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Maha Chohan      April 03, 2007

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
April 3, 2007 (17 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Your Purpose is to Be Light!
Spiritual Fire is All that is Real.

            Blessed heartfriends who would receive more of the Spirit of God within your beings, I am enthralled with the Presence of the Lord emanating through my being this day. I am enlivened by the light which is my essence. I am fulfilled by that which God does employ through the fire who I am. The Maha Chohan, I am. And you may be me in manifestation when your fiery nature is allowed to grace the earth through free-will acceptance of who you are now.
            Only God exists, blessed hearts. And only his Spirit is real. O Israel, hear the Word of the Lord this day, that all must be real. Are you real, I ask? Are you fulfilling the Spirit's purpose in your life? Is anything more important than God and his work through you, I ask? If not, then you have understood the nature of life. But if so, and there are elements of self yet remaining which have not fully been enfired by God's Presence where you are, then receive the fire of transmutation this day such that that which is real may glow more brightly within you.
            Blessed ones, I see each of you as a filament ready for the torch to light you. Would you keep the lamp on always through the day and through the night? For, you see, there is an endless supply of energy to maintain the glowing of the filament of Self. There is no need for it to wane or to grow dim. For the lamp that you are is God, the light that you are is his manifestation. And when you understand the nature of light, you will understand God's purposes in you, through you.
            Those who are grasping to understand what their purpose is, should know this day that your purpose is to be light. For when you are that light, then whatever you do receives God's Presence through your work. But when your lamp has gone out, then no matter what your outer work is, it does not receive the fullness of that who you truly are as a God-being.
            Fiery love I bring this day, a new type of love that you have not fully known, blessed ones. You ask, what is this love? It is the love of Spirit, the love of God. Have you loved Spirit? Have you perceived the holiness of that Spirit which I embody and which you, too, may know? Spiritual fire from my vantage point is all that is real. And yet I know that, for those who have not perceived the reality of their own being, this fiery love may not fully be known quite yet.
            Some are uncomfortable in the presence of our emissaries and receive the word of the messenger not as our voice but as the voice of a human. Do you know when we speak through this or the other of the Spirit that you must become? Or do you judge that which is our voice, which may make you feel temporarily a little too much heat? Judge not, but parse the Word within yourself to see how you react to the fire that we bring. What is it within you that allows the fire of the Spirit to work its work in you? And what is it that does not allow the Word to be where you are?
            I bring true comfort to my own, but this does not always mean that you will be fully comfortable in the human when I come. But I comfort by that Spirit and that fire. Making you temporarily uncomfortable in your seats in the human is given for the purpose of making you comfortable in and as God. Change is the requirement of that Spirit and its work in you. You may surmise how to get comfortable in my presence if you are willing to receive the ampoules of fiery change within self when I come. The fire is never the same, you see, that I bring. It is constantly moving, consuming, changing, transmuting. For this is the nature of God. Change! Fire! Spirit!
            Thus, those who cannot understand the nature of change and how you must be ready and willing and able to employ our word as change within you will not understand this mission, this movement of light. But for those who are ready for the new day, the new spirit, the new wine, we come, we move you and we comfort you. Yes, I could speak in a soft voice of the heartbeat of God. And yet this day I choose to raise you higher, for you have called it forth, have you not? I raise you in spirit and in the reality of your Godhood. And if you would take my hand, you will be changed from glory unto glory, day by day, such that no human being will truly ever know you again as you were, but God will see you as you are, with me, a fiery spirit, a Selfhood in love with light, with fire.
            I am the Maha Chohan. I lay a carpet of fire before the messenger and those traveling to Brazil1 and for all the ascended masters who will speak and for all the work that you will do for the children, for the seventh root race, for the fiery ones whom we seek to relight. Yes, blessed ones, take my taper and rekindle them through my fire, through my love. And in the very process, you, too, will receive the Spirit which will flow through you for God's holy purposes. Blaze! Blaze! Blaze! the fire through these, O Lord, until all are free to be fire.

1From April 5-12, 2007 thirty devotees traveled to Imbassai, (near Salvador) Brazil to attend "The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas", an Eastertide spiritual retreat to pray for and anchor the light in South America, especially for the incoming children of the Seventh Root Race.

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