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Maha Chohan      January 24, 2007

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
January 24, 2007   7:53–8:13 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Rise Higher, O Soul, and Know Fire, Fire, Fire!

Walking as Fiery Spirits upon a New Earth

Blessed Ones Who Would Embody More of God's Consciousness,
            I am the Maha Chohan, and this day I choose to be with you in this sacred space with the seven chohans. For we are about a holy purpose and that is to give unto mankind greater opportunity to come into the oneness of holy purpose as sons and daughters of God. When this opportunity is squandered by individuals and nations and peoples, then the divine plan for a civilization cannot be fully fulfilled as set forth by the manus. And therefore there is, as it were, an injection into that society of a point of unreality such that a new pathway must be carved so that the dictates of heaven may manifest fully within your plane.
            We as ascended beings are constantly refining that which we employ as the energies of the Godhead on behalf of mankind. And as you know, there is the law that we are not allowed to give unto mankind or to chelas greater quotients of spiritual fire and energy and resources than [they] can use in harmony and balance. For if we were to release that which could be misapplied by the student of the light, then we ourselves would reap the karma of giving unto that one what is not prudent and required for [his] victory. It is similar to parents giving unto their children tools they [do not] understand [how to] use in their world, or textbooks or supplies which they cannot read or comprehend or utilize; for they are still at a level in the playgrounds of life where they have not fully risen in God Consciousness to that place where all that is given is cherished, valued, appreciated for its innate value for spiritual transformation. Therefore we may only entrust the great resources of heaven [to] those who have proven that they can employ them and use them only for the will of God and for the highest purposes of light upon the Earth.
            Within every dispensation that we seek and within all those that are granted by cosmic councils, there comes the responsibility for every avenue of light that is brought to bear in our dictations and in those dispensations to be fully comprehended and used by our chelas, blessed ones. And therefore at times we must step back and allow you to use what you have already received, employing the actions of the light within your domain before we can then go to bat for you again to receive greater dispensations. Sometimes we seek those which will benefit the greater antahkarana of lightbearers across the Earth, sometimes for specific nations and peoples, sometimes for individuals and smaller groups of people.
            [Would that] mankind [had] truly known this law [and] how even the life of Jesus the Christ was a dispensation and grace and how that gift unto mankind was squandered by an entire lifewave to the extent that today Christendom is in no way manifesting the totality of that which Jesus brought forth as a teaching from on high of mercy and grace unto mankind. When souls [are willing to change and] be akin to that light, embracing compassion and an understanding of the personal reality of God resident within the chalice of self, then adjustments [are made in heaven and upon earth by divine intercession.] New avenues of light [must be] sought [by us] to bring to bear unto mankind greater opportunity for self-transformation.
            The Holy Spirit, whose office I hold, is no respecter of persons, places, conditions or things, and yet there is great respect for life itself at the core of what God has created. And therefore mankind must come to the point of understanding the innate nature of God and all of his variegated manifestations throughout all of life if the Holy Spirit's action is to be fully manifest upon Earth for the coming of a golden-age civilization.
            When there is not respect, heart to heart, and the ability to communicate and to look into the heart and eyes of another of a differing root race, culture or race upon Earth, then, blessed ones, there is the crumbling of the greater antahkarana that the Lord God has established upon Earth; and there cannot be the firing of all of those crystal diadems throughout the planet that would create the matrix for the very bringing forth of the higher frequencies of Aquarius that are necessary for Earth to continue in its evolutionary spin.
            Thus there can be the need for the crumbling of the outworn patterns, even as you have heard in this reading today by the master Eckhart Tolle, whereby new opportunities are given unto mankind to employ those higher frequencies that are vibrating in the etheric plane, ready simply to be lowered into manifestation by angels and masterful beings for mankind's use, enjoyment and productivity. Thus we often experiment with certain segments of society and those who are conscious of our presence and our work to see how these potential gifts and graces and dispensations can be employed on a smaller scale before they are released unto the greater majority of mankind en masse. For if they cannot be fully utilized, understood and employed within certain segments, then how, O blessed ones, can we release them unto greater numbers of mankind and entrust them with these cosmic resources?
