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Lanello      June 11, 2007

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

June 11, 2007   5:58-6:19 am  MDT

Emigrant, Montana


All Is Attainable When the Light of God Streams Forth through You!


Gracious Heartfriends,

            I come early this morning, simultaneously broadcasting through our Chicago Hearts Center and our Wellspring Center. For I was always one to be multi-tasking, you see—fathoming how I could be the instrument of the masters at any time, at any place; speaking for El Morya; determining how to employ the resources of the staff at the highest level to implement the will of God and the work necessary to hold the balance in the earth.

            I am Lanello. And this day I increase the light where you are, each one. I intensify the action of the sacred fire within your chakras. I accelerate that which is real within you, even as that which is unreal diminishes because you have called it forth, because you are determined to be instruments likewise for the Lord.

As we prepare for the coming of Alpha, many of you have received assignments and you have felt the increase in the pressure of the light within your chakras such that, at times, you were wondering how you could make it with all that you had to do, with all that we have asked of you, blessed hearts.

            I come to tell you this day that all is possible with God though nothing is probable in the human.¹ All is attainable when the light of God streams forth through you. For there is such a magnificence and a transcendence that comes when you are attuned to that holy will to be the perfect instrument of love-wisdom, power at any hour that you should not be surprised if God would use you in any way that he sees fit, even in the early morning hours or late into the night to be for the earth a lightning rod and a strong force for good.

            It is always so that those who would be moved by the Holy Spirit are ready for that Spirit to speak. And so many of you are coming up higher than you had ever dreamed possible only a few short years ago in that step-up of the energy that flows through you and the inspiration that you receive with the concurrent pressure that I have spoken of that does cause a certain uncomfortability in the human sense and yet simultaneously a great joy in knowing that God is alive within you.

            O blessed hearts of fire, some would put a governor on the engine of our work to an extent that all must come into conformity with a certain ordered cadence. And I say that it is prudent that you have planning, that you have well-thought-through action plans and a steely mindset such that your work may be accomplished. But I also come to tell you that at times we come with assignments and work that if you do not take them up and complete them within certain cycles of time, then either a dispensation is lost or we move on to others to fulfill our mandates and work. And thus you can be the loser in the great equation of light if you are not there as a “Steady Eddy” at your desk, at your altar, at your work in service to life.

            This is not a time to be toying about with your time and energies experimenting within the pleasure cult of the world, blessed hearts. And though we always recommend balance in your life with divine recreation, when the coming of a Great One such as Alpha is announced to you, each of you must determine what it is that is necessary for the paving of the way for the great light to come to earth and of how you may be the instrument for all that is required to be necessary in the completion of assignments and work such that this coming may be true and may be for the earth not only an opportunity but one fulfilled to the max, as you would say.

            Therefore, O heartfriends within this movement and those upon earth to whom I speak at the soul level, work while ye have the light.²  For when Alpha comes, there is also the judgment of the anti-light energies within the souls of mankind. It is, blessed hearts, the re-enactment of that which John the Revelator wrote down in the great book whereby there is the separation of the tares from the wheat, of the goats from the sheep.³ And first this process occurs within you. For it has always been so, has it not, that we who have chosen to be God's instruments must first come into that holy alliance and that holy alignment ere the Lord may fully be present within us as witnesses of the truth?

            Therefore discern this day and make a list if necessary of that which you know that you have offered on the altar in previous letters to the Karmic Board and in your meditations on what it is that you must fulfill in this life, for you never know the cycles of the coming of God. And yet in this hour, you do know the very date and time of the appearing of the Lord God in your midst.

            We have asked you to take stock, and yet few of you have fully done so to this date. So, I remind you of this necessity. How will you employ the remaining energies given unto you for this lifetime in holy works as co-creators with us, the ascended masters? How will you utilize every resource, every erg of that which God has entrusted to you, has vouchsafed unto you for the fulfillment of your mission within the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood?

This is for you to decide and to realize this day, June 11, 2007. For come July fifth, the increase that we, the ascended masters, see as necessary to manifest through the delivery of our dictations and preparation for Alpha's coming are such that if you are not in the now of fully integrating that which is within you in a greater measure, some of you will be charred in your consciousness at his coming. This we are preparing you for, such that the full weight of the glory of the Lord may be yours to capture and to utilize from head to toe throughout your four lower bodies and your higher bodies.

So, I come early to set the sail for the week. I assign each Hearts Center to have a meeting whereby you take to heart the words that we have given, discerning how you can assist what I call this day the staff of The Hearts Center, including the messenger and those on the council, in completing certain assignments that must be fulfilled before this Freedom Conference even begins. For once you are gathered in Bozeman, then we will be there with the full intensity of our heart's love and our steely determination to manifest the victory consciousness through each one who has sacrificed to attend or who listens intently on the broadcast.

            Do not despoil the great gifts that we have already given, but be mindful each day of your life of the graces of the Spirit that are yours to proclaim. And determine with the great fiery heart just what you must do each hour to be our holy instruments, O blessed ones.

The love I have for each of you is real and it has always been so that those who have called my name in the preambles of your decrees have received the blessing of my presence in your midst, even if you did not always believe it to be so. For I always answer. I am always present with those who understand the nature of the call and that the call compels the answer by your heart's love given in the call.

            So blessed ones, we move. And Morya has his eye on each one of you even as I keep my heart beating around your heart. Hear it now in the full pulsation even within your chest cavity. See the radiance of God's love streaming forth now through you to a world in need of grace, of peace, of God's light.

Mother is pleased with many of you in your progress and yet not always one to speak words of cheer all the time. For she saw the great need for each one to come up higher and often challenged you as your guru to do so. It is her great joy to announce that this messenger has fulfilled a certain level of training, a certain level of competence and accuracy in the delivery of our messages. And thus, the training is complete for the first three-year cycle. And we will use this one on the outer and the other on the inner to fulfill our mandates and to move forward our plans for the Brotherhood.

            Those who move with us receive the benefit of the fire of our presence in their lives. And those who are oblivious to our manifestation of light through this dispensation hopefully will awaken one day to find the reality of who we are as ascended masters even now as more real and more evident because the few have decided to go all the way to be our hands and feet, our workmen and women in the earth.

            I am Lanello. And I set my seal upon this dispensation once more—heart, head and hand. And I am grateful for each of you as brethren, as sisters of the light who have been there for us for eons not only as students but as full co-creators in the laboratory of the work of the Lord. God bless this holy association of hearts this day, and let us now move forward with El Morya, utilizing the eternal heartstreams of the bonding of our love for that holy work. I thank you.

¹Matthew 19: 26
²John 9: 3-5;  John 12: 35-36
³Matthew 13: 1-43; Matthew 25: 31-46; Rev. 14: 15-20

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