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Lady Kristine      March 30, 2007

Beloved Lady Kristine
David C. Lewis
March 30, 2007   7:37–7:50 am CST
Lawrence, Kansas

The Mysteries of Communion with God
Seek and Knock at the Doorway of the Cathedral of My Own Beingness

Gracious hearts who would understand the mysteries of communion with God, I am Lady Kristine and this day I call all children of the Lord into the cathedral of my heart. For in recent weeks I have prepared for a teaching to be conveyed unto you, each one, that may allow you a greater conversation with the Lord.
           In my embodiment as Teresa of Avila, I was privileged to receive from the very heart of the Lord many inner mysteries that allowed me access to the inner chamber of the very heart of God, both within his son Jesus and within my own heart, one with God. The teaching that we will convey through an understanding of the principles of maintaining this conversation with God, while attending him in the various rooms that comprise the edifice of light which is the secret chamber of the heart, will allow you entrée to the deeper mysteries, blessed ones, whereby you, too, may tap into higher frequencies of gnosis of your own God Self—the particles, the divine essence of God's beingness which flow always through the receptacle of your consciousness when you see your lifestream as one that is part of the greater river of life that is God's Holy Spirit manifest everywhere.
            Every ascended master who has become one with God partakes of and from this stream of immortal God substance, which is the spiritual fire from which all creativity and blessedness and grace arise. Many of you are participating in the alchemy of light, and you may dip your chalice within the great river that God provides and drink daily of this grail consciousness. For it is an eternal spring that does not wane but gushes forth ever and always unto those who understand the mystery and the sacred science of flow.
           My beloved, who was embodied as Saint John of the Cross, also revealed unto those with listening ear an understanding of the sacred fire of love accelerated to that ruby love of pure bliss, even while accepting the burden of the sins of the world through not only the mortification of the flesh but of that transubstantiation that occurs within the very vessel of fire which is your heart, one with God. Therefore a new understanding of holy love of these saints, which you are in this hour as you attend to the Lord in manifesting the bodhisattva vow of self-sacrifice so that others may live, will gain you, blessed ones, a new understanding of the living flame of love born within the hearts of all of the living saints in this hour.
           Come and drink both the liquid essence of the river of life and the eternal fire within the chalice that we will provide you during our next Meru University class. For I will be there overshadowing beloved Celeste and beloved Paul,¹ giving unto you that which I have gleaned, even in the heaven world since my ascension, of the graciousness of God and of how that grace is employed through the virgin consciousness of the Mother Light as that light is effused through every orifice of God, the chakras, the light energies, the stream—the crystal stream—of beingness, of divine Selfhood.
           O blessed ones, if you could feel as the ascended masters feel the very pulsations of God's heart and his consciousness, one with all life, then you would never again enter into a feeling of despair, [knowing] that your pathway home is naught but that which love may be embodied through and witnessed unto day by day. Therefore, seek and knock at the doorway of the cathedral of my own beingness. Converse with me hour by hour. Even during your pilgrimage to Brazil, I will be weaving strands of sanctity within a sacred shawl that I desire to  place upon each one as you come to my cathedral, blessed ones. This filigree emanation will be yours as you complete your assignments, as you read my words and those of my beloved; for our angels will attend you as you drink the essence of God's awareness of himself as you, day by day. 
            Through stillness in knowing, through blessedness in loving, and through awareness in doing, may the balance of the threefold light of the spirit spark within you, within that secret chamber, glow more brightly this day, O blessed hearts of fire. I live to serve the light within all, and this day I emanate that light more brightly because you would know God where you are. 
            I thank you. I thank you. I thank you for your willingness to be champions of grace always.

1.  Dr. Celeste Miller and Rev. Paul Haugen with the Messenger David Christopher Lewis presented teachings from the heart of Lady Kristine during a Meru University course during which devotees studied the teachings of Teresa of Avila (an embodiment of Lady Kristine) and St. John of the Cross, an embodiment of her twin flame. These two Spanish saints, though true to their respective holy orders, were drawn together by their inner spiritual bond as being twin flames.

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