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Lanello      February 06, 2007

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

February 6, 2007  3:31-3:59 pm local time
Autobahn, Germany


We Need Cosmic Visionaries!

Information on Retreats in Germany and Austria
Request for Future Pilgrimages to Europe

            Beloved friends, how did you enjoy Bingen1? Wonderful.  Welcome to my heart and the heartland of Germany. I want to personally thank Donna for sponsoring the messenger and his right arm to come. I have been with you throughout your trek, experiencing what you experience from within you. And in the sharing that Donna has given unto you, the intimations of my heart about this land have been conveyed.
            Beloved Donna, Mother and I are grateful that you heard the call and came. And as you have perceived, we arranged everything such that you could be in this land and upon this soil to bring our hearts home. You may discern through this play on words my meaning in a number of ways. Though you may at times have felt alone, we have never left you and never shall. And this day I announce to you that you have balanced enough karma to fulfill your ascension in this life. Isn't it a joy, blessed daughter, to know that through selfless service, steadfastness and joy—the joy of the heart—one can make it even if at times it seems that one has not done enough or is lacking? But you have perceived well that the heart fires of love are the main component of what is required for one to become the Christ. And you have shared the essence of our teaching with many and will continue to do so even in your grandmotherly years.
            The area that you are now entering is truly, as you have perceived, the heart of this great land. And David has received my intimation that Vienna is the heart of Europe even as this area as my retreat in Bingen is the secret chamber of the heart of Europe. The reason my retreat is over the Rhine is because I can focus the light through the Rhine as a giant heartstream to nourish not only Germany but other nations. I also sought a way and means, after pleading with the Karmic Board, to anchor my presence for the consuming of the records of war, two world wars that occurred during my final incarnation upon earth—or shortly after the first—being a beacon, a Summit Lighthouse of love for all peoples within the European continent. For as you have also perceived, many of my incarnations were upon this soil. And even after my ascension, as I had karma to balance, it was important to have a retreat in the area where I created most of my remaining karma to offset that balance of darkness.

The work [that] The Hearts Center is accomplishing on behalf of the planet is tremendous. And now that you have made inroads into Europe by invitation of those in Sweden and Donna here, I arc the light released through the dictations near Soderham [Sweden] both to my retreat and throughout Germany where you travel and will continue to travel. I am leaving trails of Buddhic substance in your wake, fanning out as a mist of sacred fire, planting seeds of illumination throughout this land for those who can be and will eventually be quickened unto their own God-consciousness.
            What you visualize may become a reality for earth. And therefore visualize well, even seeing the golden age consciousness within your mind's eye in and around and through and of everything. We need cosmic visionaries whose primary purpose in their final incarnation, especially after they have attained their own Christ awareness, [is] to hold the vision for a new world of loveliness and beauty day and night. It is almost as if God is perpetually smiling through you and lighting the world through your eyes. For when the twinkle of mirth appears within your eye, then the earth truly is transformed. As you travel upon the autobahn where thousands and even millions course across these nations, I also contact many souls, pricking them in the heart to awaken them. And this cosmic residue of illumination's fire that I leave in your trail will work its work as a permanent essence of God-consciousness across this highway.
            The Germanic peoples and those who have embodied from their seed across the nations including America, carry the seed of the sixth root race as the gold aspect of that sixth ray also as Uriel holds the purple aspect of that ray with his retreat nearby. This is why Christianity has taken hold within this country and is the primary religion as Donna has noted. For did not the beloved Master2 walk as the sixth ray master of service, ministration and peace?
            Truly, blessed ones, it is time for many more to know of the teachings of the ascended masters through Donna sharing here and there as well as those within The Summit who continue to do their work with their own highest understanding and additional chelas that I have in a number of new age movements. We are beginning to make inroads into the consciousness of the people, not only cleaning up the records on this soil but preparing for a greater influx of light through the mind of God impressed upon the mind of these evolutions here.
            There has been a certain stultification of the mind of God working through the Germanic peoples through an attempt of the fallen ones to dull that mind by carnal reasoning. And therefore a primary call that you can make is for the shattering of the perversion of the helmet of the Elohim Apollo and Lumina which has been created point-counterpoint by the Nephilim gods as a band of iron, even as you see it outpictured at times in the helmets and in the megalithic monuments that the Russian peoples have also created as that perversion of industry which becomes mechanical and without the flame.
            The flame must be returned to all industry. And therefore the hearts of this people must expand. And that is why my magnanimous heart is anchored also upon this soil as an infusion of God-love to balance the three fold flame of this people who are normally focused more in their heads.  The light of Venus anchored in Vienna, as the heart of Europe, must effuse its radiance northward and throughout the entire region, almost as that dial that you see on altimeters or sonar devices, radar devices that continually spin around a central axis at airports and their towers, monitored by air traffic controllers.
             Therefore, this is another visual I give you—that from Vienna you see the radiance of my heart anchored there when thousands of angels from Venus descended there eons ago and where great composers have played and composed. See that light going out continuously in a 360-degree radiance, thrown out from that central point to all of Europe, effusing the love ray to all of Europe. For only love and forgiveness and mercy can consume the records of war and of the past that continue to be a burden upon peoples.

