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Amaryllis      March 19, 2007

Beloved Amaryllis
David Christopher Lewis
March 19, 2007            7:05-7:37 am CDT
Chicago Hearts Center
Stelle, Illinois

The Springtime of Life in the Newness of God's Spirit and Garden
With a Message on Global Warming

            The springtime of life in the newness of God's spirit I bring unto all whose hearts sing this day the song of the Mother's love. And I caress you in the radiance of my aura, refining that which I see within you as God's eternal fire into a fresh, new aromatic distillation of that spiritual grace who you are as a divine one embodied upon earth. I am Amaryllis. And the strains of the angels voices sing now in nature and the variegated manifestations of elemental life which springs up into the glory that you know so well, O mankind, when you commune heart to heart with us who love you so.
            What is it within nature that mankind may attune to that draws them closer to the heart of the One? It is that selfsame spirit that dwells within them. But in the verdant glory-the greens, the yellows and all the hues that the blessed gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines bring to your attention if you place it there-are truly representations of the colorful aspects of God's streaming consciousness that you see, that you behold, that you through the lens of your eyes for the healing at the deepest core level of your soul. For within nature God has brought all that you need for your life, for a long life, upon earth, if you choose wisely to partake of that which is set before you upon the table of nature's glory. And within every plant there are keys and essences and substances that you allow you, O mankind, to live a life whereby you may glorify God through the use of these substances for the edification of all, through the nurturing of both spirit and body, for all that you need to live comfortably without disease, without rancor, but truly a soul one with that which is in nature.
            As the resurrection fires are employed by elemental life through the rebirth that occurs each spring in certain climates whereby there is a newness and a freshness of that spirit, you can drink in and breathe in these resurrection currents if you spend time in nature and understand this process whereby God, in the cyclings of energy, releases unto you the frequencies of a new birth again, day by day.
            You see, each spring is a new spiral. And you should be on a higher level and rung of your evolutionary path and be able to partake of and receive the new currents that come and are emitted and emanated by the sun of your system, blessed hearts. Do you not know that the sun itself is evolving and emanating greater frequencies of cosmic energy season by season, year by year unto both the earth and all of the planets? For you see, all evolve toward the one God. And as each sun-center draws greater fire from its own sun source then naturally the emanation of those greater frequencies are also brought to bear within your world to the glory of God as it manifests in nature and in all evolutions.
            There is a process whereby your cells are able to drink in these higher frequencies. And the elementals themselves understand this process, having been tutored by their hierarchs who know very well the secrets of nature's glory as outpictured through the cyclings of solar light through photosynthesis and all of the natural processes that you see outpictured in nature. Mankind cannot fully imitate that which God has placed within the natural order, although he may try. But when he discerns within himself what God has placed as a flame, an eternal flame, and fans it and allows it to grow, then he sees truly that within nature that resonates with that selfsame spiritual energy which can move him beyond the sense of being an animal and truly as a God-free being in his own right, a created son or daughter, a co-creator who can utilize the natural resources given unto him upon the earth toward the betterment of life and toward the salvation of all souls.
            It is only when mankind sees himself [as] separate from nature and the God of nature that he is then bereft of all that he requires to fulfill his divine calling as an eternal one in the garden of the Lord. Thus, when mankind disobeyed the first law of love there was the shedding of the eternal veil of oneness and a shadowed veil was established whereby mankind saw himself as naked or separate from that one divine light. Ever since that time you have sought again to enter into the eternal garden of everlasting life. And this day I show you a glimpse of the heaven world wherein you can live as an ascended being in this oneness, with hearts attuned to the Lord.
            The colorations and vibrations of the heavenly gardens are O so much more rarified and glorious to behold. And many who have had near-death experiences have told you, blessed ones, of how vibrant and real and more intense the colorations and substances of heaven are in comparison with that which you see upon earth. The blessed elementals, under the care of the four hierarchs and the four seasons of life, are ever desirous of bringing more of heaven to earth, for therein earth truly becomes more divine. And thus they also, as co-creators in their own right, utilize the creativity that they have, even at their level, to bring forth perfection in their manifestation of plant life in all of its forms, in all of its splendor, in all of its miraculous outpicturing.
            We honor those who strive to bring unto children and unto mankind an awareness of the glory of nature through film and documentary and the understanding of the intricate interconnectedness of all life and how you must not tamper with certain natural processes. For when there is the strain upon nature through mankind's misguided intervention by attempting to rid the natural processes of one pest or substance, you have often seen the outpicturing, then, of an imbalance within another region or area or clime that creates problems. Mankind cannot truly know all. And thus, there must be reverence and respect for the natural cycles. And yet, when he prays and understands by attunement with the divine intent as it is outpictured in nature he may intervene in certain areas, as Luther Burbank and others have, to create a more beautiful representation of life with that respect and understanding of the natural order.
