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Shiva      January 03, 2007

Beloved Shiva
David C. Lewis
January 3, 2007 8:00–8:11 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat

Dance with Me This Day
Ignorance Must Go Now from the Earth!

           I am Shiva! And I descend into the Earth for the clearing now of substance within the lightbearers upon this planet that has assailed their souls' evolution for decades and even eons. Blessed ones, it is time in this new cycle for you to come up higher. And therefore I invite you to dance with me this day and to stomp upon the forces of evil upon this planet that have for far too long been activated by your own unconscious awareness.
           You see, the veil of illusion that I dance upon is that which is manifest through the collective unconscious of mankind's unknowing and ignorance. Therefore if you would be enlightened ones, it is time for you to understand that this ignorance must go, must go, must go now from the Earth!
           This year is a new opportunity for you to know the cosmic wisdom fires of your own God Presence. And therefore, as we dance together day by day, you will see a gradual increase in the fires of illumination within your mind. And you will even see that glow extending far beyond your own aura, if you would choose to have this manifest, blessed ones. And in your auric heat, amplified by the sun, which many of you are now engaging in in greater love fires, through your devotion to Helios and Vesta, you can receive within the domain of your consciousness greater light and greater love-wisdom fires for the accomplishing of God's will in your life.
           O holy ones, when you dance the dance of Shiva, rising even from your physical bodies to float in the atmosphere, it will be easier for you to see from the domain of the heaven world Mara and all of the temptresses that come to dissuade you from your path of freedom. These come in many forms unto the lightbearers, but most especially as the ignoring of the law of your own being. For many of you have known within this life a new opportunity to become God, and fully in manifestation, and yet you still ignore the precepts and principles of your own God Consciousness.
           Why is this? It is because a certain malaise and a thick dust of unknowing, as that veil of illusion, has clouded your life. And each morning you must wipe it away from you, wipe it from your eyes as you open your eyes to greet the sun. And then, as you fulfill your work and service to life, all will be clear because you have first cleared the slate for God to act in your world.
           The light of Shiva does instantaneously dispel the darkness. And therefore, unbeknownst to many of you, my favorite time of day is the morning, when the darkness is no more and the light comes to fully illumine the world. And then I begin my sacred dance across the Earth to see which hearts would be attuned to the heart of God and listen to my voice.
           When you sing your bhajans to me, I ask that from this day forward you get up off your seats and move with the currents of fire that I deliver unto you through your devotions. For, blessed ones, this action of the sacred fire of movement combined with the science of the Word does propel you into new levels of God Self-awareness. But when you are always completely motionless, the full quotient of fire of my energy may not be fully resident within your being.
           Therefore I suggest that you watch videos or DVDs of the sacred dances of East and West and attune to my heart in the rhythm of the tabla as you give these bhajans, even looking upon the image of myself in the Nataraj to [perceive] how in the movement of the hands—of which I have many—through the various mudras I direct currents of sacred fire into vast portions of the Earth, vibration by vibration what is needed in many quarters according to the mercy of the law and the needs of those within the Earth.
           Study the various symbols within my hands as given by various artists, and you will discern how these signets, which are truly spiritual energies that I wield, can also be yours in your spiritual work and services, blessed ones. The more you know, the more you can envision in your work; then the more you can do for God. But if you simply get lost in a sea of cosmic bliss without fully engaging all of your faculties, then you may not always be for us in the physical dimension the adepts that we seek in order to bring greater light to this Earth.
           Therefore know the meaning behind the words that you sing. And as you envision my presence flowing here and there, you may also, in proximity to my aura, perform the same ceremony that gained for many souls a new opportunity to rise out of ignorance into the light of their own God Self.
           This is my gift to you this morning on the third of the month, as Omri-Tas also is here upon the planet. Envision the violet fire streaming through your consciousness at all hours of the day and night during these two days, blowing as a gentle breeze through the apertures of your self. For God desires to use his own, those who are conscious at any hour of the day or night, to bless mankind through the violet-fire action of freedom's flame.
           I am the Holy Spirit of the East, and this day I blow the winds of the sacred fire to now clear China, to now clear India, to clear Southeast Asia of all veils of illusion regarding the right path to take. Walk with me, dance with me, fly with me, sing with me this day, blessed ones, as I journey around the Earth in this cycle of time as you know it, and together we will have the victory of this newfound spirit of freedom across the Earth.
           I thank you. I am Shiva, and you also may manifest the light of Shiva where you are! I thank you.

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