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John the Baptist      March 20, 2007

Beloved John the Baptist
David C. Lewis
March 20, 2007  (17 minutes)
Stelle, Illinois

                                                            The Personal Fire of the Christ Light 
                                                         and the Cult of Human Self-Identification

            May the Spirit of the Lord be upon you, and may the dove of God's eternal peace hover above your heads and ray forth the fire of that eternal Spirit unto each one.
Blessed hearts, I would speak this day of the personal fire of the Christ Light. For I know something of this fire and flame, having been witness to the Son of man becoming the Son of God, both as my student and apprentice in my life as Elijah and then fulfilled as Emmanuel, the One Sent, The Lord Our Righteousness, embodied in Jesus The Christ.
            Unfortunately, a personality cult has arisen around the personage of the Master, and this was never his intent. For he came as a witness, as an example, as the ideal that all men could strive toward, as teacher, prophet and the voice of love. And yet mankind, because of their self-identification with the ego, have glorified the person of Jesus to their own detriment. For in doing so they have lost the totality of the message of his incarnation—manifesting the Christ Spirit in all ways to all peoples. And thereby they have become more self-identified with their own ego nature rather than the spirit of their own Christ Self, which he came to exemplify and to highlight.
            I stood with Jesus in the river Jordan and raised my hand and the light descended upon him and the dove of the Holy Spirit did witness that the Lord God was well pleased with his Son. This example [of one who had truly become the Christ was] set before mankind not for mankind [to] simply honor only the name Jesus, which is a human name given through his mother and father unto the child. [It was] the example set forth such that mankind would know that they too could be baptized in this same fiery Spirit, attaining to the level of spiritual growth and understanding that he attained to because of his striving in many embodiments to ennoble that spirit of Christly love within him.
And so even in this day and age, there is a great personality cult that you see outplayed within the media whereby those who are paraded before you in the motion picture industries, on television and across the stages of life are thought of as almost godly beings because of that which mankind empowers them with in this cult of human self-identification. And when, O mankind, this is done, the Christ Spirit of yourself is debased and you know not truly that which is within you, which is the light of God that the Lord placed there in the beginning as that spirit-spark, that threefold light of love, wisdom and power within your heart.
            Some are concerned even within this movement that around the messengers there may evolve a personality cult. And I come this day with a lightning of the Spirit for the dissolving of all of this nonsense of the human. For, blessed ones, those who come to serve as our amanuenses seek not to be held aloft before you as human personalities, but seek only to be servant leaders, as examples of those through whom we may speak when one is chosen to be the mouthpiece of the Lord.
           Thus, I state for the record for all time and space that this movement of light of The Hearts Center is not one whereby messengers, council members or any personality is to be held in such high esteem in the personality that there is the fractioning of the light and the inculcation within the matrix that we have set forth of anything other than the circle of oneness that you seek in communion heart to heart. Yes, there are those who must lead and have taken their seats to be our spokespersons and those through whom we work from year to year. But many may sit within these seats, and there are terms and offices whereby what you would term “the power” is shared such that there may be no dissimulation, division or inharmony amongst the brethren and the sisters.
            Truly, blessed ones, no human being is perfect in the personality. But in the individuality of the God flame there is the perfectionment of the heart, such as you have seen ennobled in the one Lord Jesus the Christ and in many servant sons and daughters of God, the ascended masters, who through striving and attunement and oneness with holy purpose have returned to the eternal perfection of love-wisdom within the center of God's being. Thus fear not, for having established this forcefield and the circle of hallowed oneness, we move and have our being within the Earth body itself; and there is the balance of the Impersonal Impersonality, the Personal Impersonality, the Personal Personality and the Impersonal Personality within the four quadrants of being and within the circumference of your holy union as sons and daughters of the Most High One. Thus the Father, the Son/Daughter, the Mother and the Holy Spirit are magnified within you and within all life.
            And when you understand how these frequencies are outplayed, even through your own consciousness, whereby you may enter into the role temporarily of the Father or the Mother, the Son/Daughter or the Holy Spirit in your interactions with life, then you will see how through these phases of existence you may ennoble each point, not identifying for all time and space from that point of reference who you are in the Personality or the Impersonality, but truly abiding always within that circle, even when you live and move within that point through which you temporarily experience the life of the devotee and the master in becoming.
           This teaching is essential for all heartfriends, servitors and partners to understand within the greater context of the evolution of the soul within the spiritual arena in which you live, blessed hearts. When we send one or another to the Earth who has chosen through self-sacrifice to be a vessel for us, there is always from the human level the attempt to look up to that one in a certain godlike state. And yet when you understand yourself also as the one sent by your own God Self to experience in the rounds of rebirth the full evolutionary path, you will see how only in the self-identification with your own reality and the harmony of cosmic joy within the circle of your God-identity may you truly know who you are and thus not have any need to glorify one or another human personality over another.
            For fear that some would come to strip away your own pathway to the heart of the Sun, some have avoided entering into the Spirit of this new movement of light and love. And so I call forth many more to come to the fount within this Hearts Center movement and receive directly from the ascended masters the impartation of the fire, of the water and the full baptism of the Spirit and the soul! For, mankind, unless ye be baptized of fire and of water, you cannot enter into the full perfectionment of your own Self!¹
           And thus, I once again baptize, through the four elements, not only of fire and water but of air and of earth, your four lower bodies, bringing them into alignment with holy purpose, with truth and with the Divine Reality in which you live and move and have your being in God.
            In the name of the Father and of the Son/Daughter and of the Mother and of the Holy Spirit, be sealed in our circle of holy love, wisdom and power this day, O mankind, O devotees, O masters in the making, O servitors of God. I thank you.

1.  Matthew 3:11; Luke 3:16; Acts 1:5

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