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Lanello      April 06, 2007



Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
April 6, 2007   9:05-9:15 pm local time
Imbassai, Bahia, Brazil

All Spiritual Work is Work on Yourself
Honor the Humble Servants upon the Continent of South America 

Blessed hearts who are becoming more magnanimous every day, truly we are here together, and the joy of our oneness is what melds our hearts, our souls, our spirits into one great flaming heart.

            I bring to your inner recollection now, the memory of a time when we served together in a culture and civilization upon this continent wherein the inner temple work that we were engaged in at that time did bring blessings to sentient beings and maintained the quotient of fire that was sufficient for the stabilization of that culture. We come again. We serve to set life free. For, blessed ones, mankind has forgotten the flame that burns within their hearts, and so they need some who can remind them of this their purpose for living upon earth—to be God in manifestation, to live a life of freedom, of harmony in balance with nature—in truth, to know the heart of all.

Listen now in the stillness of your hearts to the Holy Spirit within nature that speaks unto you. [Fourteen-second pause.] In the silence you can know all. In the inner chamber of blessedness you have access to all truth. Having fully entered the Holy of Holies within yourself, you see all life as sacred. For in the inner temple the true alchemy of sacred fire does occur, and you are raised each time you enter the sacred space of stillness, gleaning more of the essential nature of your Higher Self and then being able to manifest it both in outer works of glorifying God and in the continuous communication and communion with your own Reality.

Truly, blessed ones, all spiritual work is, as the messenger has said on my behalf this night, work on yourself. For, you see, having embodied in these veils of time and space and living in these coats of skin, having temporarily entered into duality, your only exit point is from within that secret chamber of oneness through which you may ascend if you choose, having fulfilled your reason for being—to be a God in manifestation. No outer blasphemy are these words but truly the words of the master who Jesus is and remains—who I am and who you may be in this hour.

Do you understand the sacred mystery of life within you? Would you receive a greater impartation of fire from the hearts of your own beloved this night?  [Yes.] Then enter into your own heart of hearts, enfired by mine, rekindled by the Lord of the World and many masters who love you so and who will continue to grace your own Holy of Holies if you allow them entrée to your heart.

We serve to set life free. But first and foremost, we let out the sacred dove from the cage of our own being in this hour to fly, releasing from within ourselves that which has held us back from our eternal perfection where we live and move and have our beingness in God.

So, blessed ones, enjoy your time together in this sanctuary prepared by humble hearts who serve. Honor each of these, the holy children of this continent, who in their very lack of outer physical manifestation of abundance yet have among the souls of mankind often greater awareness of the love fires of the Spirit most holy as they serve you, as they love you as we do.

Lux Invictus! Lux! Lux! Lux!




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