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Goddess of Freedom      April 09, 2007

Beloved Goddess of Freedom
David C. Lewis
April 9, 2007   9:40–9:56 pm  local time
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Bahia, Brazil, South America

A Dispensation for the Anchoring
of Focal Points of Light and Freedom in Brazil

Blessed Hearts Who Know Something of the Flame of Freedom,
            I am here to anchor a rod and a staff and a sword and a banner of freedom for the people of this land and for the people of all lands! And I place a replica of the image of myself atop the Capitol of the United States of America squarely within the center of this nation, Brazil, for the victory of the light here. And from this focal point, whereby a beacon of freedom from this day forward will be emitted from this forcefield, you will see a great garnering of the light of those who have been called by the Great Divine Director to fulfill the mission of the Aquarian Master Saint Germain and his consort, Portia, [and] the light to spread across the nations from this point.
            We of the Great White Brotherhood are gratified that you have come, allowing us to place our mantles upon you and permanent matrices of light here, blessed ones. And when thirty or so in number blend their voices, raised as one voice, to cry out to the Lord as you have done so this evening, the Lord God hears and answers! And the heavens are opened and the angels appear and hearts are upturned to God once more. Those who had been dulled and lulled to sleep now take hope, for they see at inner planes the joy of freedom that you have brought.
           Truly, blessed ones, is not this flame fun? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] And has not your sojourn in this place, prepared so lovingly by humble hearts, given you a new opportunity within the nature world to experience the Edenic consciousness that you had long, long ago in the Garden of Eden, when you understood that which the Lord God placed—the Tree of Life—within that garden? And here you have even partaken of those fruits of the local trees and your drinks, also prepared so lovingly by these servants who love you so, you know. For they feel the warmth of your hearts, just as you feel the love of theirs. And this inner bonding, whereby the flame does burst forth between the connection of your hearts east and west, north and south and in all directions, does cause the fire to glow more brightly within all hearts because some have laid down their [lives] so that others may live.
           You think, blessed ones, that I speak in a metaphor, but truly each time you pray as you have, whereby the very essence of your heart is opened and the flow of love does gush forth, you are, like Jesus and the saints, laying down your life for your brethren. It does not always require the physical death of the servitor afire for this initiation to occur; but for those who understand the need to defend freedom, they give their alland their all is their heart.
           So I come, and at twelve specific points of light that I have chosen around Brazil, I also place diadems of fire from the stars that adorn my causal body and the image that you have seen of me in America. Through these focal points also, there does occur from this day forward an emanation of a particular aspect of freedom that souls in these regions may attune to such that when the name of the Master Saint Germain is revealed unto them through the media, through books and through various means, they will instantly know his name, his flame; for his also is truly the flame of freedom.
           [All] of these twelve stars are also lighthouse beacons from which the emanation of my Presence [will continue to manifest.]  Along with the masters of the seventh ray who sponsor this nation and other nations within the Southern Hemisphere, and specifically in South America, I will utilize [them] at any hour of the day or night when one or more souls within this land pray lovingly, calling forth the violet fire for the great God of Freedom to descend and to do his perfect work in the Earth.
           This is quite a special dispensation, blessed ones. For you see, there is one here, chosen from among this people, who could fulfill the mandate of the Lord day and night, night and day through the use of the sacred fire. And others among the brethren and holy sisters who abide in this region, who from this day forward will determine to learn this new art of invocation—[which] you have demonstrated in quite a powerful manifestation, I must say—will also, for the blessed master of the seventh root race, the Great Divine Director, be focal points for the release of currents of cosmic freedom to the Earth.
           In the inner recesses of your heart, you understand the nature of freedom and all peoples' desire truly to be free from the imposition of darkness that comes when societies and systems of government and economies do not uphold the true reality of that which is the rightful inheritance of the soul of the humble ones upon Earth. Why, even those who have prepared this place for you have recently brought electricity here. And even this itself is an aspect of the current of freedom, you see. For with the light and the current that flows through the wires that you have in your homes, in your abodes, you have a new opportunity to do work that previously and heretofore you could not do during the evening hours when the light of the sun dips beneath the horizon.
           So electricity and all manifestations of light, in whatever ways, are given unto mankind for the purpose of glorifying God and not as license to misqualify that light through all manner of human nonsense, carnality and human desire outpictured through the five senses. When you understand all aspects of the flame of freedom and how we employ them through sons and daughters of God upon Earth, then you will not take for granted that which many souls have laid down their [lives] [to offer] before you came onto the scene—giving, giving and giving, unto often the death of the outer form, so that those of subsequent generations would have the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labor, their sacrifice and their lives.
           We move on toward the new sun of the appearing of the light of freedom to the new world. And that new world is here, blessed ones. Yes, the Master Saint Germain came to the Caribbean and anchored the standard for the Lord at Salvador.¹ But he also comes here within this holy place, so near to the other Salvador, whereby because we have come and because you have come, there is new opportunity given to souls to rise unto their God and serve to set life free.
           This is my message; this is my hope, [which] we have entrusted unto you, blessed ones. You have made your calling and election sure² by your word and by the worth of your beingness in God, having prepared fully for the incoming light of the Holy Spirit in your midst through your voice and through your humility. This is our new way of bringing forth cosmic freedom and not just the physical freedom of the body in this age.
           O holy ones, stand now, take the hands of those beside you. And as I also witness with you the great inrush of the sacred fire through the new conception of light in this place and in the twelve focal points of light that I have now established through our oneness, we will anchor this new current of fire here for a permanent focus so that all who come to this sanctuary of light will feel the impetus of your personal heart fire, given so lovingly this night.
           Therefore receive the current of freedom's fire. And now release your hold and take with me the standard of freedom and anchor it deep within the Earth now! It is done, it is finished, it is sealed, for the mouth of the Lord through these hearts of freedom has spoken it.³ Amen. [applause]

1.  Saint Germain was embodied as Chrisopher Columbus who traveled from Spain to the "New World" in 1492.
2.  2 Peter 1:10
3.  Isaiah 40:5

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