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Justinius      January 12, 2007

Beloved Justinius
David C. Lewis
January 12, 2007
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Leading the Armies of Heaven into Battle
                                                  with Archangel Michael and Legions of the White Ray

            Ho! Legions of seraphim, come forth! I am Justinius, and I have been with you this morning and leading this session through the messenger. For we are determined that none should be lost! None of the sons and daughters of God in whom there burns a threefold flame upon this planet should be bereft of the presence of those in heaven who have carved a pathway for your souls unto the light.
            Blessed ones, when you, through a fiery determination, come into your sanctuaries fully embracing that which God would work through you day by day, then the miracle light of cosmic fire can descend into the very darkest regions of the planetary body. And souls of light who had heretofore been, through the dullness of living upon this planet, bereft of that light can receive the impetus that we bring and the fiery, steely determination of the ascension fires of the white ray to bring them unto the fount of living light.
            Did you know, blessed ones, that another function and responsibility of a messenger of the Great White Brotherhood is to lead the armies of heaven? And therefore the point of the spear and of the sword is where the messenger lives. For that one is at the head of the crowd, so to speak, leading you toward that victory over the personality, the lesser self, whatever you will call it—the dweller-on-the-threshold, the ego—unto the fulfillment of that which is truly real within you, which is God, God, God!
           It takes not only a fiery determination to stand forth to deliver the word, but it takes the support of all messengers of heaven, past and present, to lead the armies of heaven into battle. And so therefore I give you a key this day, blessed ones, for the work of the Two Witnesses and of the messengers: that the time will come when as the legions of Archangel Michael go into battle in numberless numbers to defend the light of the Divine Mother within you, each of you—also being called upon as an angel of mercy on behalf of the evolutions of this planet—may stand forth in your own office in hierarchy, even as a messenger of truth and of light serving on your particular ray and at the vibration and the level of attainment that you have received such that you also are a part of the wedge of light, the cosmic V of victory of this movement. For you see, the messenger, at the point of the tip, also requires support. And therefore each of you can be at the lead of your point upon the spear, you see. The spear, as that triangle of fire, requires the laser action of light at each point of that spear. And therefore each of you is, in reality, also a leader in that wedge of light.
            This the angels of the white ray are aware of. For I have instructed them not only [of this] in each mission that we together engage in but of the necessity for the sharpening of their minds and consciousness and of the light rays that are focused through their chakras for and on behalf of the evolutions of not only this world but of many worlds, blessed ones.  For we survey the scene of light and darkness across the galaxies, and we are about many missions upon many planetary homes. And when one mission is accomplished, then the Lord God does send us forth unto other missions. And therefore this day we have chosen to be among you, supporting you, uplifting and upholding the light that you bear on behalf of thousands and, for some of you, even millions of lifestreams upon this planet.
            When at times you feel the weight of world karma, know, blessed ones, that it only takes at times a simple call to the seraphim, and we will come marching in our cosmic formations to deliver unto you and to those for whom you make the call cosmic light energies for the dissolution of vast pockets of darkness. For the action of the white ray does instantly dissolve the perversion of all the seven rays, you see. For the white ray is the totality of the vibration of all the rays, and therefore we have within the authority and the purview of our mission to go into the very depths of the perversions on all seven rays and consume that darkness. This is another key that I give to you this day, blessed ones, for few of you call upon the seraphim to [accomplish] the action of light that is similar to that which Archangel Michael and his legions perform. Therefore I suggest that when you call to him that you also call to the seraphim, led by [me], and even my brethren, some of whom I will reveal the names of at the appropriate time in the future.
            For you see, a number of us were born of the same father-mother who long ago directly supported Archangel Michael and his legions and his work to cast the serpent, that one Lucifer, out of heaven when he had determined to abrogate that which was truly his right as an archangel of light. And there were certain of us who stood directly with Archangel Michael in that hour—my father and mother and my brethren—and I was chosen from among them to be the one who would lead those seraphim on the white ray for and on behalf of all legions of light in the heaven world.
            The mysteries of God are being revealed, and day by day, through dispensation and through your own rising into new dimensions of consciousness, you will have access to these mysteries and the revelations that are appropriate for you on your personal pathway, blessed ones. Isn't this exciting to know that heaven is not static and that there is not only a progressive means of releasing to mankind that which God Almighty deems that it is necessary for them to know but [also a way] that you personally may be a part of this action of the release of cosmic dispensations because you have placed yourself upon the altar, offering your highest service to God—heart, head and hand—day by day? You see, no dispensations could come forth through this or any other activity of light unless certain hearts of fire pledge and vow to serve to set life free. Therefore we ourselves have sworn an oath to the Lord God Almighty to serve tirelessly for and on behalf of mankind. And this is our joy; this is our great honor to perform this sacred service for you, blessed ones.
            I now wield my sword over each and every one of you who has participated in this service this morning, whether here physically or over the broadcast. And I cut you loose and set you free from certain elements within your subconscious, blessed ones, that have been a burden for lifetimes. Ties to those fallen ones that some of you have been tied to for many millennia are now severed and you are free to go about a greater work for the Lord. For some of you this also means an acceleration of your ability to use the secret rays for and on behalf of those whom you have vowed to serve and cut free upon Earth. This action is now occurring also for many lightbearers who have been true to God in other dispensations, daily giving their calls, the calls to Astrea and Purity, or doing their best based on their own knowledge of the science of the word and of their hearts' fire.
            Now I draw a circle of fire around all lightbearers upon this planet, and I remind you, each one, not only of your holy office but of the unity of hearts worldwide and of what is required in this hour to secure for God a haven of light upon this planet and, as Jesus said, to bring heaven upon Earth. Jesus stands above the Earth in this very hour, delivering light rays to those who call to him. And at the level that each one can receive and understand, each one is empowered and blessed.
            May you know surcease from struggle, even the struggle with your own dweller-on-the-threshold and lower nature, by the acceptance of the love-fires of the white ray of heaven. Blessed ones, few can contain the accelerated love-fires manifest through the white ray, and yet we say for those for whom this is doable, you benefit from the steely energies of this ascension coil manifest through your consciousness. Therefore I remind you to give those calls to Astrea and Purity daily as much as you are able during this cycle of eighteen months. And if you can have the consuming of greater darkness within your electronic belt during this period of time, then I will come again to deliver the next level of initiation and fire from the seraphim that your physical bodies will be able to receive in order for you to have a more glorious resurrection and ascension in the light.
            Therefore, blessed ones, my mission this day is accomplished. And I see shining through your auras a greater light of intensity and desire to serve the Lord God, and for this, O Lord, I am grateful. Therefore, legions of Serapis, O seraphim of light, return now with me to our temporary resting place to receive your orders for our next mission within this system of worlds.
           Charge! Charge! Charge! and let the ascension flame manifest through hearts of fire attuned to God, God, God. I thank you.

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