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Raphael      June 13, 2007

Beloved Archangel Raphael
David C. Lewis
June 13, 2007   8:05–8:18 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Merging into the One Stream of God's Eternal Light


O Precious Hearts of Fire,
            I come to stir the waters for the healing of your soul. And I stimulate within you, especially within your emotional body, that which when fully outplayed in your consciousness through the acceptance of this emerald, healing light may work its perfect work within you for your healing and wholeness.
            That which we are about is the healing of a planet and her people. And we begin one by one with the cells within this planetary home, who are you. Each of you is a cell in the body of God. Each of you contains an aspect of God's consciousness. And that which you outpicture in your life is set forth through the divine blueprint that the Lord gave unto you as a matrix of perfection that you may adhere to, may fully embrace and may be the manifestation of through the streaming of your consciousness, one with God at all times.
            There is a stream from the heaven world that flows ceaselessly unto you from your Presence, known as the crystal cord. And yet there may also be a stream from Earth to heaven through your devotion such that there is a never-ending flow betwixt the Divine and the human, until one day there is no more human left but only the eternal flow of oneness of the Divine where you are. When you mesh your consciousness with God, then God cannot help but infuse you with that stream of eternality, of perfection, of pure joy. And when this process is complete and the merging of the below with the Above is total, then and only then will you fully understand what it is that must be born of you in the present reality of who you are. For you see, blessed ones, as co-creators, it has always been God's desire that as he gave birth to you, so you would continue the birthing process by living in the liquid-light love of this stream that is God.
            The archangels come to prick mankind to higher awareness. And in our offering unto your soul is also a challenge to come up higher each time we appear in your midst. There may be a certain uncomfortability with the changes that occur within you in our presence, and yet, blessed ones, the shifting of the molecules of self and the divine change that can manifest through your acceptance will move you out of the lesser streams of duality and into the one stream of God's light.
           Though we refract various manifestations of God's awareness of himself as healing or ministration or love or protection, wisdom or alchemy, we are all of the one Source that is God and not divided. Though we may bring to bear in your world a greater aspect of the ray upon which you primarily serve, yet within the radiance that we bear, there is wholeness, there is the totality of all of God's consciousness in the 360 degrees, and even in the 720, whereby the sphere of our consciousness, blending with yours through the nexus of your heart, allows first the dual action of the flow to be established and then, when all is complete, the blending—as Above, so below—in the one sphere of pure light.
            O holy ones who are striving toward that day of the full appearing of God within you, look neither to the left nor to the right for the divine comfort that at times you seek in another if you sense that you are not whole. But look within to perceive that wholeness, that light and oneness which has always been there in and of your God Presence. For only in this reality will you be truly complete in love, in light within the heart of the Beloved.
            The increase now of the radiance within your emotional body during the coming cycle of the solar light within the Earth in the emotional quadrant of the year will be such, blessed ones, that if you fully embrace that which we will bear, you may move out of the stream of mortality into that [which] you have always sought—immortality, eternal youth, joy, light.
            I am Raphael. And through Mary's witness unto you this day through the discourse through the messenger, our presence in your midst is a tangible reality for your healing, if you would have it be so. Let it be so. Yes, let the Lord's light flow through the circuit that I now establish betwixt our hearts, one forever in God's healing love. [Archangel Raphael chants in an angelic tongue.
            We seal the action of our healing radiance where you are. Go in peace. Go in wholeness forevermore.

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