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Holy Amethyst      January 17, 2007

Beloved Holy Amethyst
David C. Lewis
January 17, 2007   6:59–7:10 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Let the Stream of the Violet Light Wash You Clean Day and Night
You Can Be a Cosmic Harmonizer and Radiator of the Seventh Ray for Mankind

I impart crystals of amethyst and surround your soul and your soul chakra with violet light for the transmutation of darkness and for the transubstantiation of all within you less than cosmic freedom into the new wave of the seventh-ray action of freedom for your soul.
           I am Holy Amethyst. This seventh-ray energy, which many of you have invoked now for a number of years, must come to the fore within your aura for a greater action of freedom to be upon Earth. And Zadkiel has stood forth and consumed records of Atlantis, even within your subconscious. And I come this day to seal each of you in this amethyst crystal light such that you will never, never again, blessed ones, engage in practices which could lead you down, back into the cellar of awareness whereby you forget the nature of your true divinity.
           If we are to have the incarnation of the seventh root race, then many more among mankind must employ the energies of the seventh ray through invocation, through singing, through the ritual of dance and the harmonization of that light within all avenues of being.
           See your bloodstream, even in this hour, infused with the crystal radiance of liquid amethyst within you, blessed ones, cleansing impurities, streaming forth through your consciousness to consume that which has been a burden upon your cells. For you see, at the very core level, each of your cells, as a building block for the totality of who you are, can be infused with this violet light, glowing with a new transmutative radiance. And when in your visualizations during your prayer work you see first and foremost your own being fully infused with this light, then you can be a cosmic harmonizer and radiator of light of the seventh ray for mankind in greater measure. If you have not first ingested and become this radiance, then there is a compromise of what you are able to be at the highest level for the transformation of a planet and her people.
            Therefore first work on yourselves at the deepest core levels, transmuting anything that flows through your consciousness which is not the perfection of God. When a thought arises that you know is not real or truly of you, then see it instantly dispersed in the violet liquid light of your being. When irritation attempts to move your solar plexus at some level whereby you think you have been wronged or someone does not understand or accept you as you are, see the violet light surrounding that one and yourself, even with me at the nexus of that relationship, whereby through my heart I consume the record and the cause and core of the imperil or the downward spiral that you have temporarily allowed yourself to enter into through the acceptance of these thoughts and feelings.
           Any ascended being may stand forth at this nexus of your relationship with others, blessed ones, if you ask. And whether you resonate on one ray or another, there is the action of the violet light within that nexus such that you will not receive anything less than your God nature into your soul-er awareness—s-o-u-l, dash, e-r awareness—of yourself. And then you will not allow the rising of anything less than your solar awareness—s-o-l-a-r—unto your God Source; for God is too pure to behold the imperfections of human nonsense that at times you yourself accept.
           Let the stream of the violet light wash you clean day and night, blessed ones. And see the scrubbing action even as you hold in your imagination violet scrub brushes, scrubbing yourself at all levels of being, even within your very veins and arteries and capillaries, with violet light to cleanse your physical body as well as your emotional, mental and etheric bodies with the action of this bubbling radiance of joyful cosmic light.
           When you sing in the shower, sing with me and I will teach you new tunes of Amethyst's love for the sons and daughters of God who would understand the nature of the seventh ray of freedom. Sing in your vehicles. Sing to your children and grandchildren. Joy in the radiance of movement and dance and the cosmic ritual of that drama which portends the very freedom of your soul and spirit when you have truly accepted the alchemy of love within you at all levels.
           We the archeiai are about a mission of raising the consciousness of many more upon Earth in this hour. For the only way out, blessed ones, is for many more to understand who they truly are, to be quickened and awakened with cosmic radiance that we bring. And so we have come to bless you, to give you higher frequencies, which as you receive them and employ them daily will work their work through all of your chakras and throughout your entire consciousness to allow you to vibrate at a new and higher level of spiritual light.
           Thus now the blessed Mary comes to fulfill our mission as the Queen of the Angels and the directress of the archeiai and our mission.

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