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Paracletus      April 23, 2007

Beloved Paracletus
David Christopher Lewis
April 23, 2007            5:35-6:04 am MDT
Emigrant, Montana

The Holy Spirit Lives Within You


Devotees Intent on Penetrating the Inner Mysteries of Light,
            I am prepared to give you new keys to spiritual Self-transcendence as you open your heart to a greater influx of divine light. And in the process of closing off the other portals of outer awareness of the human senses, there is a relaxing of tension and a heightening of your perception of the inner receptive love-fires of your own Godhood. Thus, I may now begin to release these currents of energy unto you.
            Breathe deeply now, blessed ones, to ingest that which the Holy Spirit would convey of his abiding presence of God-reality in this hour; for to know what is truly real in the spiritual sense you must be more attuned to the workings of that Spirit within. Its work is perfect and able to change you from glory unto glory even as you accept the inner radiance of joy at the core of the pranic emanations that flow through you as you continue to breathe and accept these calming love-fires.
            Mankind has often thought that fire is detrimental to life, burning and consuming physical substance where it has left him devoid of the material possessions he needs. And yet this same fire from the spiritual standpoint is purely beneficial, taking from him only those unreal accumulations from yesteryear that have not boded well for him on his trek home to the heart of God. Thus, understanding the nature of the God-fires of transmutation is required if mankind is to return to the Sun-consciousness of holiness.
            Beloved ones, we again speak of surrender as the greatest spiritual practice that leads to perfect union with the Beloved, for in the act of releasing all fears of the unknown, all animosities of a life lived for self, one enters into the sacred space of peace where the dove of the Holy Spirit may abide. This is not a surrender of the real within you but the letting go of the past pretenses that have kept you bound to mortal living within the framework of an animal existence.
            It is time to lift up your head and live as the Godly beings that you are! It is no more acceptable to perceive of yourself either as a lowly sinner or a beastly personage having evolved from apes; for this is not your divine origin, nor your rightful inheritance at the end of the road. Though at times all do not act from the perfect poise of divine knowingness while embodied in human form, yet heaven understands the humanity of man even while it maintains the sure wisdom that man is more than a physical body-he is a soul and Spirit, activated and energized by God's light and his eternal heartstream!
            Thus blessed ones, it is time to act your part and to do the greater works that the Lord Jesus said that you could, because he has gone to prepare the place for you-the rooms of his heavenly estate which are even within the inner recesses of your own heart as you meditate and contemplate the appearance of the Christ light within always. A slight turning of the dial of your own consciousness is required for you to both live in humility as a servant son or daughter of God and yet to realize your divine nature and to outpicture it in daily living.
            What one can do all can do, and thus each of the saints who has gone before you and contacted the joy of bliss in God can offer you keys in the understanding of your own soul and its trajectory of light in holy purpose. Their joy may be your own as you live in the sure knowing that God is where you are and that nothing can stop the daily upliftment of your soul by the spiritual fires of heavenly grace through your moment by moment acceptance and receptivity.
            O, gracious ones, perception is the key. This is the unfolding of the flower of life within you, the emanation of God that has always been there and always will, for the Lord lives and moves and has his being within you if you will truly accept and know his love and light. I am Paracletus. I have witnessed the blazing light of my own Reality and thus I can see the potential within you that must be fanned and experienced in greater measure if you are to become immortal.
            Would you walk with God this day? Then take my hand with the Maha Chohan and breathe anew the sacred fire breath and live as the Christed one that you are. I thank you.

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