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Saint Gemma      April 22, 2007

Beloved Saint Gemma
David Christopher Lewis
April 22, 2007            3:39-4:19 am MDT
Emigrant, Montana

The Via Gloriosa: The Path of Pure Union with God's Heart
Study with Lady Kristine and Saint John of the Cross
To Know Your Own Christic Light

Blessed Friends and Students of Light,
            I come this day to awaken within you a greater propensity toward spirituality, that deep and abiding inner joy of union with the Lord of Life. And with attending angels I quicken your divine faculties for the receptivity of the graces of virtue and holiness. I am Saint Gemma, daughter of Jesus and servant and handmaiden of Mary, his Mother.
            The joy of service to the light is paramount. The quietude of entering into the sacred stillness of oneness with God's heart is the key to divine gnosis, blessed ones. And when, through abiding in the presence of angels who come to minister to your soul, you undergo the transformation as a bride of Christ during that perfect communion with the heart of God, the ineffable joy that you experience in pure bliss in doting upon God's love will carry you far upon your spiritual journey.
            This is the path of the saints whose hearts burn and pine for perfect union. And every son and daughter of God who yearns for oneness with the heart of Jesus or Mary or any of the divine intercessors leads you by the example of loving kindness that can help raise you to that infinite joy that all who have ascended truly know. This is your birthright, truly the divine rights of life, freedom and the pursuit of godly happiness.
            I also come with my sister and inner mentor, Lady Kristine, whose teachings on the cathedral of the heart were key to me in preparing my consciousness to also receive the direct transfusion of light from Jesus' heart and the Christ Spirit to which he was wed. And I urge you, each one, to consider attending this upcoming class of Meru University to receive her intimations as well as that of her beloved who was embodied as Saint John of the Cross. For you will have conveyed unto you the spiritual fires of the Holy Spirit through entering into the sacred sanctuary of your own heart as you read and meditate upon the words of divine love-wisdom gleaned by these two mystical saints whose mission and life parallel mine and also portend your own spiral ascent.
            Blessed ones, there comes a time on the path when all must be surrendered into the flame of perfect transmutation, which is the violet singing joy-flame. And when, through perfect givingness, you offer your heart to God, the Lord cannot but answer and give the allness of his Presence unto you. There is a science to this spiritual conversion whereby the human is simply replaced with the divine; and this is what both Lady Kristine and her twin flame would offer you during the teachings that they will share on the morrow and continuing for a full six weeks.
            During this time, you may also decide to prepare the vessel of your consciousness for the full empowerment of the Holy Spirit who comes on Pentecost to increase the love fires of holy truth within you as you are ready and able to receive them. In fact, he comes daily to interject into your soul and even your outer awareness new divine essences that compose those aspects of the Spirit that you must embody within and without if you are to receive the full anointing that you seek from his gracious hands of fire!
            This charismatic blessing you have sought during many past embodiments, and yet in this hour a greater anointing is available to you, for you now know the higher teachings that in the past were reserved only for those true mystics who could enter into the secret chambers of pure love through the complete givingness of their lives to God in perfect surrender. Yes, you have the keys to this process in your Sacred Surrender Ritual which I am asking the students of Lady Kristine and John to give daily during this class, for there is no better way to step over the threshold of outer consciousness to that haven of stillness within than to let go of your past vicissitudes and place your trust in God fully and finally.
            Many revel in the experience of the bliss of oneness. But, beloved ones, you must move on to even greater heights of God-consciousness through the permanent union with the Beloved. This is the divine fusion that may only come when you shed the garments of a life lived for self and put on the clean cloak of virginity as a reborn soul, ready to know all that God would give to you day by day. This is the experience that I had as I saw what was acting in my world when I was not within the bosom of my Beloved, which, during periods of great pain and darkness, I had to cast into the fire of his impassioned heart fires of holy love.
            Measure by measure, as you peel back the layers of mortality the shining skeins of light will glean before you of that immortal life that you seek within God's being. And your inner knowing will be enhanced through the teaching that your own God Presence will bestow as you meditate each day upon the inner life lived for the Beloved. This is the Middle Way of love-wisdom, this is the "Via Gloriosa" which replaces the sorrowful way of the past with the joyful experience that you may know as I also now know perfect bliss as an ascended lady master in your midst.
            Gracious ones, take to heart Jesus' conveyance to your soul of the inner mysteries that he will unlock to you and you alone in the depths of your heart as you abide with him in the Christos of your own being. He opens the door. Only you can let the light in. May that light shine brightly within you and displace all the shadows of the dark night that have clouded your sacred journey. I declare the New Day of the appearance of the Christ and the Buddha emanation within you this day if you will accept it.
            I am Gemma, reflecting the light-essences of the Divine Jeweler through the prism of my Spirit unto you so that you, too, may be a gem of light for Him.

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