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Nada Rayborn      January 21, 2007

Beloved Nada Rayborn
David C. Lewis
January 21, 2007   7:15–7:35 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Daniel Rayborn Anoints and Will Train the Messenger

All Things Can Precipitate through Hearts Surrendered and Attuned
to the Voice of the Beloved
May Your Voice Resonate with the Angelic Choirs Day and Night

Messenger:  Let's meditate for a few moments in silence. [Audience meditates for approximately 14 minutes.]

            Blessed ones, during your time of meditation I have sung an aria unto a vast sea of souls in a cosmic amphitheatre simultaneously on Venus and on Earth. I am Nada Rayborn, and I come this day with my beloved twin flame, Daniel, to lend my momentum to this movement of light, these messengers and all that you are doing to bring the kingdom of God upon Earth.
            It is my great pleasure to share with you the love of our twin flames, just as Jesus and Magda do day by day with the evolutions of mankind. And as messengers in our own way, we continue from the heaven world to inspire mankind at many levels toward that which is the divine estate, and rightfully theirs, as sons and daughters of God.
           The Master Saint Germain so lovingly communicated with my family and gave to us many keys for our own self-transcendence and the fulfillment of our purpose and mission in life, and for this we will be eternally grateful.1 Each of you who even knows the name of the Master and also his twin flame [has] access to a great storehouse of cosmic wisdom and the alchemy of the Spirit, from which you, too, may draw forth great cosmic energies in your service to life.
           The blessings on the path of oneness with angelic presences and ascended beings is one incomparable. And if mankind truly knew the opportunities that are presented unto them to witness and become involved in the great work of these celestial beings—participating right where they are by invoking the sacred fire and by utilizing all their God-given gifts to manifest that which they are capable of as sentient beings—then you see, blessed ones, this Earth would truly be raised into a new level of awareness, all struggles would cease and Earth itself could be that which God sees as its divine destiny.
           Those in the “I AM” movement who continue day by day to invoke our presence, giving their violet-fire prayers with due diligence, have been blessed with innumerable dispensations throughout the years. And these you may tap into through an understanding of the history and the mission of Godfre and Lotus,2 of mighty Victory and of many masters who came day by day through the messengers to help forestall world wars and the decadence of this age of the Kali Yuga.
           This mission you have also been caught up in at a new level, blessed ones, whereby you perceive through the intercession through the current messengers that which is possible, that which this Earth can truly become when many more among mankind understand the principles of light, the science of the spoken word and the miracle light of the violet flame, which truly both creates and uncreates worlds within worlds, and worlds beyond worlds.
           When you sing your songs, there is an emanation of radiance from your hearts, expanded through your throat chakras, that graces the universe with that flow of celestial light, blending with angels and angelic choruses and weaving a spiral of light to the very throne of the Lord God. Sing, blessed ones, with all that is in you day by day and understand and know that many, including myself, the Great Tenor,3 and others, sing with you, expanding that light in a crescendo of fire to bless many beings upon Earth with God's love.
           Understand that through the very nature of the emerald fire that manifests in these angelic choruses and the weaving of patterns, thoughtforms and cosmic harmonies at many levels of vibration in the heaven world, there is pressed down to the very Earth itself and into the lower regions of the astral plane a certain action of saving grace. For these melodies continue to resonate and to cause change in the molecules and atoms of substance, bringing balance, bringing a certain easing of the pain and pressure of living in these lower regions. And when a soul here or a soul there can at last receive an ampoule of light through these arias of sacred fire, then many can eventually be freed from their misperceptions of reality and truly know heaven's bounty once more.
           I was privileged to sing in various opera houses and to many souls upon Earth. And as you have heard the story, the blessed Saint Germain did help cure me of a certain fear of appearing before audiences.4 And when, at last, through his great intercession and guidance I was able to overcome this long dilemma, finally I was able to be the instrument for the release of cosmic energies through my voice. And this you, too, may do by harmonizing your heart, your soul, your very spirit with the heartbeat of God.
           Yes, training is often necessary for the stabilization of the voice to be attuned as a fine instrument for God to sing through. And yet the ultimate joy of releasing light through the voice is one whereby all cosmic tension is gone and there is simply the flowering and the flow of that celestial harmony through the nexus of the heart-throat connection whereby the Holy Spirit's very breath does waft upon the breeze, carrying the perfect essence of the message and the tone unto hearts waiting and abiding in that presence of stillness and holiness.
           It is often the case, blessed ones, that vast audiences enraptured by this radiance are even taken en masse up into a higher vibration and level of spirituality through their attunement with these cosmic harmonies. This is truly the miracle that all true celestial voices and choirs of angels see as their mission. For what can be done for one can be magnified for many. And it is always our joy to partake of this divine alchemy of the Spirit with you and with many.
           Blessed Daniel comes now to anoint this messenger with an accelerated fire and will train him at certain levels of cosmic messengership to receive greater HeartStreams of light from ascended beings in weeks and months to come, for he has passed certain initiations. And though he would prefer that this not be shared with you on the outer in this moment, we express it unto you, blessed ones, for the constancy and the love are there, and he has earned the right to walk in the footsteps of Daniel Rayborn, of Godfre, of Mark Prophet, truly being for the Earth the voice of cosmic reason on our behalf for many ascended masters.
           Therefore there is a certain anointing in this hour of his chakras. And each of you who [has] been faithful day by day in supporting this one also receives a certain action of acceleration of your chakras, your aura in this hour as the supporting staff of this dispensation of light.
           All things are possible with God. All things can be probable and precipitate in time and space through hearts surrendered and attuned to the very voice of the Beloved. I seal this body of heartfriends and servitors of fire this day. May your voice resonate with the angelic choirs day and night as they praise the very beingness of the Sun behind the sun of the Lord God Almighty, the Holy One.
           Invictus,5 we move forward in new light, in new cosmic radiance unto the fulfillment of our joint mission to save life upon Earth. I thank you.

1. In the book The Magic Presence, Godfré Ray King wrote about Nada and Daniel Rayborn and their family, describing how they received direct teaching and training from the Master Saint Germain.
2.  Godfre and Lotus are the ascended masters who were embodied as Guy Ballard and Edna Ballard. Saint Germain contacted them in the 1930s and trained them to be his messengers and inspired them to found the “I AM” activity.
3. The Great Tenor is a reference to the cosmic being God Harmony.
4. In The Magic Presence, Nada's daughter, whose name was also Nada, recounts the story of her Mother's stage fright before one of her opera performances and of Saint Germain's intercession, which permanently cured her of her fear and allowed her to continue her singing career with great success and remarkable brilliance. “Saint Germain first came to mother one night at the beginning of her career in grand opera. She had been singing only a few months, when one evening she became almost speechless with stage fright. She was in her dressing room shortly before the performance when a frantic fear seized her, making her forget everything. Saint Germain stepped through in his tangible body, introduced himself, and touched her forehead with the fingers of his right hand. Instantly, all nervousness left, the memory of her part returned, and she was calm and at ease. That night her success was tremendous, and it continued to increase, becoming brilliant beyond her fondest dreams.” [Godfré Ray King, The Magic Presence (Chicago:  Saint Germain Press, 1935), pp. 5, 7.]
5. invictus (Latin): unconquerable, invincible.

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