,” your events. Take something that the master alchemist has prepared in his sacred laboratory and make it understandable, relevant and beautiful for children to learn a specific key within that lesson for their victory at that level of self-realization. This is your sacred trust that Pearl and I would engage you in, in moving forward the plans of the God and Goddess Meru, the seventh-ray masters, the Buddhas and bodhisattvas who maintain their awareness in the higher dimensions of holding the key for individual self-realization. And those of us who work with youth and strive to always bring them higher can be called upon at any hour of the day or night to refine your lesson plans, to give you through your meditation the keys that will unlock that divine spark within the child that through the natural awe of the learning process will truly give them the keys to the kingdom of their own solar awareness day by day.

            When parents understand the importance of education even within the home, then we can work with them with our twin flames Rex and Nada to bring about a most harmonious manifestation of learning—of light-learning—within your homes and communities. And when any parents—united in their efforts to both perceive and then to bring forth these lesson plans within the home on weekends, in the summer months and whenever possible, even during the school year—can work with their children in the ways most apt, most appropriate and meaningful within the context of their family order, then you will see the strengthening of the family unit once again as that foundation for society. And neighborhood by neighborhood, village by village, township and city by township and city, you will begin to see the glowing of a new golden-pink awareness of compassionate illumination and understanding upon earth.

            I thank all of you who have, in one way or another, worked with, taught, tutored or instructed children at any level. Have you not, blessed ones, benefited more from seeing the light within the eyes of the child as he or she discovers something new on their own because you have provided the vehicle for that experience as truly a spark of illumination as it occurs day by day in their life? This is the glory that we see and that you have witnessed that makes all your efforts, all your striving to provide the platform of education meaningful. You are the resourceful ones because ultimately, blessed hearts, your goal is to "re-turn" the child to the Source of all love, wisdom and power which is the God-flame within.

            We are Bob and Pearl, and we shine our love and sprinkle our joy-fire light across America and the world for the victory of the Aquarian methodologies and sciences of the Spirit through advanced learning made practical for all. May God bless you, and may all fathers receive the blessing of the Fathers of Heaven. And even as we honor the fathers in this hour, so we honor once more the mothers and the children. For without each, there would not be the wholeness of all.

            May God bless and keep you, each one, in the eternal embrace of joy—the joy of learning, the joy of light.


 ¹ Francis Bacon, the final embodiment of Saint Germain before his ascension on May 1, 1684, though he returned to earth and lived and appeared for over 100 years in many guises as the "Wonderman of Europe" through a special dispensation from the Lords of Karma. 


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