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Charity      January 16, 2007

Beloved Charity
David C. Lewis
January 16, 2007 7:30-7:40 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Particles of Charity Flow throughout the Rivers of Your Givingness to Others

            From my vantage point I see the hearts of mankind, and this day I fan the fires of love and charity within all. Charity is the very spirit of givingness of self unto life. And this you, O soul, have known because of the great sacrifice that you have offered on the altar of the Lord. When you give without thought of return, I am there. When you sacrifice something of the lesser self to ennoble one or another or to lift that one's burden, I witness the lovestreams from your heart and I amplify that which you give.
            The currents of love must be known within all cultures and peoples. Those who have striven to deliver to peoples across the earth who have less than what they may rightfully have to live on receive instantly the reward of their givingness. And we extend our wings of charity, fanning the gift itself with that radiance from the heart of the giver with our love so that when the gift is received by the one in need, he receives not only the physicality of that fire but the internal awareness of God's love within the gift.
            Spiritual philanthropists always receive the presence of our angels. And even those who give without fully understanding cosmic law receive the just portion of our love in return measure for their giving. Gratitude now flows through heart and head and hand unto each one of you from the angels of Charity. And your hands themselves receive protection and the blessing of the activation of greater energies of the secret rays for all that you have given unto life, blessed ones.
            I am Charity. I am in the very heart of God always, perceiving how that heart does flower anew through those who love God and who give and give and give again and again and again. The floral offering which creates an aura of pastel radiance around you does bless your very being with the impressions of God's heart manifest even upon each petal of your heart chakra, blessed ones. It is as an angel fairy dust that graces the spinning chakra within you, nourishing all of your spiritual centers. And from that point the outflow of love may increase throughout the spiritual bloodstream or lightstream of your consciousness. Particles of charity flow throughout the rivers of your givingness to others. And the buoyancy and the elevation of consciousness come unto you because the joy of giving has been embraced and understood at the deepest level of your being.
            I complete the action of the release of light of the archeiai this day. And together we hurl our floral offerings as blue, white and pink roses unto the souls of the children of God everywhere. Drink in their essence, imbibe the aroma of their radiance and know Faith, Hope and Charity in greater measure this day. We three seal you now, O blessed hearts. For all that you have become, the Lord God sees and applauds and smiles upon your countenance.
            May dispensations of mercy and of light be yours day by day so that you may give in the eternal spirit of oneness anew each moment. We thank you and bid you a most happy and profitable day in service to life.

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