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Charyata      January 23, 2007

Beloved Charyata
David C. Lewis
January 23, 2007  8:08-8:25 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Come to Deliver to This Planet the New Blue Energies from the Great Central Sun
You Have Chosen to Bear a Portion of This New Energy

Beloved Servitors of the Sacred Fire Upon Earth,
            I come as an emissary of Alpha and Omega to deliver to this planet the New Blue energies that are even now emanating from that focus of the Great Central Sun unto this system of worlds.1
           I am Charyata, and I make my presence known unto this movement of light. For I have also sponsored this messenger and the word that streams forth through the orifice of the Word that he has become on your behalf. It has been aeons since I have come to this planet. And yet the Lord God has sent me in answer to the requests of light friends upon Earth for greater light and dispensations and opportunity to deliver this planet into the very hands of the Lord.
           When the Lord Jesus did say, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done upon Earth,” there was set forth into motion the streaming forth of cosmic light rays from the very will of God in the Great Central Sun unto all the evolutions of this planetary home. And through the anchoring of that light through the one sent in that hour, there did manifest the juxtaposition of great cosmic resources of light for the ennoblement of a civilization that had, unfortunately, turned to darkness. This was the supreme sacrifice of that one, Jesus, to lay down his very life energy so that all could live in the new light and the new wave of Pisces, whereby through self-mastery souls could learn a way out of the human condition, which had become the norm rather than the exception.
           Because many more are now awakening upon this Earth, the Lord God has determined to once again initiate the evolutions here in the higher sciences of cosmic perception whereby you may begin to understand the deeper mysteries of life as that life is lived by Alpha and Omega and the beings whose vibrations are far beyond the ken of mankind. There is, then, a stepping up of the action of the light through this new wave. And even your scientists, whose instruments are becoming more sensitized to cosmic radiation, have begun to understand the pulsations of these frequencies and their effects upon the worlds. These emanate from the very mind of God. And when your mind is attuned to that one universal cosmic mind, then you may receive these frequencies, employ them to the benefit of sentient life and for the raising of souls to the new way of the Spirit.
           Each of you has been chosen because you have chosen to bear a portion of this new energy, blessed ones. And I say that before you came into incarnation you saw the handwriting on the wall of what was coming upon the Earth during this dark age. And it was by your own effort and by your own leave that you once again embodied to be a part of the great drama of the inculcation within this planetary home of this new light.
           Many ascended beings are resident in the heaven world around the Earth, employing all that they can through dispensation of the energies allotted unto them for these purposes, for the victory of light and for the transmutation of the old way unto the new energy. As you attune to them day by day through your sessions and in deep contemplation upon your own manifestation of this light, greater repositories of the sacred fire will become available to you, each one. And in the totality of your joint mission, many more will be quickened such that the Earth, being raised in sacred fire at the behest of the Manu of the seventh root race,2 can once again bring about the righting of the axis spiritually of this planet such that when the frequencies are aligned, the spinning may increase and throw off the outworn garments of an ancient pattern and civilization that will do nothing any longer to serve the purposes of the lifestreams upon this Earth.
           The alignment of the planetary bodies and solar systems occurs within the very eye of God. And as these come into focus, there is a shift—and though only in very small angles, as you would say, within the great circumference of the totality of the Cosmic Egg, when these do align themselves, then the evolutions of planetary homes must come into conformity with these new frequencies.
           The way of the Buddha is the way of Godly love. Love-wisdom as an aspect of this New Blue light that is borne to the planet must be understood by the evolutions here, who through attunement with the very heart and mind of the Atman-man can then perceive through these new frequencies truly what is the opportunity set before them to fulfill the divine plan for an entire lifewave, blessed ones. You see, when souls do not fulfill their reason for being during the dispensation of a particular root race, then there is a drag upon the entire planet, and those who lag behind pull on the subsequent dispensations. And therefore we are coming now to the point of the summing up of a number of root races whereby the Lord God has said: “Thus far and no farther. If you will not move forward, then your opportunity for life during this age will be no more.” This is what some have called the judgment, and yet [it] is truly the mercy of heaven for those new souls who seek only opportunity to live a life of God-freedom.
           Therefore the Lord God is calling home many evolutions, and the prophecies given unto John in Revelation are being fulfilled even before your very eyes. And there is the sifting of souls, the separation of the tares and the wheat and the finality manifest for many to opt for the light or for the darkness. Choose the higher way of conformity with the Spirit, blessed ones. For then there will be no pain but only the gain of an understanding of that which is real within you and all about you.
           [Messenger intones sacred syllables for 32 seconds.]
           There is alignment within the Earth itself through the sound of the voice of the One through me this day. Come unto me, all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest—the rest of the peace of God, of your soul.3 O mankind, be real by attuning to the very heartbeat of Alpha and Omega day by day, for therein you will know your own beingness as his son, as his daughter.
            I seal your chakras in the New Blue wave of cosmic fire for the victory of the Lord.

1. The New Blue ray descends from Alpha and Omega, the Father-Mother God of our universe, and pulses out to us from the God Star, Sirius. It is the first of the new higher frequencies being introduced to the Earth and to this entire solar system. Announced by El Morya in his HeartStream of January 11, 2007, this new current of energy signifies the great shift that is occurring, ushering us into an age of illumination, enlightenment, compassion and freedom—an age when the Mother Light is activated in the Earth and in mankind. This New Blue ray is sealed within frequencies that are ever changing, demonstrating that we must also be adaptable and able to flow with winds of the Holy Spirit. In order to fully understand the New Blue, we must move from a sense of duality and “enter what the masters have called a unified field of beingness in God, which is beyond doctrine, dogma and manmade laws. The New Blue ray is the new law of life.”

2. The manu of the seventh root race is the Great Divine Director.

3. Matt. 11:28.

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