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Maha Chohan      January 27, 2007

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
January 27, 2007
Washington, D.C.

The Inauguration of The Hearts Center of Washington, D.C.
and the Anointing of Its Leaders

             The blessing of those who come and offer themselves to be on behalf of those whom they serve as leaders of Hearts Centers is a commission of faith, hope and charity. The mantle that you receive is a temporary mantle based on the time of your service. It is a holy office of being the Good Shepherd to those entrusted to your care. It is not a mantle of authority over others but of being the servant of all those within your community.
             Jesus said, "The greatest of you must be the servant of all." And that is why he laid down his life for his friends, and we are all his friends. Those [of you] in any position of leadership, including the government of this and all nations, must understand that your office is one which the Lord God gives unto you because you have need of serving others to balance your karma. Therefore, often those with the greatest karma in terms of the misuse of love, wisdom and power are given opportunity to lead in order to serve. Now lest you think that you should not enter positions of leadership because you don't want to appear that you have greater karma, be it known that when you offer yourselves, you have greater opportunity to balance karma by being in those positions. And, therefore, you should strive to serve.
             The Maha Chohan who I am, as you know, is the Great Lord. And yet I am the servant of all the chohans. And though they report to me, yet I keep the flame for all. The most important aspect of your work and leadership is to keep the flame for your communities, your Hearts Centers. If you do not pray for those entrusted to you, then what type of a leader are you? Therefore, each day you should take time to personally name in your prayers those within your community whom you serve. By doing this you are reminded of the very beings of those whom God has temporarily entrusted you to serve in this wise.
             Those who come with a certain arrogance or claiming a mantle of authority which they then wield to impose aspects of the 'not self' upon their communities are not true spiritual leaders. Those who misuse their office, taking bribes or doing things that are not in accordance with man-made or cosmic laws do so to the detriment of their opportunity in service to balance their karma and, thereby, make greater karma.
             The greatest leaders are those who understand their peoples by being with them, by toiling with them, by suffering with them, by speaking with and understanding their plights, their daily struggles. So lest you think that just because you have an office you do not need to do the mundane work at hand, know that actually you are the ones who are required to do that work when no one else steps forward to do it. Now the three of you* have done this, and that is why you are chosen and anointed in this hour.
             Each Hearts Center may have a term for their leadership from one to three years. And there should be rotation just as there is on The Hearts Center council such that all the leaders are not suddenly disappearing and all new leadership has to appear and there is no continuity. Therefore, you should discern within your Hearts Centers how there can be an overlapping of your terms of office so that this continuity does occur, and there is stability as well as the action of the Holy Spirit through new lifeblood in the leadership year after year.
             You can model your Hearts Centers upon the Central Hearts Center if you wish, discerning how it is modeled after the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood and its twenty-four members. So whether you have two, three or four leaders or even more as you grow, realize that each of you is a representative of a portion or a certain quotient that the Darjeeling Council and its twenty-four-member board does embody. In this case three stepped forward, and therefore [they] embody an aspect of the threefold flame for the heart of Washington, D.C. and its environs.
             As you grow, you may add more members to your council. And it is just and prudent to do this. If you have a time when you are going through trials and tests or personal challenges in your life with your family, and you need to step back and remove yourself from that office, that is totally acceptable. And that should be understood by all in the context of the greater service that you perform to all of life. None should judge or hold you guilty of leaving off of your service in order to serve others who need you and your families. At times, this may only be temporary, and therefore you can take a leave of absence for a determined amount of time or an indefinite amount within the context of your term that is agreeable by the other leadership to be appropriate.
                        These guidelines should be transcribed and added to that which the current council, in conjunction with the other leadership of all Hearts Centers is bringing forth as the standard within the greater Hearts Center community of heartfriends worldwide.
                        Therefore, thank you for being the instruments at this event for this teaching so we can have a little bit more of an understanding for those who are laying the foundation not only for our communities, but for the ombuds committee and all those who will assist in the flourishing of this movement of light. God bless you.

*Donna Drigan, Prashant Shah and Gloria Rojas

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