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Maha Chohan      May 27, 2007

Blessed Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
May 27, 2007   7:27-8:11 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                            The Crystalline Nature of Beingness

ccessing Cosmic Frequencies through the Power of the Holy Spirit

The Turning of Worlds within You as Transmutation
Is Key for Your Victory

            We've had a few dictations in which we've been asked to call each other “Beloved,” where the word beloved was explained. When we say to another “Beloved,” we actually invoke the Holy Spirit around that person. And I feel that we can refer to the Holy Spirit simply as “Love.” We can say, “Love, come to me.” You are in love with the Holy Spirit. “Love, come to me.” “Love, be where I am.”
            You know what it's like to have your first love, and a certain infatuation sometimes occurs where you can think of and muse on almost nothing else except the one that you love. You can transfer this same experience to the Holy Spirit. Some people call their mate “Love.” I remember when growing up that my father constantly referred to my mother as “Love.”
            What would our lives be if we had a continuous conversation with the Holy Spirit? Everything that we witnessed through our eyes, everything that we experienced in nature we would converse with and we would simply talk to the Holy Spirit, saying: “Love, did you see that beautiful waterfall?” “Love, I felt your breeze upon my skin.” “Love, thank you for the wonderful flowers.” “Love, the sun is so wonderful today.” “Love, look at those incredible clouds.” “Love, walk with me.”
            When we have had this intimate communion with the Holy Spirit as some have had, like Benny Hinn and others, the Holy Spirit comes and, as the Master Omraam has said, our lives will never be the same. And yet if you were to lose that contact once you have had it, as Benny Hinn said in his book, it is so tragic not to have the Holy Spirit once you have had it that you will do almost anything to get the Holy Spirit back in your life.
            To maintain the Holy Spirit you must have patience, you must be loving toward yourself. For if you are hard on yourself—if you criticize yourself, condemn yourself, denigrate yourself—and you are composed of molecules of the Holy Spirit, then how can the Holy Spirit be where you are? So if you would gain the Holy Spirit, love God first and love your neighbor as yourself.1 So love God, love yourself—the God within you—love your neighbor, and the Holy Spirit will abide where you are.
            To denigrate the self is a sin against the Holy Spirit, the Maha Chohan says today. Self-condemnation is a sin against the very God-flame that you are composed of, the light that burns within your heart that is the Holy Spirit. The subtle difference between self-condemnation and the abasing of the human self is one that each of us must discern, because we do not want to be puffed up with pride, loving the tyrant-ego dweller, but we want to ennoble the God-flame, the Real Self where we are.
            So the cutting edge of discernment, to know what it is that is acting through us and what we must employ in our words and actions, is the Holy Spirit. And when we call upon the Holy Spirit for that discernment and discrimination, then we will always know what is acting in our world because we will come from the point of reference of the heart and not only the mind. We will employ wisdom in our love, and love in our wisdom.
            This is the key for many of us for our victory, because we have often—through past practices and past incarnations of flagellation, of self-denigration and through the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience—entered into a more human aspect of this humility rather than the divine humility that we seek. And this state of false humility often outpictures in our world as the arising and manifestation of those peccadillos and things that trip us up time and time again, where we not only trip but sometimes put our feet in our mouth, say things we regret later. So through the subtle action of the Holy Spirit we can prevent this from occurring. We can hold back from saying things to our detriment that we would regret having said.
            If people accuse us of doing something that from their perspective is wrong or that they have disagreed with us about, we can choose not to react and to let the wave of energy come, but not identify with it. Therefore when we do not identify with the energy and the wave, we do not give it power, but we let the Holy Spirit take that energy and transform it and transmute it even before it enters our space, our aura. And within the bristling aura of cosmic light that we have through our prayer sessions, this energy can be consumed on contact when it enters our aura if we are attentive, if we are awake, if we are alert; and then it can be transformed through the Tai-Chi action of light and utilized for the blessing of the one sending us condemnation.
            Can you imagine if you had the full mastery to be able to do this all the time, whereby any negative energy, or what you perceive as negative energy, that comes your way throughout your life can be instantly transformed into a blessing and a grace to the one who sends it?
            I think this is the higher path of forgiveness that Jesus taught—not being a doormat, but having so much self-mastery and so much attainment that we as cosmic alchemists can take these energies and in the crucible of our self, through the power of the Holy Spirit, transform them instantly and then send them back as grace. We do this not necessarily in a reverse-the-tide action unto that one as a return of what we perceive as karma, but with a transmutative, transformative power that can assist that one in coming to grips with the reality of what is going on in his or her world through a merciful action of light.
            This to me is the Buddhic way, the higher walk and way that Jesus referred to when he said to turn the other cheek.2 I don't believe that he meant to continuously allow ourselves to be blasted with the unrealities of others. By turning we are transmuting. When we turn the other cheek, we are transmuting through the turning action of the light of our own being—our chakras are spinning and accelerating. Through that turning there is transmutation. It's like those in Aikido who have learned to turn sideways and with their hands deflect the energies of violence of another. They turn and then redirect the energies in a way that the other person is not really hurt but simply taken out of the mode of destructivity.
