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Lanello      February 21, 2007

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 21, 2007  6:00-7:40 am  MST
Emigrant, Montana


How to Pass Your Tests
(Interactive Discourse with the Audience)

            Would you like to pass all of your tests? [One of the group replies aloud, “Yes.”]  Only one person? [Laughter] Would you like to pass all of your tests? [Group responds, “Yes.”] Would you like to pass all of your tests? [With much more enthusiasm, group responds, “Yes!”]  Then how do you do this? That is what the masters would like to talk about today, interspersing teachings between decrees.

            In school sometimes you know you have a test coming and you can prepare for it. And sometimes you have pop quizzes. The same is true on the spiritual path. So, in order to pass all tests we need to study, but we also need to be alert and attuned to know when our professor is going to spring a test on us. Who is our spiritual professor for tests? [A group member asks,“Is this one particular individual that we're talking about? Another offers, “Maitreya!”] Maitreya! So, if you want to pass all your tests, who do you need to get to know? [“Maitreya.”] And you need to get to know his…what? [“Style.”] His style, his…? [“Vibration.”] His vibration, his mind…and what else? [“His heart.”] His heart and what? [One in the group says,“Tests he's given to other people?] You can study what he has done in the past. You can study what he, as a professor, has given to other students who went before you and find out what he did in previous classes. Have any of you done this? [Different responses: “No.” “ I've talked to Jesus.”] Jesus was one of his students. [“I've talked to Mother and Lanello.”] Mother and Lanello.

    People have been failing their tests lately, and somehow it always seems to come to the attention of the messenger. And I have been meditating on how people can be prepared to pass their tests—including myself, because I am tested, too. Often people speak before they think. And this is, in the West especially, a habit. We simply spout out words before we consider how those words affect others or could impact the world.
            And now with the internet, it's more dangerous because—what do we have? [“Email.”] And emails fly around and are even often more dangerous because you don't even have the person to whom you're directing the e-mail right in front of you. And it's more of an impersonal thing. It's like writing a letter, but it's instantly transmitted, and they can receive it their inbox within seconds
            You can even be having ongoing dialogues through what they call? [“Chat rooms.”] Chat rooms or…? [“Instant messaging.”] Instant messaging or text messaging over cell phones. So, it's very easy to make karma. And some people think that they're continuing to balance karma and balance karma and they're getting higher and higher. But what happens when a chela or someone who invokes a lot of light in their prayers misqualifies energy through untoward speech or e-mails? The karma descends and it's sometimes greater for them than other people because of the fire that they carry in their aura.
            And when you charge something that you send with ego, barbs of energy actually latch onto that person [receiving the email]. If you could see this on inner planes, it's as if this war is going on. And do we want this? Of course not! Now there's been a lot of this nonsense going around in emails. And emails are just an outer manifestation of what's going on in your thought and feeling world. To pass your tests, you need to be centered in the center of the circle, not on the periphery.
            Maitreya, at the eleven o'clock line, who is the one who wraps everything up before the new thrust on the twelve o'clock line for a new cycle, can help us so that we don't carry to the next cycle any misqualified energy of not having passed our tests. So, in effect, isn't it interesting that Maitreya does serve on that line because he wants us to be victorious? That line of the clock is God-victory. And to be victorious on the eleven o'clock line we need to be discerning. We need to be careful. We need to be alert. That's why we gave that prayer this morning, "I AM Awake!”
             Now, when you are wary, w-a-r-y—not “weary” but “wary”, what happens to you? What is your vibration like? Anybody? Wary—doesn't it come from the same root as “aware”? Which is like “awake”, “aware”? Your senses are rarified. You put out feelers. You are trained in being conscious and in your Presence. You expand your aura out beyond the normal limits of what your waking consciousness may be in the human dimension.

Yes? [“You're centered but you have spherical awareness.”] Exactly. If you're just looking forward, do you have peripheral vision and spherical awareness? No. You have to be aware of what is happening all around you like a tai chi master, a kung fu master and be ready for what could be coming from any direction, even behind you.

And you can sense this through super-consciousness. Now what is superconsciousness? [“When your light and your chakras are spinning.”] Chakras are spinning. [“I had once this master, long before I studied {the teachings}. And he {described} the {term} ‘superconscious state of mind' {to mean that} you're flowing. It's almost like a synchronistic effect. Your whole life is flowing. That's the word he used the most—“flowing”.]

