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Ascended Masters      February 03, 2007

 Beloved Jesus
David C. Lewis
February 3, 2007  3:30-3:50 pm local time
Bergvik, Sweden

A New Way in Which to Walk with Me
Your Victory in the Holy City 

In truth, blessed ones, I am here with you not only in the Christ flame but within the sacred fire of the eternal spirit of the Buddha light in which I live and move and have my being. I am Jesus and I bring a new way unto each one of you in which to walk with me.  Take my hand this day, as I lead you on a journey of light. Far above the earth, we soar on wings of angels, ascending to the Holy City. And I escort you each one into this city this day to perceive that which it is your rightful inheritance as a son or a daughter of God [to know.]
            When you dwell in God's consciousness, you have access to the light of the Holy City and whether you consciously always remember to enter in through the straight and narrow gate that is set before you as that doorway into the eternal place and habitation of the most high, yet on inner planes, blessed ones, you have access to the Lamb and the light that the Lamb bears for you each one.
            This light is the Christ consciousness, ever available as that highest representation of divine manhood and womanhood upon earth. When you fully embrace the Christ spirit within your outer waking consciousness then all of heaven bows to that light that you have become; and you as a servitor of fire for God can direct cosmic energies into the world of form, just as I did in my Galilean mission and throughout my life, stirring the ethers with cosmic energies and setting afire hearts here and there to turn back to the Godhead.
            That which my guru Lord Maitreya conveyed unto me, I gave unto my disciples. For you see, I was a messenger in that hour for the Lord Maitreya. And often when I spoke of the Father, it was he of whom I spoke, as I communed with the Buddha Spirit brooding within the earth. And as my guru appeared unto me here and there with his kindly mien and face, I was able to convey to the brethren and the sisters the essential light of the teaching that he gave me, bringing to bear throughout that mission and even unto today the higher walk with God that every Buddha of the Spirit represents and manifests.
            I invite you to now walk with me through the Holy City and see how a golden age is even now manifesting through every avenue, in every home, in every heart. Hear the sound of celestial choirs. Feel the enfiring of your heart as you attune to that Christ spirit as it manifests in many representations of God's consciousness through his created world.
            In this Holy City all are welcomed who have the wedding garment of light around them. And this day, though some of you may at times see yourself in less than the guise of a holy one, I wrap you in garments of light as your passport into this holy space. As we walk and commune together, you may see all that is available in the heaven world in terms of that which God has prepared in many mansions for his sons and daughters.
            Truly, blesses ones, it is worth the effort for you to strive with all within your heart to attain to this level of consciousness and cooperation with heavenly beings. For as you see that there are truly many Christs within the Holy City—those who have chosen the higher walk with God long ago, even before my physical incarnation upon earth—you will note how each one is surrounded by a halo of fire that symbolizes their attainment of their divine nature in full manifestation.
            Many who have near death experiences often see a Christ figure at the end of the tunnel. And often this one presents to them the opportunity to return to earth to fulfill their entire mission for a lifetime. Some think that it is always me that speaks unto them and yet often, blessed ones, it is another christed being and they see that one as me. Others of other faiths see one who represents the highest representation or father figure or mother figure within their belief system. But each one of these is also a fully manifested christed one, who for that one can be a symbol of divine light of comfort and hope of what can be for them available when they have truly fulfilled their lifetime upon earth to the glory of God.
            You see within the Holy City many cultures. And there is within this New Jerusalem in the heaven world a place for all. Those of your culture and your nation who have ascended back to the heart of God are here, calling you, often singing unto your soul at inner planes the song that will lead you toward your eternal freedom in the spirit, blessed ones.
            Yes, that one that I desire to point out to you today who incarnated as the one called Emmanuel Swedenborg is truly one ascended, abiding within the Holy City, tirelessly working on behalf of the people of Scandinavia. And he calls unto you, bidding you home, and gives you each one this day a tome which is a record of your own lifestream upon earth with blank pages at the end upon which you will write your final testimony of your time upon earth and the fulfillment of your mission in all ways.
            Within this tome are looseleaf pages giving you keys to overcoming certain propensities and the obligations that you have toward others and specific lifestreams with whom you yet have karma that must be balanced. This tome is your study guide for the   remainder of this incarnation, blessed hearts, and a gift from this divine being who, also as a christed one, cares for you, each one, personally. By dispensation through grace this tome is authorized by the Great Karmic Board for each of you and this is limited to those who have both been born within these nations or have resided here.
            You may use this inner understanding wisely for the acceleration of the fulfillment of your karma and dharma. And then one day, when the last page is fulfilled and the Lord God has said unto thee, "Well done O faithful servant! Now rise to ascend to the heart of the Holy City" and closes this tome on your behalf, you, having fulfilled all, will truly know that eternal spirit of the Christ as it abides and burns within your own heart as a christed one.
            O Holy ones, your efforts are noted in heaven, each one. Those of you who have given and striven receive your stripes and your greater commission in this hour to rise higher and to magnetize many more unto the Holy City of light in the heaven world.
            Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus appear now in all their glory. And as they prepare to speak with you this evening, blessed ones, take time during your repast to commune with their hearts to discern that which you vowed unto these when first you volunteered to come to earth—that which you offered in the momentums of light from your heart—whether from Venus or another star. These, blessed ones, are waiting for you, even as many who have gone before abide here praying for and working for you, blessed holy ones.
            I, Jesus, now raise my staff of fire calling unto the souls of Scandinavia to rise unto your God estate this day. Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. I will give you of the waters of life freely. Take and drink the eternal spirit that I bear in this hour and know your freedom from the lesser self, the nihilism that would seek to steal you away from your God if it could. Thus far, O dark ones, and no farther may you tread upon these my children this day, for I have called them home and they are invited to the great banquet and feast of God in the Holy City. O mankind, know the light within and become the son, the daughter of God, who you truly are.

            I am Jesus, and I am here and will remain, calling you unto your victory in the Holy City, blessed ones.


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