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Omraam      May 10, 2007

Beloved Omraam
David C. Lewis
May 10, 2007   8:00-8:12 am  MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana


 You Are the Light of the World when You Choose to Be That Light Fully
Do Not Forget Who You Are as a Solar Being

Gracious Hearts Who are Becoming More of the Sun Presence of Love Each Day,
            I am Omraam. And by dispensation of the Solar Lords I radiate my Presence in the Earth. And through the sun consciousness within you, I emanate into the very darkest recesses of your being the essential light of the sun for the highlighting of all that is real, but also for the transmutation of that which you have allowed to be within you the shadow of darkness.
           As you partake of the ritual of calling to Astrea, there is a reaching down within the very lowest layers of the subconscious, blessed ones, of the very hand of God, where there can be lifted from within you that which must no longer reside there. Thus, [during] each of these sacred events of your time together in a matrimony of the Spirit whereby you are wed to your God Self and, even in the coursings of the sacred fire through your chakras, wed to each other in the hallowed circle of oneness, there can be the transmutation of great levels of ancient karma and darkness. And this is what we are seeing from our vantage point occurring in these sessions, blessed ones.
Those of you who are sensitive to spiritual energies and fire feel the coursing of this solar light within you, and day by day you are building a greater corona of light within your auras and within your causal body. For you see, the action of decrees not only affects the four lower bodies but truly accelerates the action of the currents within all seven bodies, blessed ones. This is to your great benefit. And for those of you who have ascended twin flames, it is allowing you to catch up, as it were, in the quotient of that light that is contained within the cosmic fiery emanations of your ascended twin heart such that when you ascend you will no longer be lagging far behind, having just emerged from your mortal cocoon, but truly almost on par with your beloved. And this is the alchemy of the Spirit that the Solar Lords perform for those of you who call to Elohim and use the violet transmuting fire and light for the distribution into this world of form of that holy light.
I increase now a certain coronal radiance within the outer layers of your auras for the strengthening of your resolve to once and for all manifest your Christhood, your Solar Presence always. It is simply, beloved ones, a decision that must be made moment by moment for you to truly be that light in all ways—where you walk, where you work, where you live. The Lord Jesus said, “Walk ye in the light,” and those who followed him in the initiatic path understood in that hour what this meant.¹ And you who are also following the Lord Christ unto the eternal appearing of your own Christic and Buddhic nature fully within you now understand a little bit more this day of what it means to walk in that light. For you are the light of the world when you choose to be that light fully.
            Do not forget who you are as a solar being. Do not compromise and at times allow the light to be dashed upon the earth through moments of unguarded misapplication of all that has been vouchsafed to you, blessed ones, for the holy purposes of the Universal White Brotherhood. Far greater work may be accomplished when through resonance with each other and with us you attune to the very central emanation of the Godhead himself in the Great Central Sun. And thus day by day as you prepare for the coming of Alpha during our summer conference, you will see even around the Earth itself the beginnings of the emanation of this great heart, for many ascended masters prepare for his coming and his message of hope to a world.
            And thus I remind each of you to consider making ready within your own personal life and within the context of your mission for the coming of the very God of gods to this solar system and sector of the universe. That day will be a holy day for the Earth and her evolutions, July 5, 2007.² And for those of you who desire the full empowerment that Alpha will deliver, I say, be there. And be fully present in that solar emanation, [which] you may more fully manifest day by day as you partake of the ritual of the morning gazing at the sun that I promoted in a careful and guarded way such that the full radiance of that solar light may enter your being through the Alpha-Omega orifices of your eyes, whereby you will be supercharged with that cosmic radiance for your day's work, for your day's service to life.
            This is my message to those who understand the sacred process of living in the Now to glorify God in all ways. I am Omraam. Chant with me the sacred name of Om and Ram as together we deliver to the Earth greater solar fiery energy for the salvation of mankind.² I thank you.

1.  I John 1:7
2.  Beloved Alpha gave a momentous HeartStream on July 5, 2007 in Bozeman, Montana.
3.  After this HeartStream the messenger led the giving of the prayer to OmRaam in which OM and RAM are chanted.

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