            The turning of worlds within you as transmutation is key for your victory. How you employ transmutation, the seventh-ray action of the Holy Spirit, in allowing the continual cycling of energy through your chakras, especially your heart, in these prayer sessions, in these rosaries, in all of your visualization is key for you. And in the scientific laboratory that you are as a God-realized person you become a center of transmutation. You are truly a laboratory right here where you are. Every time you sit down and you pray, you are a scientific experiment in action. And there can be transmutation and a cosmic transformation in your world if you allow it to be through conscious, willing focus.
            At the core of all true religions is the Holy Spirit. For every avatar had the Holy Spirit and released the sacred fire through the teaching that that one gave.
            This morning after we sang “Magda's Mantra,”3 the Maha Chohan revealed that this living, liquid-crystal light is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. And when we enter into that cosmic substance, which is an expression of the Great Spirit, and live and move within that cosmic framework that is the streaming of his consciousness, then we abide within that Spirit and we can have access to all power, wisdom and love instantly in our work.
            The Holy Spirit has mastered movement. Recently I received a teaching as I was driving from Livingston to Bozeman, and fortunately I called Paul and Janice and they recorded what the Master Saint Germain was giving. It was a new teaching on the violet fire accelerated to the laser action of light, the violet-laser light. We know that laser light is focused through crystals, and we know that we are a crystal. Our chakras are crystalline in nature. Mother Mary has described her heart chakra as a crystal. And we even call to El Morya's diamond heart. The masters look upon us as diadems of fire, even as we see the cosmic beings as great crystal geodes of sacred light-energy. We only clothe them in the form or the visage that we desire to see them in, an anthropomorphic matrix; but truly they are far beyond that vision that we hold of them in order for us to relate to them from our level.
            All of the ascended masters have mastered traveling in their light bodies. Some have called this the merkabah. The masters understand the sacred science of geometry and the geometrization of divinity that is the matrix of God. Some among you have studied the sacred science of geometry and are coming into a greater awareness of its application on a daily basis in your life as you visualize, as you do your spiritual work. Enough cannot be said about the importance of sacred geometry. Pythagoras and others, even back to Hermes Trismegistus, the God Mercury,4 have understood the relationships that occur within the cosmos and how creation itself occurs through these crystal patterns.
            The Holy Spirit gave teaching through beloved Jesus in the Upper Room, and Jesus, fully vibrating with his resurrected light body, was able to access, by the power of the Holy Spirit, cosmic rays and frequencies. This is what the resurrection light truly is and also what the ascension light is: the employment in this dimension of cosmic frequencies.
            We will not fully understand what these currents are until we ascend, but through a conscious awareness we can begin to draw forth these frequencies into our dimensional world—first through the acceptance that we are a being beyond these four lower bodies, that most of our real beingness is in higher dimensions, the seven planes of being and even beyond. As we learn to be in attunement with these frequencies and higher energy patterns, they can stream forth through our conscious awareness in our prayer work, where we are no longer simply mouthing words and pleading with or begging God to act in our dimension, but we are employing God and the frequencies of God. We are the focal points for release of the sacred fire and this laser action of light because we understand our nature as crystal.
            When, through harmony, each of us attunes to the same frequency and pattern and we resonate with each other, great cosmic energies can flow to the Earth, entering the crystal structure of the Earth at the etheric plane. Even though the Earth has densified and become dark at the physical level, the etheric blueprint and matrix still exists for Earth to be Freedom's Star. As we attune to these frequencies of freedom and what the Earth truly is as a sister planet and star to Venus, and as we emanate the light of the seventh ray through following the masters of Aquarius, including the Great Divine Director, Portia and Saint Germain, then we can harmonize with this laser action of light and begin to understand how it can dissolve on contact the densest vibrations that the evolutions on this planet have allowed to manifest here. And there can be in the twinkling of an eye—cosmic change and transformation. This twinkling of the eye is like the glimmering of this laser action through focus and through oneness.
            The twinkling of the Eye of God—what is that? Can we discern through our third eye, one with God's perfect vision for the Earth, what it is that must twinkle, that must glow and emanate so that these higher frequencies can be accessed and captured where we are in our realm, in our dimension, and so that we can be the electrodes for cosmic change in the Earth?
            Sometimes we think that it requires time for change. And, yes, at certain levels it requires the outplaying of forces and the movement cycles for all to be outplayed so that we can fulfill our reason for being. But at a higher level of understanding, attunement—at-onement—allows us to be at the nexus of cosmic change whereby we can become, we are, cosmic consciousness. You cannot simply attain to cosmic consciousness unless you understand that it is doable and that you are, in reality, already cosmic in your higher being, in your higher bodies. And by allowing the frequencies to flow through your crystal cord, which is a stream of crystal light—the crystal cord—then through the aperture of your chakras, from the crown down to the base, you can anchor these frequencies in your world.
            The science of sound is so sacred that in ancient times it was understood that you could not even utter the name of God because of the power of that name. And yet Saint Germain has given us the understanding of I AM THAT I AM in this time, in this era, so that we may use this energy and frequency that can allow us to claim, to reclaim, our divinity, not from the human standpoint but from the Divine within us. As we know, every time we say “I AM,” we are anchoring the light of God in this plane and dimension. We are saying: “So be it, Lord. Amen! I AM, amen, here. I AM light! I claim that light. I AM that light. Amen that light here.”
            Let us say, as God said in the beginning, “Let there be light”5 and then “I AM that light.” [Audience repeats with messenger:]

