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Lady Venus      March 25, 2007

David C. Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus)
March 25, 2007  (10 minutes)
Stelle, Illinois

A Story for Children
A Special Princess-Teacher Who Became Queen and Mother of All in Her Realm 
Each of You May Be a Saviour or a Saviouress, a Teacher, unto Many Souls

           A story for children: Once upon a time, in an ancient realm, there lived a princess with golden hair and eyes of green. This princess was married to a very handsome prince who was the rightful heir to the throne of a vast kingdom. His parents ruled not with a rod of iron but truly from the heart, and the entire kingdom was embraced in the love of this family, whose first love was for God.
            Although the prince and princess tried many times to bear a child, no child came forth unto them. And so this blessed one, through a great desiring of her heart to serve, decided to open a schoolroom for children whose parents, working very hard, though having many struggles, could not afford to attend the normal schools within the kingdom's realm. And this, by permission from the king and queen, she did, and all the children, the needy ones, came, and she taught them and they felt her great love for their souls. The instruction that she gave was one of deep reverence for life and of an abiding awareness of God's Presence everywhere.
            From early childhood unto the years of teens and even beyond, she served her people. And one day when her husband's parents passed and her prince became king, she desired with a great desire of her heart to present her students unto the king, having fully passed their tests, [having] graduated at each level of their schooling and [having] attained great virtues in the process of their education.
            So one day, a great banquet was called for the entire kingdom and all were invited. And after the great meal that was presented at the table for all to partake of, the new queen presented her students, who gave dramas and plays and sang and danced and presented to the entire kingdom their understanding of the nature of God in all. Many were moved by the presentation of these children, who had truly become holy because of the virtue of the princess, now become queen, who loved them so and gave them her very heart in the process of teaching them day by day.
            When all was fulfilled that day in terms of the presentations by the students, the entire company present gathered in a circle and held hands. A hush came upon the company as, through their hearts, they attuned to the very heart of God. And the former king and queen appeared in light bodies above the company, smiling down upon them, blessing them with great graces of the Spirit, [which] [all] felt entering their being because of their acceptance of those gifts and graces. For you see, the king and queen had ascended to the very heart of God and looked down upon their kingdom, emanating great love rays to all within the realm.
            The spiritual connectivity between hearts that day grew to such an extent that a newfound joy emanated from every hearth and home within the kingdom, and there was peace within the land. [All the] child[ren] who had attended the queen's school moved on in life with great accomplishments to fulfill their inner calling. New schools were opened throughout the realm, and the ongoingness of what the queen had taught her students continued, heart to heart, as within these schools more and more were taught the divine sciences and arts of the spirit as she had conveyed. And so you see, although the princess had no child of her own, yet her heart encompassed the entire kingdom and all considered themselves her children.
            Thus, O blessed ones, each of you may be a saviour or a saviouress, a teacher, unto many souls. Thus we begin a new drama within this movement of light of The Hearts Center whereby here and there, learning centers are opened, sponsored by the lady masters, whose joy is to teach the little ones, from their hearts, the truths conveyed by the holy masters of love-wisdom above.

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