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Zarathustra      April 09, 2007

Beloved Zarathustra
David C. Lewis
April 9, 2007 5:27–5:37  pm local time
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Bahia, Brazil, South America

The Science of Purgation
Being Consumed within the Fire

           I come to rend the veil between your mortality and the immortal fire, who you truly are, and to prepare for the coming of the Buddha of the Violet Ray. I am Zarathustra, and I bring you, also with Morya, into the Holy of Holies, where you will see the flame that burns eternally. This is your divine nature. This is that which the Buddha has become, which you are in the process of becoming fully.
           Those who understand the nature of fire may rise higher, but unless and until you are willing to be consumed within this fire, you may not truly know whereof God exists. For when the Buddha of the Violet Ray comes, you must be prepared for what you will receive and become in his presence. This is not to be taken lightly, but truly in the sanctity of an experience that few among mankind are able or willing to [know], [to] put their feet to the coals to receive of this fire.
           But you have come because you understand your Buddha Nature, and if you would, the Buddha would displace within you all that is anti-freedom so that others may live in that freedom also. Even the locusts understand the song of freedom, and they sing in a rhythm understood only by the adepts fully. For the wave patterns that they create through the vibration that they emanate are for the stripping of the consciousness of patterns of an ancient karma. For were they not employed by the Lord God also in Egypt, blessed ones, for the judgment of darkness? But this judgment is the exacting of a specific quotient of the misqualification of light within all that must be purged in the fire of Zarathustra.
           Listen to the voice of those who prepare the way for your understanding of the dark night. For the continuous stripping from you of that which you have wound about the coil of your soul may be accelerated if you understand the science of the purgation. Yes, it is a science that the adepts, the fiery souls, know; for they stand within the fire itself, which consumes the darkness on contact.
           We of the ancient order of the fire gazers and the star-fire visionaries know something of the Solar Lords, the turning of worlds, the geometrization of cycles within the cosmos, of Vedic astrology but, most important, of the rise of the phoenix light within from the ashes of what is consumed in that fire. Thus, each opportunity that you take to invoke the violet fire should be one of holy ritual and of an understanding of the process of the purgation, blessed ones, and not simply an exercise in an outer manifestation of a quasi-science whereby you do not enter the fire that you invoke, but simply desire for it to be employed by you without first knowing the nature, the essence of that fire.
           So meditate now once more in the presence of the holy one who comes with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray from deep within the Earth, in cosmic caverns beneath this continent which hold great treasures of understanding of ancient civilizations and of their employment of the golden fire, the ruby fire that consumes the dross so that that gold may shine fully within each one.

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