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Godfre      February 22, 2007

Beloved Godfre
David C. Lewis
February 22, 2007   (13 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Be for America the Guardians of the Flame of Freedom
in the Lighthouse of Love for All

In the seventh-ray action of freedom's fire, I descend. I am Godfre, and I am grateful that you have prepared a new way of anchoring light upon this nation and upon this planet, blessed ones. For this truly is magnificent, and the tangible reality of your visualization may accelerate the action of light that we enfire your souls and your beings with.
           Bravo to those of you who have earned your stripes through the delivery of the sacred fire day by day. Bravo to those who have stood for freedom day and night, declaring that Earth shall remain free and that it lives and moves and has its being within the very vibration of Aquarius and the love-fires of Saint Germain. Bravo to you who have stood to defend the very flame of freedom within your soul and within all life.
           Blessed ones, when we come and anchor our light, there is a shifting in the Earth body itself, and through each dispensation and dictation, Earth is raised a notch in sacred fire. And through each prayer session that you engage in, this is also true, and elements of the sacred fire are manifest where you cast them through your vision. Without vision the people perish, but with God-vision they shall live in the reality of life as God knows it through his sons and daughters.
           Therefore use the tools and the resources that you have to visualize a new world of freedom and light. Use your third eye and the eye of Cyclopea, through your vision, to envision truly that which the Lord God has always seen through the lens of his awareness and which each of you may also partake of as you meditate upon the perfection of this Earth and of her people in light.
           Victory is manifest for those who contain and maintain the victory consciousness, and that is [what] I was required to hold for America in the early days of its founding, blessed ones.1 Yes, I held the vision for this land and her people—a land true and free from the tyranny of those who through taxation and other means would seek to bridle the very souls of mankind. And yet we stood, those who captured the vision of the Goddess of Liberty and of Saint Germain, for and on behalf of this people; and you must maintain that spirit of victory in all that you do and [in] all of your work.
            For you see, when one people and one nation can maintain the stability of freedom's fire within their land, then a beacon head and a beachhead is established whereby that light of freedom may manifest unto all peoples and nations. But if in the lighthouse the light is dimmed and there is not the 360-degree turning of that beacon, warning the souls upon the astral seas of life of the treachery and the debauchery of that which could assail them if they do not take the right course of action in their lives, then you see, blessed ones, there is the diminishing of the light within that nation and her people.
This is what has occurred, as you have seen, at many levels through the compromise of the flame of freedom and the spirit of the early founding fathers. And yet, those of you who understand the equation of light may be the counterbalance for this dimming of the solar light of freedom's fires upon the shores of America. Yes, each of you may stand for many, and this is what Lotus and I did in our final embodiment, anchoring the light of freedom and holding the fort such that that light would not go out.2
           Even as the evil die was cast in Europe to export that darkness across the nations, [so] the mists of darkness are [now] all about, and yet the light burning within your I AM Presence can dispel these mists of maya among mankind. Blessed ones, the light of your I AM Presence is greater than ten thousands suns! Do you know this? Do you believe this? Then nothing can stop the radiance of cosmic fire that you can deliver through the Word made flesh through your prayers and heartfelt decrees. And day by day, as the mists are cleared, then more souls may arise out of the astral sea to perceive as you do in the reality of God-vision. This is our goal for the saving of sentient life. And some must continue day by day to hold this fire and this torch of freedom on behalf of America and her people.
           I am so grateful for my students in the “I AM” Activity who continue through the sanctuaries of light day by day to make the call. I am grateful for those who have used this science of the spoken word to reach new stratas and levels of consciousness through the sacrifice of their givingness. I am grateful to those who have stood day by day anchoring light in whatever manifestation their spiritual practice resonates with them, blessed ones. It is time for the uniting of hearts—east and west, north and south and to the very center of the eye of God—to enfire this planet with cosmic freedom, victory and obedience to the will of God in all things.
            Yes, I am God Obedience. For my soul declared unto the Most High: “O my Lord, I will not leave you in Spirit and in mater. O my Lord, I am with you unto the end of the days of my human creation and the fulfillment of the light manifest through my life, of willingness to be who I am in you, O God. O God, I give you the glory. I give you the honor, for you are the only Lord, the I AM THAT I AM, whom I seek, whom I adore, whom I love.”
           Blessed hearts, when you kneel in prayer, as I did at Valley Forge on behalf of those who gave to the nth degree of their life energies for the establishment of this nation, you, too, can be for the forefathers of this land anchor points of light in the Earth in this hour of peril. Do not shirk the responsibility that you feel within your hearts to guard and to defend this flame at all costs. Know the equation of what is required day by day of you in terms of your sacrificial giving so that the torch may never go out. This is my plea to all devotees of light in all ascended master movements.
           Work while ye have the light of life in your midst and messengers in embodiment who can be our mouthpiece for the people of light upon Earth. Work while ye have opportunity with Portia to defend Saint Germain's plan for America and the world. If some strive and give their all, then we will give our all to them, the allness of our Presence—the I AM THAT I AM light flowing through the crystal cord into every avenue of light within them always.
             I am God-free, and I stand in the nation's capital with Morya and Lotus in this hour to defend the light of life in this people. Victory may be yours, blessed ones. Victory may be yours each hour through your acceptance of the love-wisdom fires of Venus in your midst. Go forth victorious this day—my birthday—and be for America the guardians of the flame of freedom in the lighthouse of love for all. I thank you.

1. The ascended master Godfre was embodied as George Washington.
2. Godfre and his twin flame, Lotus, were embodied as Guy and Edna Ballard, who in the 1930s founded the “I AM” Activity under the direction of Saint Germain. The Ballards decreed tirelessly for the protection of America and after Guy Ballard passed Edna continued leading prayer and decree sessions during the darkest days of World War II, often standing for hours to invoke the light of freedom.

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