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Cuzco      April 10, 2007

Beloved Cuzco
David C. Lewis
April 10, 2007
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Bahia, Brazil, South America

A Cosmic Rod of Blue-Fire Power Is Placed Deep within the Earth
                                                for the Stabilization of the South American Continent

Respect the Earth—Love the Earth

Sons and Daughters of the One God,
            I come anchoring here and in every nation of South America a cosmic rod of blue-fire power deep within the Earth. You have made the call, and the call compels the answer.

            These rods are for not only the stabilization of this continent against potential earth changes and earthquakes and shifts in the tectonic plates beneath the Earth that cause such devastation but also for the impelling of mankind into higher consciousness. For these rods, blessed ones, are also magnets of God-power that, through the guru-chela relationship that I have with Surya, will cause an oscillation of cosmic light between the God Star and Earth, over which cosmic rays may descend for the upliftment of all evolutions embodied here. This is the work of the Elohim and of cosmic beings that may come forth and be precipitated—not only in the physical dimension but in many realities that you know not of—because of your prayers and your service to life here.
            Your respect for the environment is essential for the understanding of that delicate balance between the evolutions of all lifewaves upon this Earth. When mankind determine to use the natural resources in a way which then creates an imbalance, such as has occurred in the stripping of the Amazon forests, then we, blessed ones, must make up the difference. And we may not always do so in the way that mankind would like. And that is why you see the increase in hurricane and wind and fire in certain regions, because there is through this devastation in one region a concurrent imbalance in other areas of the globe, [which] some have even described as the butterfly effect. If mankind could truly see the aura of the Amazon forests, as well as of the great mountain regions of the Earth, and see the devas themselves who inhabit these vast regions, they would not be so quick through their greed to cause these devas to flee as they either burn, mine or harvest the lumber and the resources from these areas.
            Blessed ones, we also work with the devas in many regions across the Earth and [with] what some have even called cosmic regent devas, who wield vast energies on behalf of the elemental kingdoms on Earth and in other systems of worlds. And Surya, my guru, understands the delicate balance between life on all planets and star systems and is constantly, from that point of the God Star, regulating the cosmic currents that emanate through these star systems.
Oh, you thought that stars were simply great clouds of gas! Well, ho, mankind, you should understand truly the nature of the sun and of all stars and of how each one does emanate thousands of various cosmic rays across the galaxies, across the cosmos.
            When you begin to understand the science of harmony and balance, then you will attune not only within nature but within yourself what is essential for this perfect balance to be maintained such that harmony may prevail across not only your own nation, your own continent but across the galaxies themselves. For, blessed ones, did you not think that even that which you do upon Earth is not felt by evolutions in other worlds? I say it is so. And when you utter a prayer, a fiat of light, often great cosmic masters and Buddhas and celestial beings hear your heart's cry and answer as they are able within the confines of the karma and the dharma in which they are also engaged in their own planetary home and system. 
            Thus, if the truth were known, mankind would be amazed at the diversity of life across the galaxies. And yet, blessed ones, even your own scientists tell you of this great diversity within the Amazon jungle itself, with millions and even billions of creatures, plants, fungi that inhabit this area. The study, through biology, of this area alone could take millennia if it were truly engaged in, in the detailed level that some would desire to take you.
            Therefore respect life. Respect the Earth. Love the Earth! Send emanations of your compassion to the elemental kingdom, even as you kneel before a tree or a plant or prostrate yourself on the grass and feel the currents that emanate from the very Mother Earth herself, blessed ones. Yes, you live upon her bosom. Yes, you feed from her sacred breasts. And only when you understand the nature of the Earth Mother and her movement and her love for you will you, through this respect, truly come into that God Self-respect that will move you from being embodied as men and women unto your new life as God beings.
            I am Cuzco, and Surya is here, placing his aura of the white-fire/blue-fire sun around the Earth. It is sealed in his light for twenty-four hours from the time of this dictation, blessed ones. Use this time to give your calls for the Earth and for dispensations from the scientists of the Spirit for these cosmic currents to be employed by us for greater harmony to be maintained in all areas of the globe, but especially here in South America.
            I thank you for your service to life here. For, blessed ones, it has made a great difference. And the elementals are happy and singing and dancing and joying in the company that they feel in your presence of respect and love for them. 
            Thank you for the short tour that beloved Jan has given in deference to that which grows here. For you see, even during this short time together, the fairies and the angel devas were singing lullabies of praise to your souls.
           Now take your repast, and remember, blessed ones, that the food you eat, that you ingest and that will nurture your physical bodies all came from the fruits of the labors of the blessed elementals, whom we serve.
            In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, be sealed in the white-fire/blue-fire sun of your own solar sun.

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