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Sanat Kumara      March 25, 2007

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David C. Lewis
March 25, 2007  (6 minutes)
Stelle, Illinois


The Divine Experience of Love

Reverent Ones in Whom the Peace of God Resides,
            Fortuitous occurrences are the direct result of conscious choices in your world. For if you believe in the law of cause and effect, all good flows unto those who emit God-good to all life. Thus, blessed ones, you should not be surprised when the grace that you are seeking descends into your life as greater boon and blessing, optimizing your ability to employ your resources toward holy purpose in your work.
           Realizing the nature of God is your goal. Inculcating within the holy latticework of divine joy throughout your entire being allows you to attune to the crystal-diamond matrix of perfection that resides within the eye of God as his vision for you. For love is the nature of God, and his love for you can be the tidal wave upon which you are launched to a new level of love that you have not heretofore embraced.
            All godly beings have understood the science of love, for love embodies all other virtues, circumscribing all within a cosmic ambience of upliftment that all should know as the true first love of God. Those of you who have experienced the wonder and awe of your own first love in a human sense, whereupon you live in a dreamworld of doting on the beloved of your musings, may translate this into the same experience with the very being of God, whose divine love far transcends mortal existence; for his love has bounded across the galaxies and star systems for untold eons.
            Realizing the nature of love, you attune to the nature of God. Attuning your heartbeat unto his through resonance, through acceptance of every good and perfect gift of holy virtue within your chakras, which are God's contact points for the release of his fire within you, allows you to live and move within his being. Once firmly established in this divine relationship, nothing will suffice for you but to continue to seek for a greater and greater gnosis of this love at all times and in all places. And though you may have a holy relationship with other heartfriends with whom you serve, your first love is always with your God Source.
           Following the commandment given to Moses to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind and soul1 spurs the prodigal ones back to the Source from whence they have come. For unless there is a divine relationship with reality reestablished through conscious synchronicity with your Presence, you cannot fully enter in to the kingdom of heaven or the oneness of the Spirit. But when you do, the divine blessings that flow unto you are worth the time you spend, blessed ones.
            Long ago on Venus, I gazed upon the sun of our system and fully realized my own divine connection with God, pouring forth my praise and thanksgiving to the Father-Mother of both this planetary family and also unto the Sun behind the sun, back to the first cause of love. And in an hour of deep contemplation upon the heart of God, I felt the increase of the power and wisdom of love within my being such that I finally understood the very nature of God.
            You, too, may have this divine experience right where you are as your musings upon the love of God are translated day by day through your Higher Self into the divine experience of living not only within God's heart but his entire body, which is the Cosmic Egg itself. The pulsations of his heart nourish the cosmos. And thus you, made in his image and likeness, may also emanate the currents of love that feed all those within your world and your microcosmic family.
            True love is what men and women seek. If they would seek first to know themselves, then they would know that God has lit that love within them as a cosmic taper that not only lights their own being but may illumine a world in his love.
            I am Sanat Kumara. I have come in answer to the call of one, a daughter who long ago with me pledged to bring love to a world in need. I have never left off loving her and loving you, blessed ones, so that you, too, may know the infinite love of God.

1. Matt. 22:37; Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27.

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