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Lanello      February 25, 2007

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 25, 2007   3:333:46 pm CST
One Touch of Venus
The Marsh, Minnetonka, Minnesota

The Anointing of Tom Miller as a Cosmic Servitor

An Aspect of the Torch of the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet Is Passed
Each of You Can Wear Your Mantle

            I am privileged to be here among some of the greatest hearts that I have known in past lifetimes but, more importantly, now. The cyclings of God's consciousness through my being I now extend to you on this the anniversary, shortly, of my ascension. And the radiance of the glow of the corona of your own heart I now amplify in greater measure this day because you have decided to be globules of love for mankind.
            Liszt still has a ring to him, does he not?¹ And the flying fingers across the keys, now upon the mouse, have worked wonders that you have seen. Oh, what a glory to behold what can be created in this world by a heart attuned to love! Oh, how the hush of the Mother's love for her own is here, once again whispering to you her eternal longing for your return to her heart.
            Blessed ones, for those of you who have witnessed what is possible in the heaven world, I say it is worth the inconvenience of the trek upwards, as Morya has said. And in your givingness to others, do you not know that somehow you are elevated in the process? Every gift that you give moves you higher up the mountain to the summit of being. Every sacrifice that you make allows the angels to pull you into the higher octaves more quickly.
           And for those of you who are riding on our coattails, pulling on our apron strings, be ready, for we fly swiftly to the sun. And lest ye should let go and then we would have to grab you again, feel the firm grip of my handshake and my request of you to follow the star that we have set as the example before you, not only as messengers, not only as teachers, but [as] true friends on whom you can rely, to whom you may call at any hour of the day or night when you need our help. Think of this. Do you have friends, even now, that will come to your aid in the middle of the night when you are undergoing the duress of a nightmarish predicament? We are there instantly, blessed ones, and this we do gratefully because of our hearts' ties to you.
              I am grateful to this messenger and Rebecca for their striving and the increase in the fire through the delivery of the dictations of late. And we applaud the radiance that we see arising across the globe as a result of the anchoring of the dictations of many ascended masters in these few short years. And for this the Darjeeling Council and all true messengers are grateful, blessed ones, and [so] should you also be.
              But we are also grateful for [all] heart[s] who resides in the fire of their own Godhood, who have taken up their own mission, their own calling once again in greater measure. For this was our desire as messengers and should also be yours as our brothers and sisters to share with every heartfriend, with every servitor of light, worlds without end. We light the torch anew and pass it again this day, tangibly, unto you each one, if you would take it and run the good race with us.
              And in honor of this presentation, I ask my brother Tom to come forward in this hour. For your striving, for your humility, for your attentiveness to the word and most importantly for your love, I anoint you, O holy son of God, as a cosmic servitor on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood for all time to come. And in your holy office, as one of four who holds for the Earth with the Mother of the Flame the office of Vicar of Christ for the Earth, I charge you now with the light of God's power, wisdom and love for the fulfillment of your mission and the victory of your lifestream in this final embodiment upon Earth.
           Be it known throughout the Earth that through hearts such as these, the Earth is sustained in its orbit, O mankind, through the surrender, through the givingness unto holy purpose day by day for all life. There are initiations, and there are initiations. And at times we come to accelerate the fire within your chakras, your aura and even within your higher bodies such that you will have the impetus to fulfill your greater mission on behalf of all life.
           An aspect of the torch of the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet is passed this day to one and to a few. And just as in that hour the passing of the mantle from Clara Louise to my own beloved did occur in my presence, so you here are witnesses to the ongoingness of the path of initiation and of the chain of hierarchy in the Earth for the Great White Brotherhood. Each of you can wear your mantle as you take it, as Elijah did, and smite the waters, or as Moses, and see the miracles that may occur through your own acceptance of your own divine calling and mission.
           Therefore stand, blessed hearts, and receive the fire of the Holy Spirit in greater measure this day! Yes, Benny Hinn may come and some may fall at the touch of the Holy Spirit, but this day I give unto you a touch of Venus, a touch of my heart and the heart of Mother that you shall never forget if you remember your own true heart, one with God's always.
           In the name of holy Sophia, in the name of Amour, in the name of the New Blue of Morya El, be sealed in the fleur-de-lis of my magnanimous heart forever. Amen.

1.  The entire weekend event was orchestrated by Norman Thomas ("Tom") Miller who shared his creative art and music in a rich visual and audio tapestry of light, color and sound.  Before the HeartStream during one of Tom's presentations he shared some of his more recently composed music. Franz Liszt was one of Tom's embodiments.

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