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Luara      March 23, 2007

Beloved Luara
David C. Lewis
March 23, 2007 6:16-6:33 am CST
Chicago Hearts Center Stelle, Illinois

A Dispensation of Light for the Acceleration of Ancient Karma Transmutation For Those who have balanced Fifty percent or more

Blessed Friends of The Hearts Center Movement,
            We have heard your calls and your prayers and we are thankful for your attending to our needs most graciously. I am Luara, and this day I choose to be with those who dwell within the very heart of love for elemental life. For the movement of the spiritual energies through your emotional bodies that we feel most tangibly in our realm have created whirlpools and eddies of light whereby Neptune and I have worked to purify the water element across the earth, within the skies and the oceans and deep within the earth.
            For, do you not know, O mankind, that water dwells very deep within the earth itself where there is the commingling of the fire, the water and the earth and even pockets of gaseous air whereby transmutation occurs and we prepare many surprises which one day mankind will more fully understand when it enters into a greater communion with elemental life? Most of mankind operates not only through its mind but through its emotions and its interactions with each other.
            And so there has been through the astral bodies a misqualification of the emotional quadrant of the earth itself. And through the mass consciousness outpictured through a non-refinement and an understanding that man even has what is termed an emotional body, many spread the results of their feelings far across the earth, even influencing weather patterns and peoples and even nations through their misguided use of free will charged with unresolved energies, often going far back in time to previous continents, nations and eras.
            For you see, blessed ones, through the long coursing of your life stream through time and space across the earth, you have left traces and patterns across the earth of the very substance of your being. And some have understood this as the leaving of soul parts here and there. When, through divine emotional intelligence, you, working on your soul patterns, desire with a true God-desire to draw back unto the core of self all the elements of your Godhood that you have left here and there, often it is both the angels and the elementals who, working in consonance with your Higher Self, return these essences of yourself back unto your soul for reintegration, for your wholeness. Simultaneously, blessed ones, as we come to return unto you that which you have misqualified and left here and there, there can be the healing of certain rents in the earth body, especially at the emotional level. For often the greatest misqualification of your energies, manifesting as personal and even planetary karma, occurs through your emotional body.
            Thus, if would consider with us this day how you may assist the undines and the nature spirits in all kingdoms by attuning to the very heart of the earth-the Earth Mother and Father itself as Virgo and Pelleur-and how the seas through Neptune and me, the air through Aries and Thor and the fire through Oromasis and Diana can be in the four quadrants of beingness, one in alignment toward a holy purpose, you can work with us in consonance to dispel the age-old darkness that has clouded the astral plane and created a miasma such that it is no longer in its pristine purity as it was originally created by the Elohim in the beginning.
            You see, we work very closely with certain cosmic masters, namely Surya and Cuzco, to consume within the astral plane not only the records of the fall of certain civilizations that have descended deep under the seas, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, but we also attend to the Lord God in the hiding of certain of these records from mankind's knowledge. For often, when there is the contacting even physically of these ancient civilizations and their treasures or their frequencies, mankind then, taps again into the record. And unless and until he is ready to fully understand what it was that caused the sinking of these civilizations and strive and work toward the transmutation of those records, even within his own unconscious, which is the sea within him at another level, then there can be the unleashing of even greater darkness, blessed hearts.
            So, we come to wash you clean at a certain layer of your emotional body. And as you strive and work daily through your prayers and invocations and visualize the violet fire and the other rays, consider this day how, although you maximize the currents flowing through you through the visualization of light as fire, you may also see a gentle washing action of that light through the water element through your emotional body, consuming within you these astral records of your past misqualifications of light.
            Blessed hearts, it is true that many Mothers of the Spirit dwell naturally within the seas. And the undines, very happy to commune with elemental life at all levels under the seas, seek your prayers and permission to enter into a greater action of transmutation of certain ancient records and even of the physical pollution that mankind constantly allows to be emptied into the oceans and the waterways. For it is difficult for us to always consume all without your conscious cooperation with us, blessed ones.
            On this day dedicated to beloved Cuzco and Surya, we announce a dispensation of light for the acceleration of the transmutation of karma for those of you who have balanced fifty percent or more, such that you may move swiftly through the emotional body, up to the seventy-five percentile and thus gain greater mastery over your emotions in the process, blessed hearts. For those who are dedicated to this holy cause and will give one-half hour daily of violet fire prayers, there can be a greater acceleration for you in the transmutation of these records, blessed hearts.
            And if you would desire to call to the undines and to Neptune and me, we will release a greater action of this washing action that, along with the violet fire that you give, will cleanse and purify not only these astral records within the earth but within the very deepest layers of your unconscious, your electronic belt, going back to the very eldest times of your walk upon this planet. For many of these records are on Atlantis and Lemuria. And since these continents have sunk beneath the waves, we can assist you in the transmutation of those records within those layers of the strata of the earth beneath your conscious understanding.
            O holy ones who love God, we are grateful that you know of our presence and of our work and of our service for mankind and for the planetary body and for all of life upon earth. One day mankind, fully illumined, will see the vibrancy of all that occurs within the elemental kingdom, feel the oneness of all three kingdoms of the ascended master realm, the Elohimic creation including the elementals and mankind himself. And through the integration of the threefold flame within him and the balancing of that light, there will be a golden age consciousness and civilization come again unto mankind when all of God's creation vibrates in harmony, in unity, of one accord, as Above so below, here upon this blessed planet that you know as earth.
            We serve to set life free through the loving emotions of God through you, O hearts of fiery, watery love. I thank you.

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