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John the Beloved      April 09, 2007

Beloved John the Beloved
David C. Lewis
April 9, 2007   11:50 am–12:02 pm  local time
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Bahia, Brazil, South America

True God-Love

I Give You a Rose—a Symbol of the Tryst We Enter into
in Our Journey of Love unto Perfect Love 

            In gratitude for your heart fires of love, I come. And the emanations of Venus now stream to Earth with many of your beloved friends of light upon that sister star, sending you missives of joy for your mission here and for the fulfillment of your love life, truly the love of God.
           Blessed ones, I was in love with Jesus, and I am still. And yet the love that I bore the man was an unearthly love, you see; for it was the love of the light of that Christ that he became. And though some have misunderstood this personal identification with the man Jesus, whereby they think that I, close to him, only embodied a human love for the man himself, [they] should understand that it was truly the very love of God within me that was able to understand the love that flowed through his heart to all, [and it is] that [which] I sought at all times to receive, to regenerate and to express in all that I did, and do.
           It is okay, you see, to think on God, in a certain sense, as an anthropomorphic being, sending your love in a personal way to your Lord, so long, blessed ones, as you also understand the inner mystery of love in all manifestations—impersonal and personal—whereby you can share that love with all at any time, in any place, because you know the Beloved.
           Much has been written about love, but, O mankind, how little you know of true God-love. For this love is at the core of all—and from that love, all created worlds have come forth. This you know; this you can conceive of. And yet when you truly enter into cosmic love, blessed ones, then nothing will suffice for you than to reexperience the eternal love fires of the One God, the One Spirit, ever, always. This is the love that the Lord Jesus did so perfectly exemplify in ways miraculous, in ways simple and sweet to the children, to the aged, to the homeless, to the leper, even as a fiery ruby love of judgment unto the Pharisees and those who stood between the people and their love of God.
           O holy love that will not let me go, I adore thee in all. O love that would consume my very being if I would allow its burning to continue as it does even now day and night, I know that all that would be consumed is not love. For love cannot be consumed but can only be entered into, experienced and known from the heart of givingness, the heart of mercy, the heart of kindness, the heart of a longing and even a sweet bitterness when that heart does not fully blossom as God's love.
           I give to you now, each one, a rose prepared by my daughter. Embedded within this symbol is a portion of my fiery love for Jesus, [which] remains vital, real and alive now that I share [it] with you, each one. Take this little rose, which has the aroma of my heart, and when at any time you feel the pain that comes when others do not understand your love, I will enter your heart; for I do understand your love, blessed ones.
           So come forward and receive in your right palm this outer symbol of the tryst that we enter into this day in our journey of love unto perfect love. And as you walk with Jesus as I have walked with him, all the way unto the resurrection and the ascension, may you know the ruby cross, the rose cross of love that he bears still for mankind—the prefect love of the Christ. I seal you in the flaming heart of the Lord, O beloved ones.


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