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Lanello      February 17, 2007

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 17, 2007   9:01–9:11:12 pm  MST
Bozeman, Montana


We Stand with Our Chelas for the Victory of Light upon Earth


Beloved spirits in whom the light of God not only dwells but burns with an intensity of radiant love, I am Lanello and Mother is here with me. And we have heard the cry of El Morya. And we also lend the momentum of our causal bodies for the Knight Commander. We have participated and stood at the altars of each of your Hearts Centers and where you have stood this day in giving forth the sacred word. And Godfre and Lotus have been with us also. And we four as messengers of God will continue to stand each evening with you, blessed ones, hand in hand leading the sessions with you as you support beloved El Morya and Saint Germain and Portia in this work.

            Much has transpired on inner levels within the last forty-eight hours as we have been in consultation at the Darjeeling Council. And after considerable debate regarding the state of the world and of the United States, the only thing that we saw that could be done was that we stand with our chelas in the earth to secure ground for the Great White Brotherhood through the prayers, the calls and the devotion of their hearts united as one.

            For you see, blessed ones, having now ascended—Godfre and Lotus and I—and having still the Mother in the physical and now having an additional two messengers upon earth, there are three in heaven and three on earth. And this six create in this hour a six-pointed star of victory! And we will stand and utter the calls and name the names of those whose time is up in the physical and on the astral plane who have been a thorn in the side of the Great White Brotherhood for eons of time. These have wreaked their havoc upon earth and are continuing to cause great disturbance upon the earth in the very forcefield of the planet itself.

And the reason a number of you are still in embodiment, blessed ones, is to counterbalance the darkness of some of these ancient souls whose only purpose is to thwart the greater plan of the Great White Brotherhood. For some of you could have taken your ascension thousands of years ago, but it was determined in consultation with your own twin flame and with the ascended Great White Brotherhood that some remain upon earth.

            Thus we give you another key to why it is that some of you are still hanging around this planet. Do you see? And yet it was your choice as bodhisattvas to do this. For as El Morya said unto me, “We skim not all the cream off the top at once, but we must have some who reside in the physical plane to be our anchor points of light.” Thus your Mother has remained longer, much longer than her soul required. And the same is true of many of you who are tied to her, blessed ones.
            Therefore, faint not but stand with us even for a few minutes each evening and face [the] East. Raise your hands and deliver the sacred fire for us, for we will place our presence over each and every one of you who is determined to stand for God, blessed ones.

            “What you believe you can achieve” may be so through your vision and through the intention of your hearts magnified by all cosmic dispensations that we have released. It takes now in this hour a certain action of momentum of light of victory from each one of you. And therefore the six-pointed-star action of light emitted through the six chakras above and below the heart and through that heart chakra may be the key to victory for earth, blessed ones.

            I speak in a mystery. And yet those who have ears to hear will hear and support the Knight Commander. And even those who are not in ascended master movements will see at inner levels the light from this Son of God who is placing the very physicality of his ascended-master light body across all of America to defend this land. It is as if the master himself in his cosmic consciousness has lowered his vibration to be at the very lowest manifestation allowed by cosmic law to protect every man, woman and child in whom there burns a threefold flame, blessed ones. This is the sacrifice and the love of the God of Freedom to the Earth! This is the magnificence of the Aquarian Master that you should all stand and applaud in this hour, blessed ones. [Ten seconds of applause for beloved Saint Germain.]

 Therefore, we, the ascended messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, again say to all evolutions of light upon earth that we stand in support of El Morya and of the Knight Commander and Portia. And we will give our all for the victory in the Battle of Armageddon. And for those of you who are our chelas in any ascended master movement who will stand with us, we say: We will support you, we will abide with you, we will give you our fire, we will give you the love of our hearts for the victory of light upon earth.

             I thank you, blessed hearts. And the Mother now sings the song of her heart's fire to your soul as a lullaby as you retire this evening. Receive the ministration of her presence at your bedside, even as your own mother did when you, as an infant or child, prepared for your nighttime rest. Yes, the Mother stands and kneels with you, always abiding with you, caring for you, nurturing you and loving you with that divine abandon that she carries in her heart for your soul.

             We are with you always in love for you, each one. God bless you. God love you. God care for you, O holy ones, O blessed hearts of fire.


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