            Let there be light! (3x)
            I AM that light! (3x)

            Jesus taught in the Upper Room about the merkabah and how the disciples could be one with him in his light body if they could raise the sacred fire to the point of allowing the geometrization of their own consciousness to be at the level where he was abiding in frequency. He taught them of the resurrection currents and of what transpired after the crucifixion when he, by the grace of God and through the focalization of a number of angels and ascended masters, was able to raise the frequencies within his consciousness, to focalize the resurrection currents and to raise his body. He taught them of their ability to do the same thing and that they should not wait to the day of their death to employ these frequencies. And so it is for you today not to put off the attainment of the resurrection and the ascension currents toward a future time, but to understand in the very here and now how the Second Coming may be within you, within your heart, here and now, today.
            What is it about Pentecost that captivated the disciples of Jesus such that they could go out and speak in tongues and employ the gifts of that Spirit through healing, through clairvoyance and clairaudience and all the siddhis? Were they able to maintain this same level of acceptance of the Holy Spirit for the rest of their lives? Not all could do this, but on that day all were empowered, and the empowerment that came was such that thousands were converted that day. First and foremost, before you expect the conversion of others to your point of view, whether in this activity or others, you must have the empowerment within you of the Holy Spirit. For if you do not resonate with that Spirit, there can be no conversion of others.
            This morning the word turning came into play. The Master said that when Jesus talked of turning the other cheek it did not mean simply letting down one's guard, but engaging in transmutation. When you take the frequencies of the misuse of light that others send your way and turn them, through this transmutation, through this revolving, through this cycling of energy through your chakras, there can be the blessing and the gracing of others instantaneously. And there doesn't have to be this sense of anguish about reversing the tide, necessarily, of others' misqualified energies, but rather the knowing that there can be instantaneous transformation of that overlay such that they may receive the grace and the blessing of your acceptance of that energy in its rightful vibration as God's energy. Transmute the overlay and return it in love and kindness.
            This is the higher path that we within this movement of the Hearts Center must begin to understand and utilize, never condemning others for their point of view—for they are simply vibrating where they are—but attempting always to hold the immaculate vision through the crystal-laser light of the third eye for their own higher consciousness to take hold of them. And then we raise them naturally, without effort, without trying to convert. Through a natural process of this turning, this transmutation, this revolution in higher consciousness, many can have the turning of worlds within them as they begin to resonate with the Holy Spirit that resonates with you.
            So the frequencies of the Holy Spirit would not be boxed in, and oftentimes the arhats and the masters in embodiment, like Lanello, would do things that would purposely cause the discombobulation of the human mind, which could not understand the frequencies of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the masters will give you initiations or tell you to do things and you wonder, “Why? Why me? Why now? Why do I have to get up at 3 a.m. to receive this dictation or this message or this instruction for me?” But there you are. The Lord is upon you, the light is upon you. The inspiration comes in a wisp, and if you cannot be there to grasp it or to receive it, it is gone in a flash.
            And so it may be every day of your life as you sing to the Holy Spirit, love the Holy Spirit, walk with the Spirit, commune heart to heart. See the Holy Spirit as a ray of light and not just as the personage of the Maha Chohan, but as an energy field that you can receive around you and have. Then the divine inspiration of that Spirit may always be with you, and you can speak words of truth in every situation. You can lecture, but it is not you that is lecturing or speaking. It is the Spirit. You can pray, but the Spirit is praying through your words. You can sing, but it is no longer your voice. It is the voice of God singing and resonating through you.
            This is what we want on our spiritual path—not to be displaced so that there is nothing left of the divine monad of our God Self, but to truly be displaced from the human standpoint, allowing the cosmic replacement of that Spirit to move us, to stream forth through us, to love through us.
            Also early this morning the Master said that we may refer to the Holy Spirit simply as Love. “O Love, be where I am.” As we walk in nature: “O Love, what a beautiful sunset/sunrise.” “O Love, what a beautiful stream I see.” “O Love, teach me of what the waterfall speaks, of what the birds sing.” “Teach me of the harmony within all life so that I may enter into that harmony fully and understand as God understands.” “O Love, do not let me go. Do not let go of me, God. Embrace me always. I thank thee.”