            Springtime is a time when you may take a walk in nature and receive these greater currents that we bear each new spring. It is a time for reflection upon the new cycle of life teeming within yourself and of how, through attunement, you may receive greater blessings day by day, partaking of the divine breath emanating through all plant life. For you see, plants themselves breathe. And there is a cycling of energies in a figure eight flow between plants and humans whereby they are nourished by each other in the CO� and the O� cycling that your science teaches you. Isn't this miraculous, in and of itself, blessed ones, how divine order is such that man may live in harmony with nature when he understands and sees truly as God desires him to see.
            Now I would speak on the subject of global warming, for, beloved ones, there has been much misunderstanding on this subject. When mankind releases into the atmosphere toxic substances [he] places a strain on the work of the sylphs, the fiery salamanders, the undines and even the gnomes. And though some would claim that there is no global warming, regardless of the various perspectives from which one comes, there has been a great burden upon elemental life through all of the emissions, through the release of the combustion from fossil fuels to the detriment of the atmosphere upon [around the] earth. And there has been an intervention in the natural cyclings of light through the four quadrants of being through pollution at all levels, especially through the release of nuclear pollution, radioactive waste and many toxic substances created by mankind in manufacturing industries such that the blessed gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders, burdened with a great burden, are then required to release those burdens by unleashing the intensity of that fury through storm and wind, through hurricane, tornado, through monsoon, [cyclone, flood] and fire.
            The Lord, Jesus the Christ, had a communion with elemental life that enabled him to command the elements, to stop the winds, even to prevent great cataclysm. For he understood how the elementals outplayed their emotions through the wind and the rain and the storm. Yes, blessed ones, elementals have feeling. And when they are not respected and mankind pollutes en masse, there is naturally a feeling of anxiety within their realm that is outpictured as you have seen it in nature's manifestations of hurt that you feel as the intense storms that you have seen. It is not the elementals' intention to punish mankind for they are not the arbiters of karma but only the focal points for its release in the natural order.
            So, when you respect them, when you love them, when you sing to them and when you make efforts to utilize the natural resources properly and not to pollute in the four quadrants of being, then there is their ability to clean up the past emissions through the transmutative processes that you have seen, whereby the rain itself collects upon particles of dust and pollution, drawing them back to the surface of the earth. And these, washed clean, as residue, are then distributed physically, often going deep within the earth itself, whereby the fires within the earth can consume those toxic substances within the core itself.
            When you give the violet fire you aid elemental life in this process and there can actually be the transmutation of this toxicity of pollution and smog by the concentrated action of the release of sacred fire, even within the sky itself, that [consumes] that pollution on contact. There must be, concurrent with the release of greater understanding of the natural cycles, an increase in respect for the elementals and the giving of violet fire [prayers] on their behalf if you would see the lessening of the burdens upon them to the extent that they can prevent greater calamity coming through earth changes.
            Thus, whether you believe in global warming [or not], whether you accept one paradigm or another, my request of you this day, O, mankind, is to seek natural ways and means of living whereby there is less stress upon the natural kingdom, less human intervention, especially in the manufacturing industries, and where it is possible, that recycling of both substances and emissions, occur in greater measure, such that less and less strain will be experienced by the blessed nature kingdom. And eventually earth will again return to its pristine state of beauty and that which God envisioned in the beginning when the Elohim created the worlds and said that their creation was Good.1
            The politics that have entered into the equation of the discussion on global warming has clouded the truth regarding what the Lord God desires mankind to see and know. And that is that he, mankind, must return to the simplicity of a life lived in harmony with nature at all levels, utilizing the skill sets of those who understand the natural processes of life, the purpose and use of plants, herbs, and all foods; a return to natural, organic farming and agriculture; the lessening of the use of man-made petrochemicals within all industries of agriculture and arboriculture; and, first and foremost, a respect and reverence for life that will allow a return of harmony to occur within the natural order of mankind's interaction with the elementals and with the earth.
            This is my message to you this day, O blessed ones-that you must take and encapsulate into a brochure or [the] release of a short e-zine, both upon your website and distributed where you can to those who can do something about this predicament that we see growing and growing to the extent that, if there is not the turning around of the problem, greater and greater burdens will come unto mankind through the unleashing of nature's fury.
            I am Amaryllis. Feel now the love of the elementals for you that I share with your heart and soul and spirit. These blessed ones mimic you, O mankind, and yet are often, through your own misunderstanding, awestruck at what has occurred, which they always seek to mitigate on your behalf, serving selflessly, lovingly-truly like man's best friend, attending him, seeking his attention and love and only desirous to be a friend upon this grand garden of the Lord's that you call planet earth.
            Walk softly upon the land and speak of your love for nature. For, we will hear your heart's intent and bring unto you an awareness of our presence tangibly where you live. I thank you for your great attention to my message this day and I wish you a most holy and bounteous spring. Thank you.

1Genesis 1: 1-31

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