            The experiment of Saint Germain's gift of the violet fire to mankind has not been fully embraced by greater members of the human race. And thus that which could have come forth in the way of a seventh root race and dispensation has been, in many ways, curtailed, and setbacks have occurred [to] the vision [and mission] of the Master of Aquarius and his twin flame, Portia.
            America as the shining example of the flame of freedom to a world has been beset by many burdens due to the infiltration of elements within the society which are not benign and which have caused a certain grating upon the [spiritual development and running] of that society. There is a rumbling beneath [the earth of astral effluvia], which is almost [at a point of erupting and coming to the] surface, outpour[ing] all manner of darkness, if the fallen ones would have their way. Thus we send the violet fire into the deepest levels of the astral sea and will do so this coming weekend through the righteous prayers of those of you who will be there or who will be attending on the broadcast.¹ And from that point of the throat chakra of America,² through your voices raised in harmony and unity and great devotion, we will send forth rays of light substance for the stabilization of this land, her cities, her people, [her] commerce such that new opportunities may be brought forth for many more to be quickened and awakened to come into an awareness of the true teachings of the ascended masters through all true dispensations of light.
            Do not underestimate the power of the word flowing through you, blessed ones, when you are attuned to the Holy Spirit and when that Spirit flows through you in maximum potency and amperage and power. For each of you can be [both] a world servant [and], as some have said, a world change agent—yes, truly employing all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the agency of that Spirit within your lives and the lives of your loved ones.
            Seek me early, seek me late, but seek me within the Self in the still small voice of cosmic reason within you. Know the presence of comfort and love that I bear even amidst the intensity of the fire that does descend to purge from you every element of the not-self that you have [accommodated] and allowed to become a portion of who you think you are in time and space.
            Blessed ones, when all is stripped from you and there is nothing left but that Spirit, then you will know truly who I AM within you, and the grace and mercy of God's Spirit may dwell wholly and fully, bodily within you; and you may be for mankind a focal point for healing, for the delivery of truth, higher teaching, understanding of holy purpose.
            All avatars of all ages have employed the gifts of the Holy Spirit in great measure for the delivery of fire into the affairs of mankind for the salvation of souls. You, each one, may be an avatar, with a small a, for many of Earth's evolutions, blessed ones, as you employ the spiritual fire in your life in greater measure day by day and attune to the very heart of God, knowing that all is well within that heart and that through the burning action of the sacred fire, there can be transformation, transmutation and the glorification of the God Self within rather than the glorification of the human ego, the not-self and all desires of the human monad.
            I release unto each of you this day a certain quotient of fire that will make permanent within you what you have gleaned through your devotions day by day and your understanding of cosmic law. I place you in my kiln and I enfire that which is true and real, and the dross is now consumed by the sacred fire from my heart.
           O blessed ones, would you truly know the fire of God that burns within the heart of your Presence, [which] you can always have access to at [your] call and upon your meditation upon that Sun and Solar Presence? If you would be the intrepid ones who would know this fire, then come with me, learn from me, call unto me to be for you that fiery spirit determined to wend its way to the very throne of God to receive greater impetus of that fire, as a Promethean God Being, to bring back to this planetary home that which will truly transform it into a Sun of holiness.
            I am the Maha Chohan, and even the elements within the earth itself here are fused with my Presence. The soil upon which you stand is holy ground. And wherever you walk, if you are a fiery spirit, that earth may also be fused with your own Solar Presence, blessed ones. And soon, because many more among mankind will be walking as these fiery spirits upon the Earth, the Earth itself will be changed—glory unto glory! And you will see a new Earth, a new heaven and a new way for mankind to be, truly, God beings.
            I seal you in my fire. Rise higher, O soul, and know fire, fire, fire!

1. The Maha Chohan is referring to an event and vigil that was scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C. over the following weekend.
2. Washington, D.C. is the throat chakra of the United States of America.

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