HeartStream from the Maha Chohan:

To Be or Not to Be the Light Forever

Let Go of That Which Has Clouded the Crystal of Self and Fly with Me

             I assign an angel of the Holy Spirit to create around you now the cosmic merkabah so that you may fly with me in my meditations upon God's reality.
            I am the Maha Chohan, and as these crystal patterns are now firmly placed within your aura, and through the raising of the sacred fire within you, there can be and there is in this hour the spinning of that light. And as we rise, blessed hearts, I take you on a journey with the Holy Spirit to the crystal cities of the etheric plane, where you may witness the evolutions of light who have gained entrée to these worlds because they have understood the nature of God within.
            See here and there the ascended ones who employ these higher frequencies on behalf of the evolutions of light upon Earth. See their sacred work. See what they create through a conscious awareness of the living, liquid light in which they live and move and have their being, which is the very heartstream of God.
            Many of you are coming to that point in your evolution where you must choose to be or not to be the light forever. Now that you have seen what it is that you may become, I ask the question: “Will you be all that you are, even now, in God's eye?” [Audience responds: “Yes.”]
            Though you answer yes in this hour or choose to withhold your reply, the intelling presence that allows your own access to the Spirit will truly be the telling of whether your answer will be real daily. For choice by choice, light molecule by light molecule, as you visualize, meditate, concentrate and emanate the sacred fire within this crystal pattern placed around you, you may attend to the very thoughts of God and the movement of that field of consciousness, which is the Spirit, and thus be real again.
            The reality of which I speak truly is even beyond your understanding in this hour. For few among you have mastered the art of soul travel to the point where you can be here or there or anywhere when called upon by the Spirit. But as you let go of that which has clouded the crystal of Self and release it into the laser light of the violet ray, then, blessed ones, you may begin to discern, truly, the totality of your higher nature, your God beingness, and fly with me.
            Yes, the Holy Spirit moves where it listeth,6 here and there, even as a buzzing bee or a fairy or a sprite. But where I move and whence I come and go, only the Lord of Light knoweth. And only you, when you are attuned to the Lord, can perceive my coming and going within you, blessed hearts.
            Love is the key. Love is the way. Love is the doorway home. Employ love and you employ me. Love in all ways, and I will always be there. Purusha. Purusha. Purusha.

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4. Hermes Trismegistus is also known as the God Mercury. He was a great philosopher, priest and king in antiquity who also wrote alchemical and astrological works as well as other sacred texts. Trismegistus means “thrice greatest.”  In his History of Chemistry James Campbell Brown writes, “A series of early Egyptian books is attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, who may have been a real savant, or may be a personification of a long succession of writers....He is identified by some with the Greek god Hermes [equated with the Roman god Mercury] and the Egyptian Thoth....The Egyptians regarded him as the god of wisdom, letters, and the recording of time.”
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