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The Nameless One      February 09, 2007

The Nameless One From Out the Great Silence
David C. Lewis
February 9, 2007  (10 minutes)
Paradise Valley, Montana

A Dispensation for the Holding of Greater Light
God Gives His Self unto Those Who Have Surrendered the Last Vestiges of Self 

Access to the heart of God through simplicity and kindness I bring unto the evolutions of light upon Earth. I am the Nameless One from out the Great Silence, and in crystal light I emit star-fire energies unto those who have perceived the essential nature of themselves as light.
            Blessed ones, truly this reading and this instruction that you have now completed during your morning meditations has brought you to a new level of understanding. And yet because of the very nature of living life in 3-D, as you would say, there is the gradual allowance of your Buddha Nature to dissipate when you are not engaged in a time of silence and devotion. And so I bring a new energy unto you, blessed ones, as a grace from the very God of gods, to [empower] you with the ability to hold greater quantum [energies] of light within your aura, moment by moment, on behalf of the Earth and its evolutions.
           This dispensation is bestowed because of your faithfulness in the self-emptying process of giving of yourself to others. For now the Lord God acknowledges that which you have striven toward by giving the full essence of the accumulated love-wisdom back unto you in greater measure, blessed ones. As ye mete out, it shall be meted unto you, the Lord has said.2 And therefore this day, for those who have surrendered the last vestiges of self, God gives his very Self unto you.
            Truly when you enter into the sacred space of perfectionment in the heart of the One, you do have access to all power, wisdom and love within that heart of the Godhead. And for those of you who have seemed to always be lacking in something that you constantly stretch toward to grasp, as if that thing, that energy, that abundance or that future attainment will win for you something more, I say ponder the words of this master Eckhart Tolle; for you see that only in complete givingness will the all of God be bestowed unto you. Seek not that which you cannot righteously have, but seek that which the Lord does bestow because your every thought, word and deed is to please the One, the All-in-all.
            I am nameless because I sought no fame or glory or honor among the evolutions [with] whom I lived. And yet my spirit abides within the very heart of the One within all because I have become that All through stillness.
            Honor is a key that keys you into the reality of perfection. When you live in honor, integrated as a unified selfhood of God's manifestation where you are, then integrity is where you live and move, blessed ones. There can be no duality when you are aligned with holy purpose, for you are at the center of being at all times no matter where you move, no matter where your consciousness flows throughout the galaxies. The cosmic equipoise that we who have become the All- in-all [manifest] through acceptance of our divine Reality is [what] you must learn to be. Beingness is the very essential nature of God; and through completeness in his Presence, all is clear, all is real, all is light.
            Though you may not choose to be nameless, yet allow the light, the undifferentiated suchness of the One, to be your voice, to be where you are always. I seal you in crystal for your victorywhich is now.

1. Mark 4:24; Luke 6:38.

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