When there will be a pilgrimage in 2009 to central Europe, I ask that you come to Vienna and do three days of prayer work there even as you waltz and sing the violet fire on behalf of all of Europe.  So this is my formal announcement of my request for a third pilgrimage of the messenger to Europe but the second major one with many heartfriends coming in 2009 in addition to going to France, Spain and a quick side trip to Switzerland.  The final European pilgrimage during this twelve-year dispensation of major numbers of heartfriends will be to the British Isles where I will also radiate my fire in 2012.
            Blessed ones, all must know the truth. Seek ways and means for the translation of HeartStreams into German as soon as something can be arranged. It is imperative that the contacts that Donna has already made be able to read and study the words that I have conveyed and those of all masters in their natal tongue throughout this land, for it will allow an upsurge of your membership in this area, so to speak, and will afford greater opportunities for me throughout this area so near my home of light in my heaven world. I suggest that a formal petition be made to the Karmic Board for supply for this purpose, for we do not see currently the necessary heartfriends who would volunteer for this purpose within your ranks.
            I am grateful that my other son Carl has come and anchored my fire here through our sponsor Donna.  Do you see now, beloved Donna, why it is that it was required to have someone who could be our welcoming Mother flame for my two sons? And, therefore, that is why you were sent a number of years ago to prepare the way—yes, as a messenger, as a wayshower. For this I deeply thank you. You can't even know my gratitude for your heart. But I place my magnanimous heart over yours now and a portion of my heart will be with you always. If you desire to spend five minutes with me a day and simply see my magnanimous heart over yours in meditation and then give one or both of the new prayers penned by the messenger to me, I will increase the love fires within your heart for and on behalf of this entire nation.
            The work that your beloved Frank is doing, as David has already noted on my behalf, is fantastique! And the Buddhas and Kuan Yin, with me, are grateful. We have sponsored your children and brought them here as anchor points of love. And even though you [do] not always know what is transpiring on inner plans, their hearts' fires bless these people because of the Christ-consciousness they carry at inner levels, even if you do not always see it in appearance on the outer, just as the teaching that you received from Omraam last night spoke of this. For the few short years they have had in this incarnation are only a slice of the total evolution of their soul[s]. And when all is known, you will see the greatness of their hearts and spirits. The appreciation flame is your forté. Fan it, let it expand and through graciousness they will come to the fount of love-wisdom that you bear.

I seal you and I sprinkle a special elixir, which is my personal cologne, upon you as you enter the heart of Germany.³ I love you always, Lanello.



1City on the Rhine River in Germany

2The Ascended Master Jesus Christ
³This dictation occurred while those in the vehicle were traveling to Koln (Cologne) [Germany's fourth largest city] from Bingen, so Lanello was punning on this. See







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