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Zadkiel      April 07, 2007

Beloved Lord Zadkiel
David C. Lewis
April 7, 2007   7:56–8:10 am  local time
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Bahia, Brazil, South America

O Violet-Joy Light!
I Sing the Song of Freedom unto All Life in South America

Blessed Hearts of Fire,
            I am grateful that you are here. And in the early morning light I come, impressing the light of the seventh ray upon this soil, from the base to the crown of this continent.
           Each of you as a vessel of fire [is] now, for me, beloved ones, an anchor point for the release of the violet fire unto this continent. And from beneath your feet to above your crown, you may see, by leave of my angels of the violet fire, the infusion of all peoples, of all cities, the countryside, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the streams, the four lower bodies of this continent with that light of transmutation.
            We begin now with Chile and Argentina, and I raise that sacred fire from within you and within these nations gently, from the base through the seat of the soul, passing through Uruguay and Paraguay and the lower regions of Brazil. This violet fire sweeps clean the dust of the past and the accumulations of karma within the nations and her people, rising unto the solar plexus to Bolivia, central Brazil and Peru.
            The light continues to ascend through each of you. Your heart is now ablaze with the violet currents of the seventh-ray aspect of the Spirit, who I am and who you now are. Purifying, cleansing, transmuting in concentric rings of fire from the point of you, as my electrodes, we move, ascending through the great cities of Brazil into the northern regions, the Amazon. We contact records, and there is the engulfing of all that is less than the perfected design of godly intent within the Earth with the light of love.
           Into Ecuador, Colombia we now rise—the throat chakra of yourself, to the third eye—the regions of Venezuela, the Guianas. Your crown is now afire with that violet light. Emanations of perfection and beauty now spin, and my angels create of this entire continent now a giant top, which you may visualize. For you see, is not this land truly almost in the shape of a top, blessed hearts? See South America now spinning, and as it spins there is released all vestiges of darkness, of human infamy, of war, murder and mayhem, misuse of the sacred fire, misuse of the mind, the heart. As this spinning continues, you also spin in the great merkabah of fire in the microcosm of your being unto the macrocosm of the beingness of God.
            Light! light! light! manifests. Thousands and tens of thousands of angels now attend this spinning action, releasing and drawing forth the substance of the past into the very central fire of the violet light emanating from their chakras and aura. It is as if a giant cauldron were created whereby the darkness is consumed on contact through our conscious cooperation and work in this hour.
            There is now, through the action of the laser ray and the Z-ray, the impregnation within this entire sphere of cosmic currents of violet-joy light. Feel the currents of this employment of God's radiance where you are. And as you travel in consciousness to every hamlet and home, to every man, woman and child upon this soil, releasing chords of harmony, of the acceptance of God's light, see the strengthening of heart ties between all peoples such that there is no division or strife between nations and peoples, cultures, but only the light of harmony and freedom.
            O violet joy, I sing the song of freedom unto all life in South America. O violet joy, light the fires of their hearts and souls with the eternality of your Spirit, with the radiance of new joy in knowing the Lord. O violet joy, impress upon each one the knowledge of the one God where each one is, and let them know, O Lord, a new day, a new way of freedom this hour.
            From my retreat emanates now the light of Elohim. And from Africa and from the retreat of the Elohim, there does flow an accelerated love-fire of the violet light as the power to change and consume darkness. Records of the slave trade, now, in this region and throughout the Americas, the Caribbean are consumed by the power of the violet light. Burn through, O sacred fire, through the records of slavery. Burn through, by the power of the violet light. Burn through now, by the power of the Central Sun, the darkness. Let souls be freed! I have proclaimed it. You may proclaim it. Freedom reign here forevermore. Amen.

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