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Djwal Kul      March 10, 2007

Beloved Djwal Kul

David C. Lewis

March 10, 2007   8:00-8:18 am  MST

Wellspring Retreat

Emigrant, Montana


The Science of Cosmic Breath for Keepers of the Lightning


            May the peace of the Presence be where you are in this hour. I envelop you in a sac of fire whereby you may be able to ingest greater increments of the fire of the Holy Spirit through pranic breathing and through attuning to cosmic fire from the Sun of your Source.

            Those who live as immortal beings understand the science of cosmic breath, for we live and move and breathe in God. It is as if, blessed ones, the Lord God is a single- cell cosmic amoeba, enveloping all of creation. And through the pulsation of his spherical awareness of all, each created being is a molecule within that cell. When you breathe with God you can conceive as he does. In the undulation of the Spirit you understand all cycles, all energies and the patterning of perfection within the rounds of the cyclic evolution and involution of all.

            When your breathing is one with God's, there is no separation between his Spirit as inspiration in you, through you, of you, and that which you receive as that inspiration as the receptor of his Fire. When you enter into this accelerated respiration whereby you ingest the particles of God's consciousness in your meditation upon the Holy Breath, then attuning to cosmic frequencies, you are one with the stars in the firmament above. And those solar frequencies are yours to command below.

            Those who would be Keepers of the Lightning must understand this science of Holy Breath. For in the release of fohat there is the powerful exhalation of the sacred fire in a concentrated action of diamond light. And the yogis who have practiced the expulsion of this fiery energy through their breathing and those who have mastered the highest aspects of tantric breathing, not perverted but truly in the merging of Alpha and Omega within the Solar Presence and exhibited through the solar plexus and the diaphragm through the expunging of the Holy Breath, do employ the highest aspects of fire as you know it in this plane. This action may be accelerated as you gaze upon the sun at sunrise. As you stand or meditate in nature amidst the mountaintops or even in the valleys where you take in those solar frequencies through your solar plexus, they are spun throughout your form as the breath enters every sun center of every cell through your vision and your visionary work on yourself.

            And then there is the release through the sacred fire breath back to the Solar Source of that which you have become as an individualized sun center where you are. This science the adepts and cosmic yogis do understand and have taken to a level whereby they can sustain the immortal fire breath within their physical forms, living no longer as men—flesh, earthy—but veritably as God-beings, vibrating at an etheric level of consciousness even within the physical dimension of earth such as Babaji, such as Suryaji, Yogananda and others.

            Blessed ones, those of you who truly resonate with these Eastern adepts can take their science and employ it in the West, or wherever you are, toward the greater perfectionment of your physical forms as you move onward toward the balancing of one hundred percent of your karma, merging at each level and stage of awareness with your Higher Self within this physical plane in which you dwell.

It is as though you are required to bring heaven into the earth in a greater concentration through your four lower bodies day by day. And as you increase in your ability to hold light, to retain the fire within the cells of your being through correct diet, physical exercise, the solar meditation that many of you are now engaging in and in the study of the Word through the receipt of the engrams of fire contained within the worded cups of our dictations—past, present and future—then you may enter into the rounds of the studies of the higher adepts within the earth.

            I am Djwal Kul, and in this teaching that I give this day you may understand a greater action of what it is that is taught to servitors of fire who have passed from the screen of life not always having chosen to make the ascension but who study in our retreats, retaining the quality and quantity of fire within their beings in the etheric plane and holding the balance for earth and her evolutions at a certain strata of consciousness.

            Some of you have been these yogis in the East in past incarnations and have chosen now to come to the West to deliver the sacred fire and a higher emanation in your final embodiment unto the evolutions here. And it may be your great joy, with ours, to employ these sciences as aspiring adepts, often whereby your ascended twin flame does merge with your consciousness, raising you to achieve new heights of cosmic stability at the highest levels of the etheric within the physical in which you may live.

            Those seers whose third-eye vision is attuned would see you, blessed ones, almost invisible when you engage in these spiritual practices whereby you are taken to the etheric plane, one with your ascended twin flame. And day by day, as the merging of your spirit with your beloved does increase, you feel that resonating fire within each chakra, and especially the upper chakras and the crown, at a higher level. For the crown is where the Lord God's mind does live within you.

            We are teaching those who desire perfectionment within form. To those who are stable in their four lower bodies, first and foremost, and whose threefold flame vibrates at a higher level of stability and balance, we welcome you to our classes. For those who are still working on the balance of your emotions, outpictured in your physical body, we say continue striving to the point where then you will be admitted to these classes.

Know yourself through the Sun Presence of each cell, hour by hour. And as you live and move in the great Cell of God's Spirit, there will be the final blending, the icing on the cake of your consciousness, for the victory of love-wisdom where you are.

[Djwal Kul outbreathes three forceful, short breaths.] I release fohatic engrams into your subconscious and see you as the divine beings that you are. 


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