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Johannes      April 27, 2007

Beloved Johannes (Pope John XXIII)
David Christopher Lewis
April 27, 2007            7:16-7:50 am CDT
Lawrence, Kansas

The New Order of the Spirit

Blessed Servants of the Poor in Spirit,
            I am come to release a quotient of spiritual fire [and teaching] for all of Christendom this day. For there has been a certain compromise at the highest levels of the worldwide body of the churches whereby the leadership that should be moving forward the plans of the Lord are not only holding back the truths that should be brought forth to the people in this new era but are actually promulgating outworn philosophies and modes of teaching and worship which must give way to a new Order of the Spirit.
            I initiate this Novus Ordinum this day through which a cosmic impetus is released by dispensation of the Solar Lords who oversee the stepping down of the Christic light to this world and to many worlds. When there is the passing of an old order which is no longer relevant within the context of the desire of the Godhead to raise his people higher, some among mankind must be ready to be anchor points and arbiters of these new frequencies of the Spirit in order for the collective consciousness of mankind and of devotees of the Lord Christ to move forward.
            Thus, blessed ones, you are called this day by the Christ of your own being to step up the action of light within so that others, seeing the glowing of your auric emanations at the soul level, may also take heart and make the necessary changes within their own being to accelerate on the path home to God's heart. You see, it takes a certain quota of lightbearers, cosmic scouts and spiritual shock troops to clear the pathways of light for many more to follow. And unless some feel our divine impulses and obey the inner calling of their own souls to ascend, the many may not as easily follow suit and rise to receive our offering.
            The blessed Lady Kristine is releasing an aspect of this new wine of the Spirit unto you who would become the light. And thus, she, as a doctor of the Church and a very present example of holiness and of one who has made the ultimate sacrifice so that many more may live, gives you teaching and training on the principles of how to make that inner resolve to unfailingly act in the light, of the light and as the light.
            Many saints are moving behind the scenes to inculcate into various lifestreams within the churches who call to them an added impetus of fire whereby they may begin to see now the fresh, new radiance within this current dispensation which may help clothe them with those spiritual vestments that are part and parcel to the weaving of the deathless solar body that will carry them unto their own ascension in the light. But until one and all see the very present reality and possibility of their own victory, they will truly never follow the example of the Lord Jesus nor any of the saints to also realize Godhood in the here and now.
            Blessed ones, you are the examples that we wish to draw them to as those who have not compromised the cosmic honor flame but who continue day by day in invoking the greater love-fires of the Spirit into the earth body and seek for us new inroads into the outer awareness of mankind to bring our gifts of light and joy. Working together in this sacred compact is the requirement of the hour. For although you have been warned not to take heaven by storm, yet we do desire that more of you impel us to act in your world hour by hour. And this can only be done through your conscious acceptance of what we have to give and of your employment of these gifts through wakefulness and with eyes wide open to their ability to change lives.
            We have a plan, and it is this: to charge forth the light through such a release of cosmic fire that none can deny the blessings that will follow as it sweeps across their world and wipes clean the murky slates of the past! Therefore, take heart and study the teachings on the inner cathedral of the heart, for they are key to what will allow you to receive your own greater initiations, delivered by the hand of your own Higher Self day by day. For although our messengers and teachers are set before you to initiate this process within, only you can take the seed patterns of crystal light that we release and make them real and lasting within, beloved ones.
            I am Johannes. I was instrumental in moving the Church forward into the twenty-first century, relinquishing certain rituals of the past that most could not relate to in ways that were directly meaningful to their walk with God in the context of daily living. And though not all the changes have been what I foresaw as the best and highest of that which would increase illumination's fires within the Church, yet a spiral was begun that would ultimately lead to the dissolution of the old order and the establishing of a new foundation of Christic teaching from the very mouth of the Lord himself. This he now releases through the many and the few, both in heaven and on earth.
            May your life come into conformity with the holy purposes to which you were sent forth to fulfill in the beginning. I clothe you with a new surplice of light, a new alb of sanctity and a new cloak of sacred fire for your journey unto perfection's ideality as Selfhood in God. Pax vobiscum.

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