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Sanat Kumara      February 03, 2007

Beloved Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus
David Christopher Lewis
February 03, 2007
Bergvik, Sweden

An Hour of Oneness with Your Twin Flames
An Opportunity for a Permanent Increase in Your Three-fold Flame

Blessed Hearts Who Burn for God!
            It is our great joy to be here with you in this hour. For we, too, have seen the great light that you have brought forth through your devotions this evening and throughout this weekend. Our love for you, each one, is tangible this evening. And we ennoble the hearts of twin flames here. And in this hour, each of you receives by dispensation of our hearts, the merging for an hour with the heart of your twin flame. And whether ascended or unascended that one's presence, available to you in this hour; may be for you a remembrance of your heart's love for the Beloved in the beginning-of how you were sent forth from the heart of the Father-Mother God to evolve, to experience life and then to eventually once more merge as one into the very heart of God.
            The scintillating radiance of our love-fires be upon you, O blessed ones. For many friends from Venus also come, twin flames also, who now stand in a circle of fire around this home and simultaneously around all of Europe, blazing forth light rays of pink and ruby fire for the transmutation of all that is anti-love within the hearts and minds of men and women and for the raising of that light once more upon Earth that was the original intent of God to be expressed through all root races, through all evolutions, through all of life upon Earth.
            Blessed ones, we are from your sister star. Think what it means to have available the love-fires of Venus so near to Earth. And her appearing, both in the early evening and the early morning sky, is there as a reminder for all mankind of the love of twin hearts. Yes, look upon Venus, a little nearer to the sun, as a great light beckoning you, O mankind, to remember your purpose to be love in action everywhere.
            Take the hand now of the one next to you, blessed ones, on either side, as we release pulsations of our love-fires in this hour. Through heart and head and hand, elements of this fire from our hearts now stream through the connectivity of the circle of fire of your oneness in this hour as a remembrance of our holy tryst and our vows, when first we came from Venus to Earth for the raising of sentient life. Yes, we made a cosmic pact with each other, to never forget the fire, the flame within our hearts. And this day I fan that flame within you, each one, a little more brightly. And if you can sustain it, it will be for each one a permanent increase in your threefold flame, O holy ones.
            What will this mean for you? It will mean greater access to the love fires of heaven. And others will see the light within your eyes and upon your face, glowing round about you in a new way. This increase in ruby fire can for some of you give you that edge toward your victory that is needed in coming months and years, blessed ones.
            Remember, O mankind, your purpose to be sons and daughters of the Most High God. Remember your calling, remember your purpose. We have come and now tie a very small ribbon upon your index finger, a pink and ruby ribbon, as a reminder, O mankind, of your vows. When, at times, the burdens of living upon this earth seem great, simply take this ribbon and tie it unto another as a remembrance of twin flames, even for a minute, as you commune with that one, heart to heart and with us.
            The angels of Venus now come to each one of you and extend a chalice in which [there] is an elixir of love. It is the very essence of Venus' distillation of the highest love-fires that we know that you may partake of in this hour. Now raise the cup, each one, as we toast each other in holiness in remembrance of our vows, our oneness and drink, blessed ones. As the alchemical love fires of this elixir flow through your being, you are truly changed in this hour from human beings to divine spirits.
            In oneness we come. Twin flames in love we now depart leaving trails of our love-fires upon the snows of Scandinavia. Follow them home unto the heart of Venus, O blessed ones. Follow them and know the eternal spirit of cosmic love where we are.

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