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Lotus      January 22, 2007

Beloved Lotus
David C. Lewis
January 22, 2007   8:01-8:25 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Come to Clear the Way for the God-Victory of Your Journey to Washington, D.C.

We Need Many Minutemen and -Women to Defend the Plan of Saint Germain
Take Up Your Spiritual Arms and Deliver the Sacred Fire through Holy Invocation

Beloved Servitors of Fire,
            I come to clear the way for the God-victory of your journey to Washington, D.C., and of the great event that will transpire there, wherein an influx of light from out the Great Central Sun will manifest itself in the nation's capital and sons and daughters of God will have new opportunity to choose righteousness, light, faith and all that is real to allow the master plan of Saint Germain to move forward the destiny of this nation and the peoples who have embodied upon these shores, and that [cause] to which many hearts have set forth their work, their striving and given of their lifeblood.
           I am Lotus, and I stand now simultaneously in every spot where I stood in my final incarnation and received the words of the ascended masters in dictation and where I stood to deliver, through the spoken word, the light for the stabilization of the Earth with many heartfriends, fellow students of the ascended masters, devotees of the flame and those who understood the necessity to give and give again in dynamic prayer and decree the fiats, the call such that the will of God could manifest in time and space and change that which the fallen ones had set their minds toward, but which we stood to defend as that flame of freedom in America.1
Many of you know the story of Godfre's interaction with Saint Germain, and yet my story is not fully known by all. And yet I take this opportunity to remind you of the experience that I had as Joan of Arc wherein I received a direct commission from the Lord God through a number of saints [and from] Archangel Michael as the leader of the hosts of the Lord, who did direct me [and] initiate me. And I was privileged to wield the sword and put on the armor, even standing and riding within his very aura and the aura of his twin flame, Faith.
           You see, blessed ones, Godfre and I came long ago to this planet as blue-ray beings to deliver the word and to support the mission of Sanat Kumara and of Saint Germain. And we were privileged to be chosen to be involved in the founding of this nation as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.2 And the words which we did pen in those hours still have import today. And yet America and generations of children have not been fully exposed to the principles and the words that we did both utter and record. These themselves would give them the spiritual tools and the fuels to move forward the ongoing work of the founding fathers.

           Much has been compromised, and this is why you and we are coming to the nation's capital—to once more infuse this nation with a rod of fire and the staff of light, planting our feet squarely in the earth in the very space where your leaders walk such that when the light does descend, there will be both the action of judgment and protection of the divine plan. And those who have nothing to do with the ongoing work of the Great White Brotherhood will have pause to consider the results of their actions, their words and what they have bound the American people with in terms of excessive taxation, plans for the use of their funds toward ignoble purposes and other strategies that do not lend themselves toward that which is the original vision that we bore as the true leaders and founders of this great nation.
           Blessed ones, the leader of all nations is the Christ and the Christ Light, upon which the government must rest if that government and nation is to survive and to prosper. When a nation decides that materialism and commerce and all manner of decadent undertakings [are] more important than the principles of a godly faith in the one Lord of heaven, even declaring through the compromise of our original intent that there must be something called the separation of Church and State, whereby you cannot even pray in public in certain areas, then you see the crumbling of that civilization is nigh; and you must take up spiritual arms to defend the truth, the way and the life that the Lord God did deliver through his servant sons, the founding fathers, to stabilize and to save this nation.
           Therefore I stand this day in support of my twin flame, Godfre, and the city named after us. And I place my Presence 
very tangibly in the rotunda of the Capitol, in the White House and in the Supreme Court. And by God's grace, I will stand to defend the truth wherever it is spoken, through whomever it is spoken, day and night, and enfire the words of those who are the true patriots for the light with my causal body energies. And where untruths and lies are spoken, there will be the action of the judgment through the descent of the sword of sacred fire from beloved Archangel Michael and Faith to cleave that which is the unreal within those words. And those who utter them, who know exactly what their plans and strategies will result in, will receive the instantaneous manifestation of this action of judgment, blessed ones, because of the dispensation of grace that will arise because many of you are coming to lend your voices to our holy cause.
           Therefore this could be a turning point toward the light if the leaders of this nation listen with the inner intention of doing the will of God for and on behalf of this people. And yet, if they listen not to the voice of inner reason that we bear and that you also will stand for, then woe unto this civilization, blessed ones.
           The crux of the matter of light and darkness rests in the hands of many, and yet you, each one, must stand to be that Christ Spirit and leader of many in your holy office as sons and daughters of God where you are. And whether you are able to make it physically to this event or not, I suggest that many of you attune to this weekend's events, taking part as much as you are able, carving out time within your schedules to lend your voices. For we will anchor our light through your heart chakras and through your physical bodies where you are in time and space, igniting a newfound fire of freedom where you are, blessed ones.
           We need many minutemen and -women in this hour to defend the plan of Saint Germain. And unbeknownst to many of you, I have in recent weeks come to your sessions here at the Wellspring Retreat and actually overshadowed this messenger in delivering the sacred fire through the dynamic prayers day after day, just as I did during World War II with many chelas in Chicago. And that is why we have set forth the desire of the Master Saint Germain to once again establish an outer focus of the Great White Brotherhood in or near that city of Chicago. And so some have come, ones anointed at inner levels and sponsored by cosmic councils, to be there for the delivery of the sacred fire, to augment the work of the I AM students who continue praying with this new energy of the Spirit and the new dispensation that you bear.
           The fire and determination of your hearts can move mountains, blessed ones. And it does not take thousands and thousands, as we had in our day, in the heyday, as you would say, of the “I AM” movement, to stabilize the Earth. Yet as you do grow and as many more come unto this sacred fount of teaching, instruction and the dispensations that come with the fact that you have anointed messengers in your midst who deliver our words, then we can truly carve out great avenues of light across the nations, saving many more souls and moving forward our plans not only for America but for many other nations to have that light of the eternal spark of freedom glowing within their capitals, within their commerce, within their industry and civilizations.
           The original plan of the Great White Brotherhood was to establish such a focus of light here in these United States that it could also be exported everywhere. And yet the fallen ones have moved through those who, point/counterpoint, are taking the reins of power to move forward their quasi plans, not to bring forth the government of God upon Earth but the government of control of the people. And this is why the sponsorship of America is in jeopardy in this hour, as you have heard, and why we come to reenfire you and to inspire you to once again, as I have said, take up your spiritual arms and deliver the sacred fire through holy invocation, blessed ones.
            I suggest that during each of your sessions you have at least five minutes when each of you stands in the full totality of your attainment as [a] God-free being, who you are in the here and now, and utter[s] fiats of fire, as we were wont to do in the “I AM” activity. For, blessed ones, at times, though it is important to enter into deep states of meditation and that stillness of oneness with your God Presence, it is also important that the fire descend into this planetary body. And  some of you who are used to the silence must come to understand more of this dynamic science, [which] we did deliver through a directness and a vibrancy as a result of the teaching we received directly from the heart of Saint Germain and many masters.
           When you study the dictations and the words that were brought through Godfre and me, you will understand the dynamism and the fire that can be brought forth into this planetary body. And therefore I assign each of you who has not read the first three books that we brought forth to read them and then to use those fiats here and there, even while you are traveling in your vehicles or while you are readying yourself in the morning or in the evening before you retire.4 For, blessed ones, a call to mighty Victory to stand and take command of the government of this nation and calls to Saint Germain and Godfre and Portia to deliver the people through the action of the sacred fire from their beings can work miracles here and there. Therefore I invite you now to stand as I demonstrate how this may be done by each of you, blessed ones.