Right. And tai chi masters—that's what they do—they flow. They are constantly in motion—maybe slowly, maybe quickly, depending on what is coming their way. So for you to pass your tests, you have to know what's coming, right? Especially for those pop quizzes. And the pop quizzes are the ones that are always the test—the real test—because you don't necessarily know what you're going to be tested on. But if you study the cycles of your own karma through the cosmic clock, the teaching that Mother Mary has given, you can have a general idea of what is happening.

Now yesterday the master through me said we have to start naming and knowing what sun and moon sign we are in. Now at some point, we're going to have to know where all of the planets are as we start to gain mastery in understanding the science of cosmic astrology or the cosmic clock. And those who know this science know the effects of each planet, how the planets interact with each other, how they interact with the sun, the moon, the rising sign, the nodes and other stars which are not within this solar system but which also impact it in a heightened way. And the most divine methodology of cosmic astrology that I am aware of [that] the masters spoke through me once [about] is Vedic astrology, the highest of the astrological sciences. And I can't remember where that came forth. But for those of you who do study astrology, I would recommend learning the Vedic methodology because it is an ancient methodology which is more attuned to the purity of astrology.

Now, in the I AM Activity, Godfre and Lotus received the instruction, I believe from Saint Germain, that studying regular astrology is not acceptable and not a practice that is condoned by the Great White Brotherhood. That is the corrupted, humanistic type of astrology whereby almost everything is futile because you are simply governed by the stars. And we know that that's not true because we have free will. So there's the conundrum here in some people's minds that they do not feel that they want to study any astrology because of what was given through the Saint Germain Foundation which [in its] original release I accept as truth. However, we also know that Mother Mary gave the cosmic astrology through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the cosmic clock teaching.

It's not that you rely on this science in order to govern you, but you use it in order to govern yourself. Your Higher Self can govern who you are by getting rid of the ego. So we need to take to heart this teaching and begin to be able to see what is coming in our worlds and pass our tests because even those who study astrology—outer astrology—do not always pass their tests. And there can be in their own outer waking consciousness a general idea of what cycles are transpiring.

But unless you have presence, unless you are living under your I AM Presence and are conscious, it doesn't really matter what you know intellectually—you can still fail these tests. And some of them are pivotal for our lifestream and for our victory and for our Ascension. And when you flunk a major test that comes in a cycle of 23,500 years or even a wider cyclic return of certain karma from eons ago, then what happens? That's an orbit of a karma that is a very wide orbit. Do you think you get to take that test immediately again? Or what happens? Not necessarily. You may have to wait a long cycle. And that's why, at times, the masters have said this is the time for you to ascend because if you don't, you may have another round of having to live on earth for ten thousand years. That's not a very dashing thought—a fun thought, is it?

So let's pass our tests on behalf of mankind whom we are almost arbiters for. If you want to use a Christian term—Jesus was …some Christians thought he was…the what? [“Savior, the only Son of God.”] Well, yes. But what's another term that they use? [“Savior" "Intercessor.”] You're getting closer. [“Mediator.”] You're getting closer. He did it for us. [One responds,“He died for us. He died for our sins.” Another says, “Redeemer.”]    What's that called?  [“It's vicarious atonement!”]  It's the teaching of the vicarious atonement.

So we know that's a false teaching on one level. But on another, each of you can be a vicarious intercessor for others if you choose to be so, just like Jesus. Some people think that he carried the sins of the whole world. Well, on one level he did. But on another, in the false sense, he didn't. People think that just because he did what he did, that they have now license to put all of their sins on Jesus and that's it. And they're all washed clean. Well, we know the teaching that, yes, he held the balance for the world. But people still have their own karma that they have to balance. And so there is forgiveness, but it's not a complete absolution. He holds the sins until people are able to handle it themselves. So we can do the same thing for others by holding the balance. And that's what we do day by day and especially through these sessions when we invoke the violet fire.

Let us turn to our Golden Buddha Rosary today. We're going to use “The Bodhisattva Vision” and use those scriptures for the scripture between the Hail Mary's. We can all give them together. There [are] more than fifty, as we know; but we'll simply give each one between the Hail Marys. Today is Wednesday so we're going to be saying, “I AM healing sentient beings; I AM a being of emerald fire, I AM the healing that God desires.”

