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Maria Montessori      January 06, 2007

Beloved Maria Montessori
David C. Lewis
January 6, 2007   8:00-8:21 am MST
Wellspring Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana

A Plan for the Education of the Seventh Root Race and All Children
                                                              Establishing Meru Learning Centers

Blessed Children of My Heart,
            I am so grateful that you have come to the fount of wisdom this day to understand the purposes of those of us in heaven whose mission it is to deliver unto mankind an understanding of true education. And I am honored to be in your presence as one who supports the greater mission of the God and Goddess Meru for the illumination of the minds of all. 
            Truly, blessed ones, in this hundred-year cycle since the opening of that first schoolroom, much has been done upon Earth to move forward the education of the heart and the soul of children through hearts of teachers attuned to the inner heartbeat of the child. You see, what I discovered was truly that which the blessed Mary did impart unto my consciousness in moments of deep contemplation upon the radiance of the child. For she, being the true and noble one to whom was entrusted the education of the one Jesus, who would deliver unto mankind the radiance of the Christ Consciousness, could impart to me the essence of all that she gleaned of a new way in the West to bring unto the schoolrooms of life the essence of this sacred science of education.
            When I contemplated all that was inspired unto me in the way of discerning how the inner truths of the soul may be brought forth in a very ordered pattern through materials and through an environment that allowed the inner genius and creativity of the child-man-in-becoming/the child-woman-in-unfolding [to blossom, I saw the] miracle whereby through the guided instruction naturally presented to that child, the very Christic patterns of [that one's] own soul could harmonize with that which [her] own Higher Self would bring forth. Therefore, blessed ones, it is not so much a teaching or an impartation of wisdom as a natural unfolding of that innate wisdom from within the one for whom the teacher is a servant.
            Each of you may take the very principles that I was privileged to encapsulate in what has been called the Montessori method and apply them in other areas of your life—in business, in commerce and even in the organization of your Hearts Centers and the establishing of your communities. For these principles are universal in nature and when fully embraced and understood will allow that floral gift of virtue and of the Buddhic pathway to emanate through all that you do, all that you perceive, blessed ones.
            The one to whom is entrusted the ongoing pathway of the education of teachers who are preparing to not only teach in schools but in many cases to begin their own, is delivered through a number of those with whom I worked. And this day I honor and support the work of Lady Elisabeth Caspari and of that institution that has been established in her name for the ongoingness of her work through the one in your midst, Anita.
            Blessed ones, it would do many of you well to at least take the introductory course in understanding the basic principles of the Montessori method. For there can be within many of you a certain shift in your consciousness that is tantamount to the same paradigm change that many of you are undergoing in your current studies. And the teaching, even a century old, is still current in its application in the lives of adults as well as children in bringing forth a new patterning within the consciousness that allows you to embrace more easily your Buddha Nature.
            Those of us in heaven who work with the education of children at all levels, and even into the universities where adults partake of ongoing and higher education, have formulated a plan for the education of the seventh root race. And the God and Goddess Meru, in communication with the Great Divine Director, has set forth their recommendations for the passing of the torch to a new generation of lightbearers, using the most current technologies, both of your world and of the Spirit, that may come forth through heart and head and hand of those who understand the true nature of spiritual education.
            These concepts you may call forth through Mother Mary, [me] and Lady Elisabeth, under the guidance of the manus and even of the Cosmic Buddhas. For, blessed ones, much more needs to come forth in the way of a new plan to educate the children everywhere upon Earth, to give them the means whereby they may, through self-assessment, grow unto that which their souls aspire from within the innate wisdom of their own beingness as spiritual entities.
            When the first Meru learning center is established formally, I will be there with those of you who have first prepared the plan and the platform for its inauguration. This you must do soon, blessed ones, even in small measure in some way. And I suggest that it be done in the heart center of this nation swiftly to set the matrix from this point of reality whereby through the rays of love-wisdom going forth from that center, many more may eventually be established across America and the world for the illumination and enlightenment of children everywhere. Therefore discern with me this day how you may move forward our plans through a practical application, through the securing of these materials. For when, blessed ones, the classroom is established, then, as they say, they will come unto you.
            Have you conceived with blessed Mary of a new dawn for America and the world within your heart? Conceive with me how together we may bring new light upon all subjects and various systems of education, even bringing the Montessori method and a greater action [of its transformational effects] into the public school systems. For you see, when you have formal evidence of its viability and its import in the changing of lives and in the acceleration of learning within young children, then those in the educational field and in the administrations may have the proof that this method truly is exceptional and may be applied not only for those who have learning disabilities but for many children and all children at some level.
            I ask you to pray that the basic principles be known throughout the public school systems of the world, that truly this method, not so much necessarily honoring my name but the principles behind the method, be inculcated into many more institutions, blessed ones, and that even at the university level this method be taught such that those who teach teachers in these classes may have this training and instruction as a possibility for their use even from the earliest stages in child care and above.
             My radiance now shines through those to whom has been entrusted the education of souls. And angel devas and cosmic masters to whom has been entrusted the education of all lightbearers now support the work that you do. Think on the concepts that have been shared with you this day by my representatives among you, and discern how each of you may at some level partake of or contribute toward the ends and the goals that we have given you.
           With the blessed Mary, mother of Jesus, I now stand before you to grace each of your Hearts Centers with a certain radiance from my causal body, creating a circle of fire, a permanent focus of my causal body for the establishing of your learning centers as you are able to fulfill our requests. A simple prayer to me, to Lady Elisabeth and the blessed Mary, in a threefold action of light, will set the pyramid, the triangle of light, in the beginning of your endeavors to make them victorious, blessed ones, at all levels.
            This is our gift unto you. And though beloved Lady Elisabeth would desire to speak unto you, she has shared her concepts with me this day, and her aura of light now also permeates the space where you are and the sacred space that you will create for these learning centers to come forth.
            May all who know the name Montessori receive my grace and blessing. May all who have studied my works be called at inner levels this day to continue the mission unto the victory of that flame of eternal life within the soul and the heart for the aborning of that essential Buddha Nature within all.
           I thank you, blessed ones, for your attendance here, for your great hearts of fire, and I seal you in rings and rings of my love this day.

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