[The master delivers the following fiat with great intensity:]

            In the name of the light of God that never fails, I call to hosts of light from out the Great Silence and from out the Great Central Sun to descend into the Earth now, to carve pathways of light and to bind the fallen ones where they are and to bring forth God-victorious light into manifestation here and now in the nation's capital and in every city upon Earth! This I ask according to God's holy will, and I accept it done this hour in full power! Amen.

           You see, blessed ones, this fiat of power only took approximately ten seconds of your Earth time. And yet in answer to this call, thousands of legions of angels are now streaming forth to fulfill the word of God that I have spoken. This is my call to arms and to action of every heartfriend and lover of Saint Germain this morning and every day. Blessed ones, if you could see all that is transpiring, you would sacrifice to be here physically in these sessions here at Wellspring, retiring early and arising early. You would be where the messenger is! You would be where the fire is delivered, just as many were where I was day after day, standing to defend freedom as best we knew how. Therefore consider your work and service in all areas and decide what is important to you and how you may truly fulfill all by being the one in the here and now who will work the works of God through sacrifice, through giving and through that love-fire that you bear in all things.
           I am the lotus-love 
of freedom, and I am with each heartfriend, partner and servitor who is determined not only to make the ascension in this life but to take many more souls with us into the eternal realms of that freedom.
           I thank you for your spirits, blessed ones, and for your fiery determination to win all the way. God bless you! God love you. God deliver you this day and every day until your victory is assured and you, like we, rise into the eternal arms of the I AM THAT I AM, the Great Presence of God, who loves you so, who loves you so.

1. The ascended master Lotus was embodied as Edna Ballard, and with her husband and twin flame, Guy Ballard (the ascended master Godfre), began the “I AM” Activity in the 1930s under the sponsorship and direction of the ascended master Saint Germain.
2. Godfre and Lotus were embodied as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, respectively.
3. Saint Germain stated on January 1, 2007, "The government of this land is sitting on shaky ground in this hour. And as I warned you in Banff, Canada, there has been for quite some time the possibility that I could lose the dispensation of the securing of these United States in freedom's fires because of the inroads of darkness that have made themselves manifest through those who have no desire on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood to outpicture freedom in the lives of this people but seek instead to manipulate and to do anything possible to use the resources of this holy land toward the ultimate purposes not only of one world government, but of the incarceration of the souls of the people and the stealing of that light for their ends."
4. The master is referring to the books Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence, and The “I AM” Discourses, which were written by Guy Ballard under the pen name Godfré Ray King.

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