Since today is Wednesday, it is Mother Mary's day. And she was the one who brought forth this teaching on the cosmic clock. Another key is to also attune to Mother Mary's heart to give us the keys to pass our tests. Maitreya and Mary are two key ascended masters to befriend in order to know what is coming. And what has Mother Mary done in a lot of her appearances? She has warned people at Fatima and other places to pray to avert cataclysm. So she knew the cycles of mankind's karma coming due. She knew that Russia could be a problem for the world, and she warned people. She knew when she came to Medjugorie that there could be war in that area. And what happened after she appeared? Sure enough, there was major war in that area. So look to where Mother Mary appears to surmise the potential for conflict and war in key areas in the earth that need an injection of light so that we can avert major cataclysms and problems in the earth.


[Golden Buddha Rosary given from 17.14 to 68.24 on audio timeline—51 minutes lapsed time.]


Now how else can we pass our tests? [“A long time ago, there was a dictation given about asking Christ to be the mediator between us and other people. It's an easy call to forget, but whenever I've used it, it's really worked. I was just thinking I should do it every day in the morning—give that call because it's Christ in us that's the mediator.”] So, when you're having issues with others—hopefully you don't have issues. They're good issues—you always have the Christ in the center to mediate so that you don't have a tendency to misqualify energy.

Okay. what else? [“When [people] are in conflict, you hear one side of the story but [do] not react until you hear the other side of the story. And if stories are different, then you need a meeting between the three. And I've found that as a rule of thumb in business or in any problems I've heard. In business you hear all kinds of things from other people. But, it's a real, real key factor. Before you react to anybody, to what someone says, you always want to hear the other side of the story.]

OK, good. [“With this Hearts Center activity, I'm getting more in the consciousness of asking myself, ‘Am I acting from my egoic, mental state or am I acting from my heart?'”] So it's being conscious [of] when you're not acting from the Presence. That's also attunement. You should be at the point though where you're always acting from your Real Self. And only when you realize you're out of alignment should you be in a state [of feeling like] you've been jolted out of that state of presence. You realize that you're not there anymore. Really, if you're constantly analyzing whether you're acting from your Presence or not, do you really know who you are? That's not a very pleasant state to be in if you're constantly analyzing it. You should be in your Presence and not have to analyze it. You're in your mental mind if you're constantly analyzing.
            If you're acting from your Presence always, you're in the flow. And only when something goes awry or when you realize you've been jolted out of your Presence, should you then say, “Oh, my gosh, I'm not in that state of Presence.” So, it's actually a very dangerous position to be in when you're constantly analyzing. I just wanted to state that you need to come up higher to not be in that mental model all the time if that's where you feel that you are because then you're not there yet. I'm not saying this in derision, but the mental mind will play tricks. When you're in your heart or in your Presence, you're in that flow.

Anyway, that's the teaching in response to what you said because it's very easy to have the ego trick you into constant analyzing. Now what I think you really mean [as we've learned] from the teaching that we see from Eckhart Tolle [is] that you are conscious and therefore you know when you're not acting out of your Presence or from the egoic state. Now you don't have to analyze it anymore because your attempt to react [means that] now you're in your mental mind. See, you have to be careful.

Yes, go ahead. [“Mother Mary has told us in the past many a time to fast. That's very important because a lot of us have not done so for a long, long time. We need to start a cleansing process prior to the fasting or some combination because {fasting}can be severe in our bodies. It would a shock. We need to be alkaline as opposed to being acid. You know, a lot of things are involved. It seems to me that if we truly cleanse our bodies, begin the fasting process, that we will be able to have the attunement that we need to be receptive to our Higher Selves and to make righteous decisions and say the right things. Otherwise, until then our body—it doesn't work.”]

So you hit on another one of the keys which the masters did want to share from two angles. One is—we need to have balanced four lower bodies. The same requirements that are for the ascension are also those things that will help you to pass your tests. So, what are they? Two—What was the first decree we gave today after the “Short Tube of Light”? [“Balance the Threefold Flame”.] So if your threefold flame is balanced, you should be able to pass your tests.

What else? [“The alignment of the four lower bodies”.] So if you are aligned, your four lower bodies are like the colander effect that Mother and Mark talked about where all the holes are lined up. Then you should be able to be in alignment and fasting helps you to get there. And what the masters wanted me to convey was—What did Jesus do to pass his tests? Well, he fasted for forty days in the wilderness. We don't necessarily all have to go out and fast forty days. But he emptied himself and he surrendered so that he could be in attunement. So fasting is a key.

