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The Voice of Freedom      February 12, 2007

Beloved Voice of Freedom for Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America 
David C. Lewis
February 12, 2007   7:34–7:50 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Be for America the Voice of Freedom!

           We are the fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of this nation, and we come on the day of the celebration of the birthday of a great president.¹ For we have been called forth by hearts of fire of many religious persuasions whose prayers have risen to the very throne of God on behalf of this nation and her people.
           Blessed ones, you are living in a time of danger, and yet you have access to all that you need, both in terms of spiritual resources and of the physical aspects of life to secure your world and the state of your nation in a ring of fire of protection if you choose to do so.
           When men of good will stand forth to serve their country as best they know how, then we enter the fray with the legions of light to defend the flame of freedom where they walk and work. There are leaders among the Congress of this government who understand the equation of light and darkness, and they have stood forth to serve as a counterbalance to those forces of inequity that have inveigled themselves in many ways in your system of government.
           Blessed Micah has spoken on the need for unity, and Godfre and Saint Germain have come with Lotus to lend their momentum of fire on behalf of the original vision for this land. And to their momentums we add the resonance of blue-fire energy whereby we direct the course and the history and the fulfillment of this land under God.
           The destiny of a nation is dependent upon the freewill choices of her people—all people. When you stand as brothers and sisters, having come from many lands and yet as Americans, and see opportunity upon this soil to fulfill the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, blessed ones, then you honor each soul from whatever perspective and reference point that one has come and evolved in time and space.
            There should be no division within the government when those who serve her people understand the purpose of life, but when the leaders of a land care more for personal profit, then woe unto that land, blessed ones. We are now standing in a ring of fire around the nation's capital and all focuses of light through which and in which the ascended masters through all of their dictations in all true dispensations have anchored light, and we energize and activate the impulse of freedom and of the God-responsibility of the leaders of this land to come into conformity with that which God desires and which is the will of God.
           Many of you answered the call to come to the nation's capital, and thereby the Master Saint Germain and El Morya were able to secure a certain platform of protection for this land.² And yet this dispensation must be called forth day by day, activated again through your diligent prayers, blessed ones. When you see the hosts of the Lord occupying the very soil upon which you stand, then much can be done in the way of guarding that soil from forces that would assail the light here.
           You have heard of the vision of George Washington, and if you have not, read it and see how each of you is a player in this great drama in this hour of fulfilling a prophecy. Yes, you have embodied here or come here from other shores to secure for the Great White Brotherhood a property in which freedom and the seventh age of that God-freedom may be upon the Earth a shining beacon to all lands and peoples and nations. This is no longer an experiment, blessed ones, but a reality that many of you have sacrificed for in great measure, both in this life and in past lifetimes, having defended the light in ways great and small.
           We counsel regularly in our chambers and work with the angelic hosts of light to inspire the leaders of this land, both at the national level and at the state and local levels, of what must be done for and on behalf of the people, a great people. The I AM race, which exists even beyond these shores, consists of those in whom there burns the threefold flame and upon whose brows [is] written the name I AM THAT I AM, these having come from the seed of Alpha and Omega and evolved in time and space as a witness to the light of that which is realtruly, blessed ones, the Israelites of all nations.
           You as a free people must understand the responsibility to defend the name I AM THAT I AM and your right to pray wherever you would, to gather, to have a free press and to speak, as you would, of the flame of truth that burns within your heart. These four sacred freedoms, blessed ones, must not be left unto the wiles of those who would suppress that which we have striven for so long to enshrine within the very documents of freedom and within the very process of the reality of your life upon Earth, both on this soil and within other nations that have also taken to heart these living words of fire and incorporated them into their own government's system.
           O mankind, you are in jeopardy through the deception of some whose plan is not the plan of the Great White Brotherhood. Awaken now, O souls of light, and claim the freedom of your soul to be God in manifestation. See the handwriting on the wall of that which is being sacrificed unto the god Magog and Gog, and pray fervently that through the intercession of the ascended hosts, the freedom of Earth shall be secured, nation by nation, through hearts of fire who love God in all things, in all ways, though speaking his name in many tongues, yet understanding the very vibration of the Godhead as the one God to which all look and pray for aid and assistance.
           The destiny of this nation rests upon the lightbearers. Stand forth and declare victory at all levels, blessed ones, and know the presence of the angelic hosts, day by day, who will secure greater ground for you when you call upon them with hearts uplifted and with voices raised in fire. Inspire mankind through the word that you speak. For you see, the souls of all hear your cries, your psalms and feel the warmth of your hearts day by day, though you do not always know that they do.
           I seal you! We seal you in the love-fires of freedom. Occupy till God comes fully where you are, and be for America the voice of freedom!³

Messenger's comments:  The spokesperson for the Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America is known as The Voice of Freedom. This dictation, they have conveyed to me, is actually a part of the conference we just had in Washington, D.C., but the masters chose to give it on the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, which is today. We may expect another dictation on George Washington's birthday, the twenty-second [of February.]  Note:  Beloved Godfre gave a HeartStream on February 22, 2007.

1.  Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809.
2.  A New Spiral of Freedom for America was held in Washington, D.C. January 26-28, 2007.
3.  Luke 19:13

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