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Astrea      May 05, 2007

Beloved Mighty Astrea
David C. Lewis
May 5, 2007   8:05-8:12 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Action of the Circle and Sword of Astrea


Blessed Hearts of Fire,
            I come on this Cinco de Mayo to clear the way and to clean out the cobwebs from your consciousness and your electronic belt because you have called unto me! And now that you have fulfilled half the cycle of this twenty-one-day vigil, I, Astrea, empower you with a greater action of light now for the dissolving within you of that which is unreal and for the resolving within you of that which is your reality, which you must come to know in the greater context of the individualization of the God flame, who you are.
           As you see the action of the circle and sword as a buzz saw going up and down your spine and the very axis of the Earth itself, blessed ones, you can have a greater action of the freeing of the electrons that have been caught in the miasma of darkness because of past mischoices of the light. And these, having been freed to perform their perfect service for the Lord, may gain you great advantage in your spiritual progress toward perfection. That is the goal—the perfection of your heart, the perfection of all that which has temporarily, I say, been out of alignment with holy purpose, but which this day you may claim and proclaim as being truly one with God in the fullness of that which it is your right to proclaim and to manifest in your life.
           You see, blessed hearts, after the action of the circle and sword has taken place within you, then the light of purity may flow freely through your form, through your consciousness and through those God-ideations, which will be for you the freeing molecules which will move you from glory unto glory into the illimitable light of perfection. Once you have had stripped from you layers and layers and darker layers of the residue of the human ash, then the divine afflatus of the Holy Spirit may be yours to wield and to utilize in your spiritual service to life. But unless and until you surrender to the last farthing that which you have previously employed toward the lesser manifestation of your human creation, then the fullness of your divinity may not appear where you are. And this is our goal and your goal as we see it clearly in the light of the new day.
           Thus the snows have come in answer to your call.¹ Thus we clear that which is no longer useful within your life and within your work. For the appearing of the new edifice of light where you are, blessed ones, and the holy purposes to which you have set your soul and your light may then manifest with greater clarity because you have seen as the Elohim have seen that which is possible. For we move mountains. Yes, we move mountains!—and this only for the glory of God upon Earth.
           I am Elohim, and I claim these sons and daughters of God who have given selflessly this day, O Lord, for you and your holy work upon Earth. It is done, it is finished, it is sealed in the Alpha cycle. And as the Omega light does appear within these fully for the full balancing of their karma in the Earth, then, O Lord, you will be glorified more brightly and shine in the Shekinah glory of those who have chosen to be that Mother light upon Earth because of the full appearing of that light within.
           Glory hallelujah, for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth this day and every day!² Amen.

1.  It snowed in Paradise Valley in Montana just before this HeartStream.
2.  Rev. 19:6.

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