And the other thing they wanted me to convey was—What else did Jesus do before his most major test in his life? He what? [“He separated himself out to pray.”] Right. And he went to the Garden of Gethsemane and he said, “Not my will, but thine be done.” He surrendered. Surrender is another key to passing tests. Because, when you're communicating with someone and you want to react to what they say or you want to speak before they've completed their time of speaking, that's ego and that's not surrender.

And one of the keys in empathic listening and in communication is to just let go and just be in the Presence. The ones who are usually really wise, don't talk a lot. Have you noticed that? The Buddhas meditate. So if you're constantly speaking and talking, you're releasing energy, you're dissipating your energy; and then you don't have enough garnered and protected within your aura to have the energy to then pass those tests sometimes. I've seen this many times. There are certain people that just constantly talk. And they will talk for hours and hours and hours if you let them. Yesterday I was at the library in Livingston and this gentleman came up and he could not stop talking. I finally had to, in as courteous a way as I could, say, “I'm sorry, but I have work to do.” Sometimes people [usually at an unconscious level] attempt to steal your light [by demanding] your attention. You just very gently have to say, “Excuse me, but I have to do something.”  What are some other [keys]? 

[“I've also noticed with a lot of people, when they're talking all the time, they're talking about nothing to begin with.”] Yes, a lot of times when people talk, it's rambling [conversation]. Like Becky says, it's a talking head. Lips are moving but there's nothing there. All it is, is an expenditure of energy.

How else can we pass our tests? Do you remember Saint Germain's dictation through Mother, “May You Pass every Test”? What were some of the keys that he gave?[“You {can} line up what you wanted or {you can}plan {it} out. If you {are} getting all of these initiations all at once, you {can} decipher which ones you want first {or} which ones you take in a row.”] So, we can actually determine which initiations we get? [“You can determine which ones you want to take at that moment.”] Well, actually you can choose what courses you study in life at a university, right? And there are graduated levels of intensity and each one builds on the last. So, on one level your soul chooses the tests, the initiations. Your soul knows.

What's another key then? If your soul knows, what should you do? Attune to your soul. Get to know your soul. Study your soul. And there are books out there on this. And Mother has taught on the soul.

What else? [“Well, ever since I was young, I've always had a sense of when I was going through a test. And usually when I got through it, I said, ‘Well, I passed that one.' And every now and then, I'd say, ‘Oops! I didn't pass that test—an inner sense of just knowing that the test is happening.”] Just being aware that you're going through it helps because then you're not so identified with it, you're not embroiled in it. [“You're attuned to doing the right thing.”] Yes. You're objective.

A test can be a phase of your life. It can even be just going through the biorhythms of life because we know there are cycles. And you're going to have your up cycles and your down cycles. And when you know you're going to have one of those times of the ebb versus the flow, you have to seal yourself and protect yourself so that you can get through that low cycle. And we all have them. I mean it's the lunar cycle, it's even other cycles.

[“Once I was meditating—actually and praying in a Buddhist sanctuary in California about a very important issue to me. And I felt that I heard Kuan Yin answer me. But, I didn't trust that. And I wrote to Mother {but} she never answered me because it was {my} test. Realizing that it's your test and trusting answers that you get, I feel, is very important. And the other thing that I thought of was {that} I don't know much about HeartMath, but I understand that this is kind of the same. In SU, remember the guy with the {presentation on the}secret life of plants? The thing that I got out of {it}that really impressed me was {that} when you were sending love to someone, it set up a protective forcefield around you! And they have scientifically measured this. It's an actual forcefield of protection between the two of you {as you are}just radiating love. Just radiating love you can't help but pass your tests.”] Yes, love is the key. Love is the key.

Ken, you can share whatever you wanted to say.[“Well, I was mainly {wanting to say} that when you are in conflict, the context of conflict, {you are} not trying to analyze things all the time. But the additional thought that I had {has to do with what} you were asking here just now. Sometimes, I think, particularly in {our} relationships with people, when {we} are attempting to pass tests with people in particular, {we} sometimes realize that {we} are not in a position of strength to know that {we're} going to pass the test and may have to absent {ourselves}.”]

You want to avoid the test? [“Not avoid the test but realize that it's a test and that you may not be centered to the point where you feel that you can pass it in that particular moment. I mean, sometimes you don't have the choice. You asked about when Saint Germain through Mother, gave the decree…] “Count to Nine” decree, yes. [“Like when the dog's barking, the TV's on and everything. You have to turn off the TV, stop and put the dog outside—that kind of  thing so you're setting yourself up for success.”]

