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Hilarion      March 16, 2007

Beloved Hilarion
David C. Lewis
March 16, 2007   8:07–8:21 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Fifty-Five Are Called to Attend the European Pilgrimage
A Dispensation for the Balancing of Karma

           Beloved heartfriends, my representatives in the Earth are moving swiftly to plan a pilgrimage to Europe this fall. And we are now at a critical juncture to determine exactly what may be done for the Earth and for the souls of lightbearers as a result of your personal commitment to me and to the masters of wisdom through this sacred journey that I will lead with the hosts of the Lord.
            Thus I have called at inner levels fifty-five to attend to the needs of the Lord, to the sacred work that will ensue by your physical presence on this pilgrimage. I ask that you make your desire known within seventy-two hours to our planner, Reverend Paul Haugen, [as to] whether you desire to be with me on this trip. I have communicated through the messenger to the council that many of you have karma within the European continent that still lingers within your electronic belt to be consumed. Much of this was made in the area of the Mediterranean and specifically in the nations of Greece, Italy and eastern and southeastern Europe.
           This pilgrimage will give many of you an opportunity to balance up to 7 percent of your remaining karma within the two-week period of this venture if you are determined to sacrifice, to be an attending one to me and to the angels that will move with you during this event. This is a great boon for many, blessed hearts, who now determine not only to make your ascension but to go all the way to balance as much, if not 100 percent, of your karma [as possible] in this life. [You] can through your concerted effort, as one body, as one army of light, balance greater karma because of the synergy of your combined prayers in this way.
           You see, if you were to simply pray for the rest of your life or to make a personal trek to these locations, you could balance a certain percentage. But when, through your united effort, you go and there is the amplification and the multiplication of your prayers and the energies released, there can be for each of you a greater action of light, and this by dispensation of the Lords of Karma. For I have sought this for and on your behalf, blessed ones, and have received the assent of the Karmic Board that if a certain fifty-five are to attend and the work [is] done at the direction of the messengers through your prayer work during this event, that each one on this trip shall receive the extra grace of mercy's light and the balancing of this ancient karma.
            I suggest that heartfriends and servitors see the movie 300, and although it may be quite disquieting to some of you with the imagery and the effects upon your chakras, yet it is at some level a representation of that violence that occurred through the warring of Gog and Magog within these regions in past eras. Many of you were among those of various armies, and through the intransigence of some who sought only greater territory and lust for riches and wealth, you, taking part in those wars, also earned the karma of the destruction that occurred at every turn. And yet some, also being true to the word of God in your mission, earned the good karma, at times, of standing for the light in defense of that truth through the scepter of authority that you bore.
           Looking down your lifestreams, blessed hearts, many of you have sustained scars from these incursions and have at a very deep level of your being a remembrance of the pain and the suffering through these wars that must, once and for all, be cast into the flame such that when you stand on that dais at the close of this embodiment, you will be the surefire ones to rise swiftly in the ascended state into your perfected light body to become immortal ones once again and able to serve at the highest levels because you have determined in your final incarnation to balance as much karma in the physical while yet embodied and not relegated it to the future, after your ascension.
           Thus we know the burdens upon you, financially and otherwise, and that is why this present course of Meru University has been set forth for each of you to secure, through the alchemy of the Master Saint Germain, the resources in your life to precipitate that which is required for you to accelerate such that you may balance this karma and work with us more closely in the process.
           Those of you who have accompanied the messengers on these pilgrimages have reaped great rewards by both your personal striving and also your support and protection of the messengers in the process of their delivery of our word, blessed hearts. Because of your sacrificial giving, this was the added impetus that [was] required for the dispensation that I received from the Lords of Karma. For you see, I also desire my own beloved¹, among this company, to be physically present under my retreat to draw forth the light and to emanate it through her chakras on my behalf to each of you, drawing you into a higher understanding of healing—the healing of your soul, the healing of the Earth, the balancing of world karma, national karma, group karma in the process.
           Thus, blessed ones, as you know through my keynote, the armies of heaven are truly not those that seek the destruction of anything, but simply the marching forth of the light toward the ultimate goal of the perfectionment of the hearts of mankind. This is my request of each servitor, heartfriend and partner this day, that you reflect on this my dictation and request, and swiftly decide whether you will be a candidate on this team that I am forming for the victory of the healing, emerald-ray light for the Earth in this hour.
           I am Hilarion. I am grateful to each one who has stood firm in his resolve to be an anchor point of light. This is what I envisioned long ago as Paul in my work in the Holy Land and throughout Mediterranea³—building, building, building a sure army of light for the Lord. My work has never stopped, and with Jesus I continue to be about my Father's business, the business of spreading the Gospel—yes, the word, the good word of truth. I thank you.

1.  The embodied twin flame of Hilarion took part in the pilgrimage to Greece and Italy in Europe in 2007.
2.  The melody to the song Onward Christian Soldiers is the keynote of Beloved Hilarion.
3.  Hilarion uses the term Mediterranea to mean the various nations that border the Mediterranean Sea.

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