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Lanello      April 14, 2007

Transcribed by and date:  Patricia Carlson 7/25/07

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Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

April 14, 2007    8:35 am local

Miami, Florida



A New Rosary to the Seven Archeiai


            Blessed heartfriends of Miami and all who have gathered here, I feel welcome within your hearts, for you have prepared a place for me to abide deep within your heart. You see, blessed ones, my magnanimous heart is available to each one of you when you prepare for my coming by stilling your heart through love, through devotion but most importantly through accepting the fact that you also, like Jesus, are a son or a daughter of God.

When you feel worthy to receive the light of God from your own God-Presence, the angels come to surround you for they always tend the hearts of those who love God. And I know that they tend your hearts, blessed ones; for, you see, I also feel comfortable within you. Those who are devoted to the blessed Mother and Jesus and Saint Germain have already prepared a place for the Holy Spirit to abide through their devotion and their acceptance of the light of the Trinity. But, O blessed ones, I also honor the light of the Mother—and not only the Blessed Virgin but all the ladies of heaven. And my son has prepared this loving new rosary on behalf of the archeiai who are the ladies who are the mujeres of the archangels. Is this a new thought for you that the archangels would have wives?

Well, it is not so difficult to think that God as a Father and Mother employs angels as both men and women on your behalf. For, you see, the blessed Mary is the wife of Raphael, an archangel. And now in this new rosary you have the understanding of the other six archeiai who also serve most majestically with the archangels, their spouses. As you give this rosary today in your native tongue, think on that which each of the archeiai epitomizes for God with each color ray, the seven rainbow rays, creating a most wonderful manifestation of light around you. And as you view this beloved chart in front of you on the altar prepared by my son Tom Miller who is also here today—who[m] I wish to speak to you later—you can see these spheres of light glowing all around you but then also emanating from you to bless all God's children in this area.

For you see, blessed ones, the purpose of this new rosary is not only for you to give glory to God but for you, as a son or daughter of God, to be, for and on behalf of the archangels and archeiai, one through whom the light of God may flow on behalf of all life. This is our new way of devotion that you will come to understand more and more as you practice this sacred science of new age prayer and devotion.

            I thank you, blessed hearts, for your presence here, for I already feel your great hearts of fire and your anticipation of that which will occur today. Be sealed within my magnanimous heart from this day forward and unto the fulfillment of your own victory in the light. For, blessed ones, you, too, like Jesus, can ascend back to the heart of God if you believe that you can do so. For, you see, I believe that it is a very real possibility for you. And now you must accept this as a reality today.

            I love you with all of my heart and bid you welcome once more to Miami with a kiss of Christ Peace upon your heart. Let us give this new rosary now together.       






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