So you need to do those things that will get you in the space where you can focus. If you're distracted, the force will project stuff. When you're distracted, you're not totally in your Presence. You can have things going around you and be centered and be focused. But for a lot of people that's hard to do.

The science of passing tests should be studied by every chela early in their discipleship. [“Yeah, maybe I have something here. In very simple terms—non-reaction.  I think of that story in Eckhart Tolle, “Is That So?”, that chapter. No matter what happened {the holy man was unmoved from centeredness]. The other day I was driving. Somebody just came out of his car and was just really angry and came up to me. And I just didn't react. I said, “Is that so?” [Laughter.] I didn't let it phase me. He just dumped a bunch of energy on me. And I just said, okay, that's your energy and I'm not going to engage it.”]

Good, good. [“I think when people are centered all the time, they will pass their tests. It's when you get out of center that you're going to have a problem”.] So the things that you know for you personally that keep you centered—and it may be different for every person—that's what you need to do for yourself—whether you need quiet time, whether you need exercise. Some people need a lot of strenuous physical exercise to get a lot of prana in their system. Some people just need a lot of sleep sometimes. And if you feel that coming here every morning, getting up early gets you in a frazzled state, take a day off, sleep in, sleep twelve hours. Take a nap.

So it's individual for each person. But as we climb the ladder of our initiations and get closer to the top, what happens? The tests get more… [“Subtle.”] And how can you “parse” the tests at the very subtlest levels? What do you have to have to do that? …The secret rays—right?—to discern. And you have to have discernment. Discernment is such a key, and I don't think we call for it enough. Let's call to the Holy Spirit now for discernment. 30.008, “Come, O Holy Spirit”.


[30.008 “Come, O Holy Spirit” decreed from 85.35 to 90.25. Five minutes lapsed time.]


Two other points on passing tests—bind the dweller on the threshold so that it doesn't have power or hold sway in your life. And the next is a little bit more on what we talked about earlier—to know the cycles and the seasons and the times. And we know that we have major initiations at the solstices, right? Before each solstice—summer solstice, winter solstice. But there are also minor tests at the equinoxes.

And in studying astrology, cosmic astrology not human astrology, we know about the cardinal points, the fixed stars, the mutable ones. There are three different aspects, aren't there? The fixed, the mutable and what is the other one? [“The cardinal”.] So we need to discern what these three aspects of the threefold flame of the twelve zodiacal signs really mean. And astrologers who have studied this science know what they mean. John, can you share a little bit with us?

[“There are four negative signs, four neutral signs and four positive signs in polarity. In healing work, the triune functions {is} where you have an element in the negative pole, an element in the neutral pole, an element in the positive pole that {are} the same. In other words, you have a water element like your feet. Your Scorpio is your genitals and your breast area, your chest area is your upper water element. So if you have a problem in one, they're all out {of balance}.

“So, I see that as the threefold flame of each element. And they all have to balance. I have never come across a situation in the body in working on people where one was okay {if the others were not}. All three are out. In other words, all three, every single time are out together. So if you have a blockage in one, you have a blockage in all three. And to clear the energy in polarity, you have to clear the negative pole first for it {can} raise up. You're not going to necessarily heal an ailment in a positive element unless you clear the lower ones, too.”]

So relating to the threefold fame, what would the neutral be? The yellow in the center. What would the positive be? The blue. And the negative would be the pink. So it relates to the threefold flame also. Isn't that key? So in terms of mutable, cardinal and fixed—how would they relate to the threefold flame. [“Mutable is yellow. Fixed is pink and cardinal is blue.”]

We know cardinal is blue. That's the 12-3-6-9. The fixed would be…? [“Taurus-Scorpio-Aquarius-Leo.”] Okay. So it's the 1-4-7-10. And then that's the pink, right? And then the yellow would be the 2-5-8-11. So that is called the what? 12-3-6-9 is cardinal or blue. 1-4-7-10 is fixed and pink. 2-5-8-11 is yellow and is called mutable. [“I don't want to confuse people because I think there is a difference when you do it on the body.” Response from another in group, “Well, we're talking about the crosses now.”]

So when we understand this science—because Omraam was also a master of the clock and of astrology and understanding the cycles as [were] the Three Wise Men who studied the stars as the Magi—[ we, like they] who knew where to go because they knew the stars [will also know the way to pass our tests].


[Blue and violet ray decrees given from 94.49 to end of service.]



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